The Fifth Force
Date: Monday, November 05, 2007 @ 19:31:36 EST
Topic: Science

Dr. Randell Mills of Hydrino fame has a huge experimental verification of electrons that show a strong anti-gravity component that is verifiable and somewhat easy to demonstrate.

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Some of the results are the predictions of the masses of all of the fundamental particles, the fundamental cosmological parameters, and the acceleration of the expansion of the universe that match observations. The
basis of inertial mass including its equivalence with the gravitational mass is given in terms of the particle production condition for bound matter.

Uniquely, a further prediction is a zero gravitational mass of the photon and the free electron that is confirmed by experimental data in the literature. A further prediction is that a special free state of the electron called a hyperbolic electron can be formed having a captured photon, and the force between a gravitating body and such an electron state is in the opposite direction with orders of magnitude greater acceleration than that of the gravitational force on ordinary bound states of matter. This paper is the second in a series of two that covers two specific predictions of CQM: (1) the existence of lower-energy states of the hydrogen atom which may be the dark matter and is the product of a new chemical energy source reported in the first, and (2) the existence of a fifth force beyond the electromagnetic, strong and weak-nuclear, and gravitational forces reported herein.

Specifically, we report the experimental confirmation of 15 predicted hyperbolic-electron states that are observed forced away from the Earth with an acceleration that is over twelve orders of magnitude greater than that of gravity as predicted.

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