The Dark Matters of Dark Energy
Date: Tuesday, May 16, 2006 @ 19:12:35 MST
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The Dark Matters of Dark Energy: American Military Pursues Antigravity Weapons

by Gary S. Bekkum (American Chronicle)

Several recent controversial discoveries in the world of physics may portend the arrival of new weapons of mass destruction far more powerful and compact than atomic bombs. An updated summary of an on-going investigation, by the founder of:

In recent years it has been discovered that our universe is being blown apart by a mysterious anti-gravity effect called dark energy. Mainstream physicists are scrambling to explain this mysterious acceleration in the expansion of the universe. Some physicists even believe that the expansion will lead to "The Big Rip" when all of the matter in the universe is torn asunder -- from clusters of galaxies in deep space down to the tiniest atomic particles. The universe now appears to be made of two unknowns -- roughly 23 percent is dark matter, an invisible source of gravity, and roughly 73 percent is dark energy, an invisible anti-gravity force. Ordinary matter constitutes perhaps 4 percent of the universe.

A few years ago the British science news journal, "New Scientist," revealed that the American military was pursuing new types of exotic bombs -- including a new class of isomeric gamma ray weapons. Unlike conventional atomic and hydrogen bombs, the new weapons would trigger the release of energy by absorbing radiation, and respond by re-emitting a far more powerful radiation. In this potential category of gamma-ray weapons, a nuclear isomer absorbs x-rays and re-emits higher frequency gamma rays. The emitted gamma radiation has been reported to release 60 times the energy of the x-rays that trigger the effect.

The discovery of the isomer triggering effect was first reported in 1999 by an international group of scientists. Although this controversial development has remained fairly obscure, it has not been hidden from the public.

Beyond the visible part of defense research is an immense underground of secret projects considered so sensitive that their very existence is denied. These so-called "black budget programs" are deliberately kept from the public eye and from most political leaders. CNN reported that in the United States the black budget projects for Year 2004 were funded at a level of more than 20 billion dollars...

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