Death of Robert Adams
Date: Sunday, May 14, 2006 @ 23:07:38 MST
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From KeelyNet news; 05/13/06 - Report of death of Dr. Robert Adams in NZ
Recieved the following notice from Duncan at Nexus Magazine - "Just got a phone call from Margaret Adams (New Zealand), telling me that Robert died Wednesday evening from a massive stroke. There will be an official statement posted on his website over the next few days, at Robert was greatly loved and respected by all who knew him, and his death has shocked them all. I got to know him when he allowed Nexus to put into the public domain, the working of his Adams' Pulsed Electric Motor Generator. It's a sad day here at our office. - best, Duncan

The Adams motor generator would be called a "Free Energy" machine by most individuals. It is, in fact, a device that converts the perpetual motion of sub-atomic particles, known in physics terminology as "particle spin", into conventional electric power. It is a widely accepted fact of physical law that sub-atomic particles are in a state of perpetual motion. Anybody who tells you that there is no such thing as perpetual motion is either ignorant or a liar. As Robert Adams states, "Our universe is a sea of energy - free, clean energy. It is all out there waiting for us to set sail upon it." Adams has built a number of permanent magnet electric D.C. motor generators based on the principle outlined in this article, some of which have demonstrated an electrical efficiency of 690% and a mechanical efficiency of 620%. The devices run at room temperature. Any device that doesn't could not be running at over 100% efficiency, as heat is the major result of hysteresis losses that are induces in any conventional electric motor or generator. Radiated heat is a sure-fire sign that a power generator is not running over unity, as all heat radiated by such a device is wasted energy.

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