Wikipedia: A Techno-Cult of Ignorance
Date: Friday, December 02, 2005 @ 22:59:58 GMT
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Sam Rutherford writes: Your readers might be interested in knowing that an all out war seems to be being waged by wikipedia against all nonmainstream science.

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Wikipedia: A Techno-Cult of Ignorance
Paulo Correa, M.Sc., Ph.D., Alexandra Correa, H.BA., Malgosia Askanas, Ph.D.

"Is Wikiped's fascism and suppression of knowledge a fraudulent intelligence operation?

In the beginning, one could have wondered where the 'spontaneous' animosity towards Aetherometry came from. On closer scrutiny, the animosity was found to be not simply aprioristic and uninformed, and more intent on libeling scientists and their efforts than on creating an encyclopedic article, but also part of a general fanaticism displayed on all Wikipedia entries relating to new science and its controversies.

While this alone shows Wikipedia to be an extraordinarily biased depository of so-called 'information', the archives of modifications and the discussion pages which accompany these entries record a shocking degree of zealotry and fanaticism backed up by an administrative power that is systematically abused through overt or covert deletion of texts expressing opposing views, through alteration of records, caricatural distortion of content, and the determined suppression of knowledgeable contributions."


"This brings us squarely to the question of the uses of Wikipedia, and in particular, those that concern protection of the interests of Big Science. For Wikipedia is at the intersection of this Knowledge Warfare. Its cult of the sanctity of mainstream peer-review, and its determination to brand bona fide non-mainstream scientific efforts as Pseudoscience, lumping them together with doctrines or ideas that would disgust any good scientist, all point in the direction of a gigantic disinformation act. Tyrannized by fanatical lefto-facho bureaucrats and by zealots of Official Science surrounded by an always-ready supply of zombified adolescents, Wikipedia has become a supplement to the imaginary ‘peer-review system’ that supposedly rules the secretion called Official or Big Science. The unconscious entente of Wikipedia proves the collective adherence of its participants to the brave new concept of Official Science: if it does not occur within those institutions which embody the powers of the State (Academia), the Military Mechanism and Capital, it is NOT science, nor worthy of the Media (including mainstream peer-reviewed publications), not worthy of being endorsed for the strategizing of mass-control."

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