Tilley Claims Finally Busted!
Date: Wednesday, May 17, 2006 @ 23:07:08 MST
Topic: Science

From KeelyNet news; 05/18/06 - Carl Tilley Update - Independent investigation questions invention

In 2003, he told Channel 4 that his car, his ATV and even his boat never need gas, and they don't need to be charged. Tilley convinced investors to give him $400,000, implying a big pay-off was close. "We do have one offer right now to buy, sight unseen, all the technology, for two billion," claimed Tilley in 2003. Since our first series of stories, the TBI raided the Tilley compound and confiscated his electric inventions. The state then hired Dr. Saeed Foroudastan, an MTSU civil and mechanical engineer, to do an analysis of the Tilley Black Box and Electric Vehicle. Dr. Foroudastan had high hopes that Tilley was onto something big, but was disappointed when he started doing research on the technology.

He tested the DeLorean that Tilley said could make it to California. But during the test, the vehicle ended up not being able to make it out of town and ended up traveling only 18 miles. Dr. Foroudastan tested Tilley's the magic box and it died after just 64 minutes. He concluded Tilley's invention "borders on science fiction" and that his claim is "intentionally fraudulent or grossly misguided."

In September, Tilley was sentenced to two years probation for the sale of unregistered securities. Fuller hoped Tilley would get a tougher sentence, but he could not get a fraud conviction. No investors would testify against Tilley. "During our handling of this case, we never found a single investor who was willing to come into court and say they had been defrauded," said Brian Fuller, Assistant District Attorney. Fuller speculates they are either embarrassed or still hoping their investment will pay off.

05/18/06 - Results of the States' Test of the Tilley Spinner
(Courtesy of Dan York. - JWD) Carl B. Tilley claimed to have designed and produced an apparatus the output of which would be three times greater than its input. The study below analyzes this claim and tests its validity. It is believed that the claims of Mr. Tilley are intentionally fraudulent or grossly misguided. "During the inspection of the components in the black box, the alternator (fig. 5) was inspected and compared to a standard alternator (fig. 4). The internal energizing coil had been removed and replaced with a permanent ring magnet, eliminating the requirement of an energizing current to the coil. Although slightly increasing the alternator’s efficiency, the modification limits the alternator’s ability to regulate voltage­the advantage of an alternator over a generator. This particular modification is not unique to the Tilley black box. Permanent magnet (PM) alternators by Hornet Power Systems can be purchased online. (See attached printout accessed at http://www.hydrogenappliances.com/pma.html.)" There is no possibility that the Tilley black box performs in a manner consistent with Tilley’s claims of a three-to-one ratio of output to input. In addition, the wiring of the gauges in the car to read an approximate three-to-one ratio of output to input regardless of the operational status of the charger is indicative of additional lack of understanding.

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