Opensourced : Latest Discoveries in QEG Technology
Date: Friday, August 08, 2014 @ 01:33:20 EDT

Interesting read from the Hopegirl Blog about the new QEG community latest developments:

This post contains important information that many have been waiting for. To help communicate it to as wide an audience as possible, we’ve divided it into 4 parts:

1) A perspective of what is going on around the planet at this time regarding the teams working on the QEG.
2) An explanation of our findings around the technology of the QEG for the “non-technical” audience
3) QEG Instructions for Engineers Provided by QEG Engineering Artist James Robitaille. Includes; exciter coil, tuning, conditioning the core and power conversion. The information provided here to help engineers has been suppressed for hundreds of years. Please help us make this viral!
4) Our latest QEG video that shows QEG core manufacturing at Torelco, the circuits that convert QEG “raw” power to “useable” power provided by Tesla Energy Solutions, exciter coil details, and QEG tuning/conditioning using the energy from the earth and the atmosphere.

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