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Date: Tuesday, July 15, 2014 @ 02:07:11 EDT

I can relate to Jerry's latest rant "What's important versus flash, pop and personal pleasures" from a recent post on, so here it is:

All the simple minded (based on my 60 years of observing humans) just slobber over conspiracies, mysteries, gossip, political and humor topics....they don't seem to 'get' what is really important and what they could actually get involved with where they could contribute to real changes.

Brilliant people talk about ideas,/ average people talk about things,/ small people talk about each other.

The search for free energy as the most important of all because of all the ramifications of anyone in the world having a small electronic box in their house and even in each machine...this device has (will have) no moving parts and would convert the ambient zero point energy to provide all the energy necessary to run your entire house, or run just that one device (the perpetual battery version), your car, boat, flying machine, washer, dryer, stove, combustion, no pollution...

It would last as long as the parts last and work anywhere in the world, mountains, deserts, oceans, you name it. We could condense all the water we need from wind blowing through refrigerated coils, enough for drinking, showers, cooking, irrigation, processing waste...want more water, then bigger condensing coils and storage tanks...

That plus the ability to dim gravity so we could fly anywhere in the world in about an hour...would change everything...governments, borders, all cultures..let people setup autonomous houses in the deserts and irrigate to green them to become self sufficient.

What do we really need to live??? Food, housing, clothing, water, space to grow crops and raise animals and breathable air.. Some say air + food + water, that is it, include clothes & shelter in certain climates...

We don't need computers, electronics, government, hospitals, pills, vaccines..all the things we have become accustomed to as necessary items for life. In future, we will hybridize our needs with a mix of all of these so we can all have our little techno toys and the basics.

So the ability to produce all the energy we need would change everything and that is why it is the most important pursuit...and gravity control would help for transportation...

But do you think the average human even considers any of this? Nope, its food, sleep, screwing, crapping and their daily jobs including raising kids...breeders who don't give a flip about any of the stuff Keelynet pursues because they can't seem to comprehend why it is so important...and THIS is what has driven me all my life...

One day...all my files and archives (and others like me) of news, inventions, ideas, theories, will become a core of anything with memory because people will be data mining it looking for ways to make life better...but people will have to expand their minds beyond just daily life to see the potential of it and help make it happen.

Until then, just keep correlating and aggregating...there are many like me and I have the honor and pleasure of being in touch with a few, so we swap a lot of information and some of the better material goes on Keelynet in a searchable permalink.

I have always hoped someone with vision and bucks, even a group would fund my lab projects, but only tirekickers, trolls and pyramid schemers have expressed interest...some of them actually get it and do mean well, but the money never comes, so those of us into such things do what we can with our own resources.

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