The higgs bosons of strong interactions
Date: Saturday, August 25, 2012 @ 09:21:42 EDT
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From: wladimirguglinski
Subject: The higgs bosons of strong interactions
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2012 10:22:27 -0300
Dear Eef van Beveren

The comment bellow was posted by me in the Andrea Rossi's Journal of Nuclear Physics, concerning your theory.
Wladimir Guglinski

New particle Light E(38) Higgs particle for strong interactions, not complaint with STM and QCD.

It’s hard to believe any theoretical work which do not consider the Don Borghi experiment, and also Conte-Pieralice experiment. They both show that neutron is formed by proton+electron (and not by the quark structure proposed in the Standard Model).

A neutron formed by proton+ electron requires a New Physics, with new fundamental principles not considered in standard Particle Physics. For instance, there is need to explain why a neutron formed by proton+electron have spin 1/2, because from the current laws of Particle Physics we would have to expect a spin 0 or 1.

In his article the autor Eef van Beveren wrote:

“I believe in down-to-earth physics which has a close connection to what can be observed in experiment. Hence, I consider mathematically consistent frameworks which extrapolate too far beyond where experiment can falsify its predictions, as a lot of fun, but not to be taken too seriously. There exist many examples, the Standard Model for particle physics is just one of them. Deep in my heart I pray that the Creator had a bit more imagination, way beyond our horizon, when she cooked up nature”.

Yes, Mr. Beveren, God had a bit more imagination when she cooked up nature: She decided to build the neutron by using a proton+electron, and by using some different principles of those considered in current Particle Physics.
And we have experimental evidences: Don Borghi and Conte-Pieralice experiments.

Then, why do you not consider them? After all, you claim to “believe in down-to-earth physics which has a close connection to what can be observed in experiment.”

By continuing to neglect the Don Borghi and Conte-Pieralice experiments, the particle theorists will never succeed to find a satisfactory theory, because the two experiments require new foundations different of that considered by them in their theoretical search.

It’s very sorry seeing such conspiracy of the academic physicists in their blind refuse of considering Don Borghi experiment.

Physicists are playing hide and seek with Physics


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