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Re: The attacks on Chipotle. (Score: 1)
by baldy on Friday, November 07, 2003 @ 09:08:33 EST
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Edison Device
Projected Purchase Price And Cost Of Operation:
GWE Pricing Policy
GWE is committed to ensuring that consumers and business throughout the world are able to purchase, service and maintain Edison Systems at the lowest possible price, while providing licensed manufactures and marketers with reasonable margins and earnings.

GWE's commitment to reasonable consumer pricing will be achieved through a combination of cost containment policies, taking advantage of volume supply arrangements and through the careful management of competitive strategies. While the laws of each nation may restrict GWE's capability of establishing "maximum" prices that licensees may charge consumers, GWE is capable of quickly increasing competition within areas where prices become unacceptably high.

How To Select The Right Edison System For You
As a rule of thumb, suggested retail prices for Edison Systems are established based on the number of Kilowatt Hours of electricity and Therms of natural gas needed within a 24 hour day. If a consumer or business has no need for gas, Edison Systems that produce only electricity may be purchased.

Calculating Your Needs
The first step in determining the suggested retail price of an Edison System is to calculate the amount of electricity and gas currently being used each day. This is done as follows:

Electricity - To calculate the number of Kilowatt Hours of electricity used per day, simply refer to an electric bill and divide the total number of Kilowatt Hours used during a billing period, by the number of days in the billing period. (Example: 700 kWh [divided by] 30 days = 23.3 kWh per day.)

Gas - To calculate the number of therms of natural gas you use per day, simply refer to your gas bill and divide the total number of therms used during a billing period, by the number of days in the billing period. (Example: 100 therms [divided by] 30 days = 3.3 Therms per day.)

Note: Electricity and gas bills from months where the most electricity and gas are used should be selected.

Calculating Suggested Edison System Retail Prices
Calculating the suggested retail price for an Edison System now becomes a simple matter. The current suggested retail price of electrical production from an Edison System is $112.50 (US) per Kilowatt Hour of daily capacity. The suggested retail price of gas production from an Edison System is $112.50 (US) per Therm of daily capacity.

The formula for calculating the suggested retail price of an Edison System based on the above daily electrical and gas use would be as follows:

23.3 kWh (times) $112.50 = $2625.00 (US)
3.3 kWh (times) $112.50 = $ 375.00 (US)
Total Edison System Cost: $3000.00 (US)

Based on the above, an Edison System that produces electricity only at the rate of 23.3 kWh per day would cost $2625.00 (US).

Operational Costs
Once an Edison System is purchased, the only costs associated with the system's operation involves the cost of water the system uses as its source of fuel, and the cost of periodically replacing water filters. Since the cost of the water the Edison System uses is negligible, it is too small to consider as an operating expense.

Again, using the above example of an Edison System configuration (producing 23.3 kWh and 3.3 Therms of gas per day) , the cost of operation based on the system purchase price, plus the periodic cost of replacement filters divided by the total amount of of Kilowatt Hours and Therms of gas produced during the system's 20 year projected life would be as follows:

$0.019 (US) per kWh - Electricity
$0.019 (US) per Therm - Gas

Based on this example, the total monthly cost of operation would be approximately $15.00/Month (US).

Note: For the purposes of comparing costs with traditional utility bills, the above cost figures are presented as therms of hydrogen gas as equivalent to therms of natural gas.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Edison Device
Electrical / Gas:
Edison Device
Edison Device Photos
Licensing Information
iGas™ Technology

HICEF™ Technology


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Re: The attacks on Chipotle. (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Friday, November 07, 2003 @ 10:20:51 EST
You see I don't believe GWE needs to answer anything anyone on this forum asks them. They don't need to prove a damn thing to you or me. They only people they have to prove it to are those licensing the technology. If product does not hit the market next year then I will be convinced that it is BS. If it does then i will buy two of them one to open up and see how it works (if I don't blow myself up first) and the other to get me off the grid. I would imagine that once a licensee has product on the market, there will be demo booths in every home improvement store and every other store that sells appliances. I imagine we will be blasted from every direction with marketing ads from television to radio to billboards to junk mail and spam. I believe half of chipotle's statements are assumptions, others are his own interpretations of the statements made on the GWE website which GWE will not provide anymore information on because they dont HAVE to. We are nobodies to GWE. Just a bunch of people intrested in free energy having conversations on a web forum. I think the only reason Anthony and CK and others posted on this board is because of Chipotle and I thank him for getting their attention. But they didn't need to do it and im sure they are not loosing sleep over Chipotle's comments. Just as long as your efforts do not interupt their business and delaying the answer to the lingering question "are they for real" then im happy.

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