Quenco (Quantum Energy Convertor) Official Launch
Date: Tuesday, October 23, 2012 @ 23:21:46 GMT
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Official Launch 19th November 2012, Palo Alto, California (limited seating by invitation only). Please register your interest in attending by 5th November (Invitations will be issued 8th November).

Quenco is not just a theory, it is soundly based on a thermionic device that in 2011 produced usable power when heated in an isothermal oven, a device that has been repeatedly tested, and other similar devices that have been independently verified. An experiment that costs just $10.

If you want to do this experiment see the foot of this page for details.

The Quenco device is the realization of the working vacuum gap device being reduced to the dimensions wherein electron tunnelling is dominant through an insulator (that replaces the vacuum gap) and where the thermionic current becomes a billion times greater. At nm dimensions it is predicted to work at temperatures as low as liquid Nitrogen, or lower.

The following is a brief description of the operation of a Quenco film. 
Extract from the PCT PATENT
(Electronically filed 16th October 2012)


Disclosed is a multilayered ultra thin heat to power converter device that when immersed in a single reservoir of thermal energy converts the heat that flows into the device into usable electrical power by causing free electrons, with kinetic energies substantially higher than the average kinetic energy thereof, to tunnel through electrical insulators from an emitter region to a collector region and through a semi permeable metallic mesh region interposed between the insulator regions, wherein the metallic mesh region is negatively charged and is in closer proximity to the collector region than the emitter region causing the tunneling electrons to lose a substantial amount of their kinetic energy by doing work against the electric field created by the metallic mesh region, and to simultaneously gain an equal amount of electrical potential energy, the electrical potential induced at the collector region exceeding the electrical potential barriers of dissimilar metal transitions as may exist in returning the electrons back to the emitter region, thus making the device an electrical power source where no thermal energy is lost to an exhaust and where the thermal energy gradients are solely towards the heat to power converter device.

A White paper on Quenco and copies of the full filed Quenco PCT patent application will be provided to attendees of the launch.

In the meantime..........

Quenco converts heat to power

It contradicts the beliefs of many famous scientists.

Here is an introduction to the subject of Maxwell's Demon


A working Demon would be the Holy Grail of Free Energy

If you have read the wiki paper you will appreciate that the accepted view is that all Demons must fail. 

It has become the dogma of modern science.

It has been assumed for over a century that the Demon must use energy to sort hot particles from cold, and that the energy used would negate any gain realised from the sorting.

A Quenco sorts hot from cold without using any energy. In any system of particles where there is at least one degree of freedom there will be a distribution of energies, for free or quasi free electrons at the surface of a metal it is the case that at room temperature (293K) there are electrons that have a temperature exceeding 600K, and some that are less than 100K, each of them likely to change their temperature at any moment as a result of interactions with the motion of others, and with the transfer of energy from the vibrating lattice. So the idea that Quenco sorts hot from cold means that the Quenco mechanism allows the very energetic electrons to take a path prohibited to those with less energy.

Such a mechanism does not require work to be done by the sorting mechanism which is the usual failing of Maxwellian Demons, imagine throwing a ball upward such that it lands on top of a flat roof, this means that the kinetic energy of the ball was converted into potential energy. Of course electrons cannot be sorted by gravity so the viable equivalent is to use electrostatic forces. In a Quenco film we get some of the very energetic electrons to use their kinetic energy by going closer to a negative charge, thus the electron loses velocity (becomes colder) but gains potential energy (electrical potential energy).

Quenco is thus a perfect realisation of Maxwell's Demon and so, according to current thinking, violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics, though in reality it may just prove that the Kelvin / Clausius interpretations were wrong. Arguments as to the remainder of the Second Law are not dealt with here...

More: http://www.quentron.com/theory.html

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