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Re: A Passionate Plea by a good hearted person to Genesis World Energy. (Score: 1)
by MOTSB on Friday, October 24, 2003 @ 02:34:41 EDT
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This is greatly simplified and may not be exactly accurate, but I am trying to make everyone UNDERSTAND this. The cool thing about Oxygen is that when you combine it with Hydrogen they end up sharing an electron. That is how they connect. Now you have an extra electron. What do we do with it? It manifests itself in the form of heat or ENERGY. Great! you have a party or whatever and you blow all that energy on whatever it is you want to do with it. That is what you are doing when you BURN Hydrogen. The hard thing to comprehend is that WATER is produced by burning or OXIDIZING Hydrogen... H2O.... Now if you want to get Oxygen and Hydrogen back apart you have to provide Energy or an electron, so that both Oxygen and Hydrogen can EVEN EXIST on there own... PERIOD!!!!!. This is not debatable and it directly pertains to the LAWS OF OUR UNIVERSE!!!!!So OK just this once "THE GENIE" will give you an electron and now you got Hydrogen and Oxygen and boom you did it again! You burned Hydrogen(combined Oxygen and Hydrogen and produced water)...you now have energy...you have a party and now you don't have any energy to make Oxygen and Hydrogen into separate entaties... "OH GENIE!"....anyways so when we SAY we are splitting water into Hydrogen and Oxygen that is not correct and I don't care WHO says it!!!!...we are BUILDING UP Hydrogen and Oxygen into viable entities!BUILDING UP BUILDING UP BUILDING UP.....FORGET SPLITTING!!!!! IT IS A MISNOMER!!!!!!! The last time I checked misnomers donot produce energy!!!!!"THE GENIE" in my example DOESN'T EXIST!!!!..... So we are left with 2 possibilities either we have discovered an exception to "THE LAWS OF OUR UNIVERSE" or we have conquered them. The only problem with LAWS of THE UNIVERSE is if you find an exception to the law THAN THAT MEANS THAT THAT LAW DOES NOT EVEN EXIST!!!!!Now the second possibility is that you conquered or fooled THE LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE...the other term for this is MAGIC or GOD....so I guess we have 3 possibilities of how the EDISON DEVICE works....either it runs on a MISNOMER...or it proves that THE LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE do not exist.(Not even Einstein could do that!)or it is MAGIC, GOD,ALCHEMY or THE DEVIL.....Take your pick....that is it!!!!Are you still with me? This is not rocket science people... As a matter of fact it is just highschool Chemistry and/or Physics. That is the saddest thing. This is exacty why they teach chemistry in highschool, so we don't all don't run around
clueless, helpless and taken advantage of. Anthony Marchetti told us that the film on the fuel cell is a catalyst and is not the source of the energy needed to BUILDING UP THE HYDROGEN AND OXYGEN into viable entities....so what is???....GENESIS SAYS..... IT IS "THE MOLECULAR MISSNOMER STRUCTURE OF WATER!!!". DON"T GET LOST IN THE DETAILS unless they directly and completely support the LAWS OF OUR UNIVERSE! Don't even listen to the guy that says he hooked a motor to a generator, and a generator to a battery and the battery to the motor and soon with the latest detailed innovations in batteries,motors, and generators, the power generated from the generator will exceed the power needed by the motor and wallah!!! we have free energy....oh yea!!!! It doesn't matter how efficient the motor/gen/battery is they will NEVER BREAK THE LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE!!!so don't give me details.... I don't need'um! .....Genesis just tell me IN THE ABSTRACT how your little generator works and don't tell me the battery or the motor has been upgraded or that you have found a way to harness the power from a missnomer....I don't buy it.
I think either you have a big scam in the works or you have already and are on your way to Mexico....
When I was a kid, pyrmid schemes were rampant....The most successful one was called "AN AIRPLANE" They said that since it was an AIRPLANE instead of a PYRIMID that it was legal and legit, but I calculated that within several weeks the whole world would in on it and then it would collapse...but We did'nt care because we were counting the money we were going to bring in.
Guess what? It did collapse and the organisers were no longer in the local motel.... they were long gone!!!!WISHFUL THINKING......

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Bothsides: STOP FIGHTING! (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Tuesday, October 28, 2003 @ 23:51:39 EST
First of all, I don't know if GWE is legit or not. Personally, I "think" that they have a significant chance of being a legitimate company. But of course there are also major questions left unanswered, only limited evidence if any, and absolutely NO proof of ANY of their claims.

There are both those on this board that:

1) Believe that free energy (NOT free but just extracted from another source, energy cannot be created out of nothing) is indeed possible and that eventually a team is going to produce a device, mass produce it, and not let it be suppressed.

2) Believe that almost everything significant in physics has already been discovered, there will be no new energy technologies ever discovered, if such a technology is discovered it will not be very significant, and that any company making a claim for "free energy" or even tapping energy from the "molecular structure of water" is a scam.

Personally, I believe that both sides have members with serious faults.

The first group contains some people who are a little too accepting of claims without evidence.

The second group is so critical if a company did have an amazing device they would not believe it until the company blew all their legal rights by letting a thousand other companies inspect it and steal all their ideas.

But this is the issue.

What we need to do is get to the bottom of the entire situation with GWE.

We don't have any proof that GWE is a scam and no proof that GWE is legit.

We do have some limited evidence of BOTH of the above. But NOTHING SOLID.

All we have are QUESTIONS.

Now, if any of us really *care* about this situation, we need to unite as a group (working together and pooling our resources) to find out if GWE is legit.

What can we do to find out? I don't know! But we must work together!

We must put our differences aside and try to find out what is going on with GWE.

I will give Chip Pickle (please forgive me for messing up your name) some credit for getting a lot of contact information. I appreciate that he has a desire to get to the bottom of things.

Now, we just need some of those who even disagree with him, and may even think that he is a horrible debunker, to basically work with him and get him to SHARE that contact info so that we can get to the bottom of GWE.

Basically, if none of us are being paid by the government or powers that be to either falsely support GWE or debunk GWE, we should ALL be able to put our PERSONAL DIFFERENCES BEHIND OURSELVES and find out if GWE is legit.

Anyone really want to get to the bottom of this?

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Re: A Passionate Plea by a good hearted person to Genesis World Energy. (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Monday, April 26, 2004 @ 00:51:14 EDT
I'am sorry to say that this looks good on paper, but electrolysis requires more energy in than comes out. Physics doesn't support the manufacturers claims, becuse there is no known way to get more energy from a reaction than you put into it unless it is exothermic. And electrolysis is not that type of reaction.

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