Free electric energy generator - The ReneRator
Date: Sunday, October 22, 2006 @ 19:18:06 EDT
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Every second wave, marked red, coming from the output coils is the actuator pulse for the "input" coils to block the magnetic field of the permanent magnets. The permanent magnetic field retracts from the core inducing a current flow in the output coils. After the input "pulse" is gone, the permanent magnet will restore the magnetic field in the core, causing a "back-emf" in the output coils.

(Added later to this post) 10/25/06 - ReneRator copied 1871 US Patent
( from news ) - (Thanks to James Tabor for bringing this to our attention. - JWD)

Regarding the 10/24/06 free energy circuit posted at, reader James Tabor noticed a distinct similarity to an almost identical circuit patented in 1871 by Daniel Cook as #119,825.

In the patent, Cook writes; "Improvement in Induction Coils - My invention relates to the combination of two or more simple or compound helices and iron cores or magnets in such a manner as to produce a constant electric current without the aid of a galvanic battery...The iron core A may be a solid bar or a bundle of iron wire...Helices alone with large quantities of wire will produce similar results...

A ribbon spiral may be substituted for the secondary helix, say of three, six, twelve, or twenty-four inches in width and of any convenient length, but always of sufficient length to raise the tension of its terminal current to a degree necessary to reproduce itself by its action on the primary helix...

In the use of compound helices it is important that the secondary coil should be wound on in the same direction as the primary coil, and that the secondary poles or wires should connect to the OPPOSITE poles of the primary coil B...

The action will then be as follows; The terminal secondary current of the secondary helix C will circulate through the opposite primary coil B while at the same instant a terminal secondary current from the primary helix B will be developed and circulate through the opposite secondary helix C, both currents flowing in the same direction in the opposite helices B C, and produce a combined magnetic action upon the iron bar A in the center;

the opposing intial secondary currents of the two helices B C being overpowered do not manifest themselves in the main circuit D of the battery, there being eight distinct currents developed in the action of one entire circuit of two pairs of helices, two terminal and two initial secondary currents to each pair of helices, the four initial secondaries constantly opposing the circulation of the four terminal secondary currents,;

but the initial secondaries being of much lower tension and less in quantity than the terminal secondary are consumed or taken up by the terminal, leaving a sufficient surplus terminal to overcome the resistance of the primary wire and charge the bar A to a degree necessary to reproduce itself in an opposite secondary coil.

By this means a constant current is kept up in the several helices...The mode of producing or starting the action in the helices consists in the use of a steel or electromagnet, or a helix, around one of the helices, and causing a secondary current in the enclosed helix by means of a battery current in the outer one; the action then in either the simple or compound helices increases in quantity to the maximum capacity of the wires to conduct with the existing tension of the current.

If, now, the circuit is broken the current instantly ceases, and can only be restored by the same means that it was first produced; hence to alow the use of the main circuit for common purposes I introduce a rheostat or a resistance of any kind into the circuit, so that a small portion of the current only will flow along the resistance, by which means the action in the helices is feebly maintained when the main circuit is broken, and instantly restored when it is closed to its full force...

The alternate changes of the iron cores or magnets may be used for producing electro-magnetic motion, or motion to a wheel of any suitable device..."

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