A New Quantum Flux Level Over-Unity Device is Discovered
Date: Saturday, February 01, 2003 @ 01:19:51 EST
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Until we get the official transcript of the interview Dr. Steven Greer gave to George Noory on Coast to Coast last night, for those who didnít hear it, are not subscribers to the StreamLink service, or have problems listening to the show through the link provided on SEASPower.com or DisclosureProject.org sites here is reasonable comment found on the net.

A New Quantum Flux Level Over-Unity Device is Discovered!
Presented 1/30/02 by Dr. Steven M. Greer PhD

This is as much like ZPE or HD - as described tonight on C2C by Dr. Greer - as you can get!

DESCRIPTION: (note: Discretion is required at present on all details)

Size: Small enough to be picked up by one hand.

Shape: Rectangular ?

Appearance: Transparent casing (no moving parts were mentioned)

How does it work?: Dr. Greer picked it up and took the device outside to the sidewalk. He and his scientific team (Prof. Ted Loder and others unnamed) were able to independently hook it up with their own test equipment and the device was able to draw it's initiating power from the ambient air (possibly solar cells, but it was left unanswered purposely) just miliwatts of input energy - then the device came on and put out hundreds of watts of electrical power on its own.

Dr. Greer mentioned that a 300 watt light bulb, also a 100 watt light bulb, an electrical fan, and other appliances were plugged into the outlets provided - all at the same time - without overdrawing the power output of the device.

Over the years Dr. Greer has seen other over-unity devices that could produce more energy than was initially used to start its output but nothing that could do what this device can. Also, other devices seen in the past were such that they were far from production ready and would require millions of dollars to further develop to bring them to market.

This device, on the contrary is small, and Dr. Greer's team was able to verify for themselves the reality of its authenticity. No trickery or outside power sources were detected or discovered to be present in its action.

Dr. Greer mentioned that he was going on C2C to inform a large number of enthusiasts who could become a protective body of knowers that would protect both himself and the inventor from harm from the PTB. He asked that if anything should happen to the device (suppression, seizure, etc) or to himself or the inventor between now and the next few months when all the vetting is to be accomplished, that he would want 'us' to march in the streets to get it back out in public and to bring it online in the marketplace.

He mentioned that to date this inventor has not been harassed or threatened. Greer also mentioned that meeting this inventor was a revelation akin to meeting someone like Tesla; and he feels this man (unnamed for now) who has independently discovered how to capture the ZPE from the ambient vacuum of the space of air that we are surrounded by here on earth, is a natural genius, the kind that did not copy or learn this from another person, but self- discovered the process on his own thru several years of R&D.

The device was shown freely and fully to Greer's team and nothing was omitted in the exchange of disclosure about its functionality.

The next step is to properly run the reproducibility construction independent from the inventor, and once that is accomplished with success, the devices will be tested in at least 3 independent governmental and university level labs for verification of production and output, etc.

Let's all pray that this is the device that will bring about the balance of power in the whole world. And with wisdom and security will be distributed to the far reaches of the earth for ALL PEOPLE!

PS: Dr. Greer says he is willing to take a bullet for this IF it's finally vetted fully and proves to be the very device he's been looking for, AND he says there is NO amount of money that could entice him to sell it or allow the PTB to suppress it since he feels this is for our children and generations of their children to come.

Lastly, Greer has also hooked up with another inventor who can retrofit gas powered internal combustion engines in today's cars with a simple system that plugs right into the sparkplug holes of current cars and trucks that allows it to run on hydrogen fuel. With such a retrofit our cars could be completely converted to hydrogen immediately, as the new ZPE powered devices are further developed and begin rolling off the manufacturers conveyor belts by early 2004 and the hydrogen powered vehicles could be fully converted to ZPE/HD power!

Quite a new world we can look forward to, and very soon! Let's hope and pray that this is it! This could be our finest hour!

Anyone want to speculate about how this will change the way we are now considering going into space and to Mars?!

Anthony Mark House

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