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Re: We need to generate it ourselves... (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Thursday, October 16, 2003 @ 16:54:53 EDT
Hello Rasta,

This is me, Tybalt...

That was a great post. I agree with a LOT of what you are saying!

However, I still believe that GWE could give us something, some small kind of proof, without sacrificing their entire plan.

I also agree that there is a need for secrecy. The powers that be have squashed so many alternative energy inventors and devices that it is smart TO go about this in such a way. However, I think they have gone just a little too extreme...

You see, let me try to explain...

If they have licensed this technology to lets say two hundred companies in over a hundred and forty nations then obvious the powers that be ALREADY KNOW about this technology!

Why? Well, many of the "powers that be" work for many of these LARGE CORPORATIONS.

The powers that be know about GWE. Perhaps GWE has went about this in a way that has made it harder for those powers to step on them. However, THEY KNOW GWE EXISTS.

The only ones who are in the dark is OURSELVES and the public.

Yes, I believe we need to have faith. And I believe in Jesus Christ even though I was not personally there to see him. I believe he died on the cross, rose from the dead, and then went back to heaven. However, a faith in a company or a person is a LOT different than a divine being...

Here is the point...

If you have faith in "God" then there can only be "one" GOD because the definition of a GOD is an ALL POWERFUL BEING.

A company or group of individuals or a technology is NOT a GOD. It is NOT all powerful.

Companies and coorporations have failed all of us many times. False companies and coorporations have failed us over and over again. But there is no evidence whatsoever that GOD has ever failed us! If anything he has HELPED mankind over and over again. It is because of our SIN that the world is so messed up!

God does NOT cause bad things to happen. He may allow them to happen when WE cause them. However, he does not cause them to happen.

However, we have seen hoaxers and scammers cause bad things to happen over and over again.

And about marriage... In my opinion that was not a good example. Because as a Christian I am going to marry ONE TIME and stay married my entire life. I am going to have faith in GOD that myself and my CHRISTIAN wife (when I oneday get married) will live our ENTIRE LIVES ON EARTH AND EVEN BEYOND together.

I can have that kind of faith because I know GOD is going to work things out.

People and companies on the other hand are FALLIBLE.

I want to have faith in GWE. And to some degree I have faith in them! I am not just on the fence if you read my posts. I am at the point where I am ready to jump off on the side of GWE if I can only see SOMETHING solid!

You see, with God, I can jump off without having to see anything myself. Of course I see what God has done in my life, I see him answering prayers, and I can feel the Holy Spirit in the life of myself and others. However, you cannot actually see God. Or at least not very often in modern times! So you MUST jump out on a leap of faith.

However, GWE COULD post SOMETHING on their website showing that their technology exists.

They don't have to spill ALL THE BEANS but they could post something. Some bit of evidence. Just something...

And by the way, I LIKE your long post! I enjoy reading them!

I am doing my very best to learn the guitar! I am progressing slowly...

Anyway, back on subject...

I also TOTALLY agree with your idea that God made this universe so that we could have all the energy we need.

You see, I also believe that the GWE will just be a stepping stone. The next step will be energy from a device like the MEG.

I believe that God created the universe (even after man fell from the garden) so that if we could just stop sinning and killing each other we could live in a utopia. I honestly believe that every force of nature and even TIME is engineerable.

Seriously, don't you believe that GWE could release something to us? I mean, Anthony has been GREAT! He has answered a LOT of questions and I appreciate it very much. But why can't GWE post SOMETHING on their website?

I mean, they could post just a lab report (even if they needed to black stuff out). It could just tell us that they examined the device. This much energy and water went in and then this much energy was produced.

Thanks for your post!

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Tybalt and Rasta (Score: 1)
by chipotle_pickle on Thursday, October 16, 2003 @ 18:33:25 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message) http://freehydrogen.blogspot.com
Tybalt - If you sign in your pen name gets added to the tag lines and it's easier to see who is saying what.

Rasta -

(OT, what do you play?)

We really don't know who Anthony is. The address that the man on the street in Boise tested him with came from the PR company. It's not clear that the investors all have Kelly's home address. Anthony could have been just another Guy-Rome persona. If so, it was by far the most entertaining. So much more reasonable sounding than the others that I don't think he's from Guy-Rome. But I don't think he's an investor either.

Pressed, Anthony admits never to have measured how quickly the fuel (what GWE calls a catalyst) is used up. This was the first suggestion for how people could be tricked into thinking that something like the gCell is for real, proposed back in December 8th by Esther Tigre.

Anthony reported some far out claims. He said that the government approached the Team about using their technology to make a weapon and that they turned them down. This is simply not how this world works. If the government thinks you have something they need, they make you an offer you can't refuse. Also this is an odd stance for them to take given their claims to have worked for years on defense projects. Then we have to reconcile why a company that plans to donate 75% of its profits to charity is intentionally managing its revenue to postpone paying taxes. And why they (UFCT) are behind on their taxes.

Finally, if you believe Anthony, you believe that GWE's claim that it has no investors is not completely true. The reason GWE makes this claim is so that the press is off their guard. If reporters think "It can't be a pump and dump because they don't sell stock." then they aren't going to be sneaking out to Eagle to read the meter themselves. But they do sell stock, just under a different name, and it can be a pump and dump.

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