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Date: Sunday, April 27, 2014 @ 16:23:23 EDT
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From As always, Follow the Money - Steven Greer has – how shall I put this? – a rather checkered history in the field of UFO studies. He has promised big things before, with no payoff:

Throughout the ’90s, he claimed the ability to summon and communicate with UFOs using lights, lasers, and mental telepathy. (when that scam failed)

In 2008, the Orion Project announced it was developing a free energy device. Delay after delay pushed its unveiling all the way to the spring of 2010, when the Orion Project declared the work could not continue until their funding needs were met (a mere $3 million or so). Greer repeatedly insisted the device was already functional, yet it has still not been revealed. (when that scam failed)

In 2009, he practically guaranteed that the Obama administration would give full disclosure about UFOs and ETs by the end of 2010. (when that scam failed)

Greer claims the secrets of aliens, free energy, and antigravity spacecraft are being kept from the public by a massive conspiracy possibly known as PI-40, comprised of Freemasons, Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, and…uh…Mormons. He says most of his associates, including Eugene Mallove, were murdered because they came too close to the truth about aliens – just like Marilyn Monroe and former CIA director William Colby. He also thinks the government has possessed the capability to induce cancer from a distance since the 1950s. Is he Sirius?

And the latest questionable claim is a $100,000 STAR Challenge and Award for free energy. Ridiculously complicated rules and requirements. It's amazingly similar to James Randi's 40 year old $1,000,000 prize which has never been won AS DESIGNED. Why? Read on...

I too question anything Greer is involved with...he has, to be kind, a chequered past...

What kind of bozos dream up a complicated set of requirements like that...virtually GUARANTEEING no one will ever make it to win the I said, JUST LIKE RANDI!;

“Some applicants have agreed on what we all considered to be fair rules for the test, failed, and then said the tests were too hard,” said Banachek, director of the JREF’s Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge and one of the world’s leading mentalists. “But our tests are always winnable if you’re a psychic who can really do what you claim.

Even if your third eye isn’t 20/20, or you’re an astrologer whose stars aren’t the brightest in the sky, we will work with you to develop a protocol that you can pass if your claimed ability is real.”

40 years later - Why has no one won the James Randi Million Dollar Challenge?;

A good psychic could give a mind blowing reading to a skeptic and they could still just call it a fluke because that person couldn't reproduce the same result over and over again.

Part of the agreement to testing is that you will repeat your abilities as many times as requested by James Randi himself. I believe the exact words on his website are "until James Randi is satisfied".

The template and sole purpose for this type of scam is to milk this 'prize money award' for free publicity for eternity because it is rigged so that no one CAN ever win it. So too is this new Greer challenge.

As for testing any claim, especially free energy, K.I.S.S. get it working for 1 watt then once proven and reliable, try to scale it!

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