Date: Thursday, September 04, 2014 @ 01:40:18 EDT
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From Peter Gluck's blog Ego Out: Yesterday, the fastest and best Rossi info source has published a paper entitled: “HYDRINOS AND LENR EXISTING IN PERFECT HARMONY” (http://www.e-catworld.com/2014/09/02/hydrinos-and-lenr-existing-in-perfect-harmony-guest-post/). It is still vividly discussed there.

I have considered that the most authorized person to evaluate the ideas of this paper is Dr. Randell Mills himself.

Randy Mills is, in my opinion a very remarkable scientist and a great personality; we had corresponded starting from 1991. My best friend Mike Carrell and I have constantly and empathically followed the development of Randy’s ideas and technologies.

The technology had to solve problems of unprecedented difficulty- in my understanding something like taming lightnings and converting them in usable electric current, making something essentially discontinuous – continuous; plus working with a plasma with a lot of  ballast stuff. Randy’s work is based on his uniquely revolutionary Theory.

Recently, as seen at: http://www.blacklightpower.com/whats-new/ Randy’s website is huge, euphemistically speaking. The solution he found is unexpected; Mike Carrell who is a highest class electric engineer is able to understand better the clues and subtleties of it than me.

Anyway, Randy as promptly answered to my question regarding the Harmony article; however his answer is not very encouraging:

Cold fusion through chemistry at low temperature is not theoretically possible.  Moreover, my view of the Rossi work is that it is not credible.  First generations were a misrepresentation of hot water as steam and recent cases exploited multiple ground loops through a metal support frame to show fake heat.  It is not making any excess energy...

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