An Inconvenient Truth
Date: Sunday, May 21, 2006 @ 17:33:18 MST
Topic: Testimonials

From KeelyNet News: 05/20/06 - Gore's Film on Warming
'An Inconvenient Truth,' an incredible documentary about Al Gore's work to raise awareness about global warming. It opens May 24. It's part revealing profile (Gore is as smart as you'd guess, a Macintosh / Treo freak who creates his Keynote presentations himself, and a passionate, caring, positive, and funny person) and part hair-raising report on the astonishing changes our planet is undergoing as a result of massive increases in carbon dixode in recent decades. The two parts are woven together in a way that makes for a riveting, unforgettable movie. I especially like the fact that the film offers a way out of the frightening path we're taking. There's plenty to be scared about, but with smart (and expensive) work, Gore believes we can reverse global warming. Naturally, Big Oil is not happy about this film and has started attacking the facts presented in the film.(via

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