GCT-SPACE ZPE-Zero Point Energy ANTI-GRAV PROPULSION Aerospace Project:
Date: Tuesday, February 08, 2005 @ 19:53:02 EST
Topic: Investors

JOACHIM HARBACH writes (source unknown and info not confirmed yet): AMERICAN SENATE PROVIDES 'OBSCENE $ FUNDING' IN RESPONSE TO GCT-SPACE ZPE-Zero Point Energy ANTI-GRAV PROPULSION Aerospace Project:
Per Senator J. Rockefeller

The following article was followed within 24 hours by an 'emergency' debate on black-ops project in the U.S. Senate to the tune of multi-billions of dollars. The freshmen Senators were at a loss because this crucial program could NEITHER BE NAMED, DESCRIBED, NOR ADMITTED TO EVEN EXIST. Yet Senator Rockefeller referred to the (More Advanced Than 'Star-Wars') project as requiring a multi-BILLIONS 'obscene' emergency prince-tag.

And 'Anti-Grav' is much more than 'OFF AND RUNNING;' it is now off and running now that in the World Community, "Everybody knows that everybody knows!" And thus is clearly displayed that GCT-Space's so-called 'merely conjectural' production line illustrations are clearly representative of these same technologies that are PAST THE 'R&D' stage in many 'very high-dollar' aerospace ventures around the globe; BUT RATHER are on the production lines of the same.

Thusly also is represented to the U.S. via contributors such as Max Planck Institute-Munich and other European developers that the days of U.S. domination of AIR AND SPACE are fast drawing to a close. The development of Focused Gravity Propulsion is now reality since the Fathers of 'EM-TOROID-PLASMA BREACH- HYPER GRAVITY LOBE' PROPULSION' first pioneered it by the early discoveries of John Hutchison-Canada; Fran De Aquino-Brazil; Eugeny Podkletnov-Finland & Russia; and Giovanni Modanese-Italy; and many others. !2nd-Very Hopeful Technology!: !Wake up and smell the aroma! Gravity Control Technologies in conjunction with California Institute for Physics and Astro Physics with BECs have pulled it off! Congratulations!

Focused Hyper-Grav-Lobe Propulsion (Gravionic Thrust) is upon us!

!Its a new day and Anti-Grav is on the production line!

GTC's revolutionary evolution of Boise-Einstein Condensate Super Conductors have obviated the necessity of utilizing Cryo-Super Conductors to create the Super-EM Incipient (oscillating pulse back-off) -- Plasma Breach Toroidal Reactors -- which form hyper-gravity lobes(fields) adjacent to the eye-centre of the Toroid-Reactors. The 'lobes' may be then 'shaped' and 'focalized' via electro magnetic deflection technologies to create a virtually infinite acceleration potential in 'carrot and stick fashion. The craft will be moving in a sub-dimensionally displaced 'gravionic bubble' which will sustain the craft and contents within their own mini-universe psuedo-pod field. And within that field the craft and contents will be 'immune' from external inertial effects! Likewise they will be electromagnetically and visually 'fuzzy,' if not totally stealthy. This is truely awsome to contemplate!

This is indeed exiting news!

In the short term; the Boise-Einstein Non-Cryogenic Super Conductor is the big news.

However, In the long term, our new abilities to manipulate gravity for propulsion and power generation puposes mean that we will be learning the techniques of manipulating the very shape, form, flow, of the fabric of 'Space.' This is because the inter-relationship of gravity, time, and space, via Einstein etc., assigns the defacto truth that these three are in fact one contiguous phenomenon. And so this allows the obvious implication that we will also become increasingly proficient in the adjacent techniques of manipulating the shape, form, and flow of 'Time' itself. This is truely profound and also the birth cry of Trans-Dimensional Physics as the Prime-Shaper of the future history of our human race; both planetarily and extra-planetarily.

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