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Re: Gary McKinnon: Scapegoat or public enemy? (Score: 1)
by Kadamose on Saturday, July 16, 2005 @ 13:31:16 EDT
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The military fights to protect your right to say stupid things like, "the military has always been the scum of the Earth." Without our military, you wouldn't be able to say ignorant things like that.

You don't actually believe that rubbish, do you? The military does NOT fight to protect freedoms - it says it does, but those freedoms are merely an illusion, created for the sole purpose of making people think they're actually free, when, in fact, they are actually covertly enslaved! What is the best way to put a prisoner into a prison without him/her fighting to get out? You hide the prison bars!

You think you have the freedom to say whatever the hell you want because you have the first ammendment to rely on? Think again! Look at what happened to Ernst Zundel, an American citizen, who said that most of the Holocaust was a fabrication, and showed proof. Look at what happened to him! He got deported to Canada, and then he got deported to Germany, the country of his birth, where he now sits in jail for commiting no crime, whatsoever. You think you have freedom of speech thanks to the military protecting our fabricated freedoms? If so, where was the military when Mr. Zundel needed it most?

Did you ever think that this hacker might just be some conspiracy theory nut and might be *gasp* making these stories up?

There's a lot of nuts out there, but that doesn't mean what they're saying doesn't have a tinge of truth to it. In this case, a highly intelligent individual was able to crack into computer systems that were thought impossible to be hacked into - at least, by a single person. Now that he's been caught, and is facing a potentially unfair prison sentence, there is no reason to doubt what he says. For one, he is not an american citizen...and two, NASA and the military are trying their hardest to expedite this guy from France to the US so that he can be silenced 'properly'. 70 years for hacking into a computer system and causing no damage while you're at it? That term is worse than committing murder! And you don't find anything odd about this? You obviously need your head checked.

And I'd like to know just how you "know" the government has successfully tapped ZPE.

Have you even seen Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point yet? John Hutchinson has military papers regarding his research that have promptly been CLASSIFIED. Not only that, Thomas Valone and Ufologist David Sereda have both confirmed that 'Black Projects' within the military and the private sectors have tapped into ZPE successfully, and have working applications based on this technology.

Military aircraft powered by ZPE? Yeah, and the proof that this is true is where exactly. Remember, just because a bunch of people form a theory doesn't make it true. I've never seen any credible proof of this, and I very much doubt I ever will see any.

You are obviously a blind little patriotic slave who can't see the truth even though it's staring right at you! The governments of this world are NOT our friends and they do not work in our best interests. I highly recommend that you read David Icke's material, as he exposes the world governments for what they really are: Illuminati-Bloodline controlled vehicles.

Again with the collapse of the world economy. This scenario just doesn't make any sense. I don't get it. I don't see the possible logical flow to that conclusion. I just don't understand how you can say, with 100% certainty that government and the "mindprison" of religion will dissolve.

You don't get it, because you're brainwashed.

The reason why the world economy would collapse is because:

-people would no longer need to buy fuel for their cars, for their homes, or anything else for that matter.

-people would no longer have to pay for Electricity, or buy batteries for their portable devices, because ZPE is infinite and the energy would never run out.

-ZPE, coupled with Eric Drexler's idea of an Assembler, or Universal Constructor, will allow us to create ANYTHING in unlimited supply, and with molecular perfection.

What does this mean? It means EVERYTHING, in regard to the material world, will be free. What is there not to understand? Why are you having such a hard time grasping the idea? Is it because it sounds like it came straight from a science-fiction novel? You need a freaking wake up call! We are inifnite consciousness with infinite possibilities - and this particular possibility isn't a possibility anymore: it's a reality waiting for the right time to manifest.

In regard to the mindprisons known as religion - they were created solely for the purpose of keeping the masses in check. Once people began waking up to the idea that religion was a crock of shit, the people who created these religions then turned around and created what is known as science - which was designed to keep the 'unbelievers' in check. It's all a divide and conquer scheme used to keep us seperated...because, once seperated, we can be controlled. Why were these mindprisons created in the first place? It's because these people, these Illuminati, fear what would happen if we all became aware of our unlimited potential. They are not afraid of who we are...they are afraid of what we will become, given the chance. This is the reason the mindprisons exist - but not for much longer. For now, that's all I will say on the subject.

Why would government disappear?

Because the governments of this world are not our friends, and never have been. And why exactly do you think we need others to police our actions? We don't!

Do you think suddenly people are going to the turn the world into some free love, peace for everyone world?

Why not? What's the point of wartand bloodshed, when you just get twice the anger, and twice the violence?

Do you think a world of 6+ billion people will just magically govern themselves.

Newsflash: The planet can't sustain 6+ billion people, regardless of how advanced our technology is. The Illuminati are planning on eliminating 80% of the 6 billion people on this planet (that's something I actually agree with!), and the remaining 20% will be microchipped and will be 'governed' by a world computer. This is inevitable, and is already happening as we speak. How, you ask? Fluoride in the water, MSG in almost all food, Methylisothyazolinone in most hair products, aspartame in soft drinks etc etc etc. Humanity is slowly being poisoned to death, and doesn't even know it - and, at the rate of ignorance being displayed (a category you obviously fall under) it deserves to be wiped out.

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Re: Gary McKinnon: Scapegoat or public enemy? (Score: 1)
by blossom on Sunday, July 17, 2005 @ 18:45:50 EDT
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sorry bruv, i was in the military (HM Forces-RE) and to say that they're scum of the earth is putting it politely. You're brain washed from hour one, day one. Whats shocking is your assertion that they (the mill') allow us to say what we want, when in actual fact if it was'nt for the whole millatary 'Thing' then any one could say anything and at worst it would just be words on the wind. who mentioned no goverments? of course there will be goverments... they'll just be goverments that dont insist on calling bombs "smart"
nice site, sorry about the punctuation!

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