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Re: A suggestion on independent testing (Score: 1)
by baldy on Wednesday, October 15, 2003 @ 07:34:54 EDT
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I too have been in this since 12-06-03. I have made all filings signed the non disclosure, filed a communities proposal, filed for a ditribution sales license watched and followed closley, and have received a communication that I will be notified in the near future of a meeting in Boise when I will be allowed, with other licensees to see the Edison, view its documentation and have my engineers go through the data and question mark, have a display and sales model to take home to use for pre sales . I live in the Boise area. If you want to buy a machine for your own reasons whatever, I will sell you one when available. If you just want to make trouble I pass.
Genesis 1, 1 the first book of the bible talks about water. Revelation 22, 17, the fifth from the last verse of the bible talks about water. God made water, he knew how to put it together, and He knows how to take it apart. He has waited for this propitious moment to disclose how to do it in an energy producing manner because of his timing. I beleive it that ends it. Fish or cut bait. I have the time and the ability to sell you a machine when it is available. Lbaldyw@aol.com

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Re: A suggestion on independent testing (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, October 15, 2003 @ 13:47:26 EDT
From now on, I, anonymous, who wrote the "plea" will be known as Tybalt.

Chip-Pickle, I underst and your frustration and your situation. Naturally, we should be skeptical about GWE and their technology. And I did ask you to make suggestions.

However, I wish that you could be a little more polite and a little less threatening.

If GWE is indeed a real company then being so close to rude is not going to help. Also, I doubt that Anthony will cooperate if we blatantly accuse GWE of being a scam.

I would like to see GWE post SOMETHING proving that they are a "real" company. Some kind of divident, tax record, or something would be nice.

But about the Edison Device... It would be nice if they allowed Eric to test it, but then again, they have to be careful of exactly WHO they are letting see the device.

I doubt they would let such a die hard skeptic take a look at the device.

Look at it this way, if you were a REAL company and you had lots of different people saying you are fake, a scam, and a hoax when you were really doing your best to get an amazing product commercialized world wide would you give the chance to examine the device to those that have criticised you the most?

I am just hoping that GWE would give us some documentation from one of THEIR scientists (one with documented credentials who would speak on the record), a lab or company somewhere that has verified the device, or even an example of a company that is manufacturing the oodles and oodles of components.

We need to be polite about this. Do we need to ignore important questions? Absolutely NOT! But if GWE is real, and if we want them to cooperate, why can't we at least treat them with a little respect?

I believe in common decency. And I believe in giving people respect. Now, go ahead and ask your questions to Anthony and others. But why don't you do it in a more constructive way?

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  • I, who wrote by Anonymous on Wednesday, October 15, 2003 @ 20:31:48 EDT

Re: A suggestion on independent testing (Score: 1)
by Rastahal on Wednesday, October 15, 2003 @ 17:21:12 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message) http://truthbells.com
I haven't posted in awhile but I would humbly like to make a point.

We seem to have the two major opposing viewpoints on this list concerning GWE, the folks who want to dare to believe that the Edision device is real and about to happen, and the folks like Mr. Pickle who have made up their minds that this CAN'T be real, no matter how much evidence is presented.

It seems that Pickle supports his cause with a religious ferver, and I believe he will deny all the evidence until there's absolutly no way he can avoid the truth, and I wouldn't be surprised if he still chooses to deny the facts. However, IMHO, we've been given plenty of evidence and advanced information by GWE and others "in the know" on this list...but some folks are still requiring HARD PROOF.

Come on, folks....step back and take a look at what's happened over the last year with this issue. Thanks to passionate requests made by a few on this website, we've gotten much more information than is presented on the Genesis website. From Anthony's recent posts to "CK" telling us about the special place of women in the GWE organization,
and having that very bit of information show up on the GWE website two weeks after we were told, it's evident these folks have some kind of connection with GWE.

So, my question to the would-be believers is....how about excercising a little faith? It's so easy to pick flaws with any senerio presented here, and folks like Mr. Pickle are truly expert at it. It's much harder to have the courage of heart to follow the truth where ever it leads.

We've all had opportunities to examine the claims and statements from folks including the insights provided by Anthony. In my opinion, it's getting harder and harder to deny that GWE is on to something big.

So, I choose to believe the claims of GWE and that their mission, purpose and technology are all very real. By my reckoning, GWE has done an incredible job of guiding this technology to fruition, and they certainly don't need any help from us. Even so, after the "passionate plea" letter was written, Anthony came on the scene to further share his insights about GWE and he certainly seems to know whereof he speaks!

So, for all you folks who share Pickle's passion of picking flaws, nothing anyone says here is going to change your mind. But for those who wish and hope it is true, I challenge you to look at the evidence again, read again the excellent posts from Anthony and others, then make that grand stretch of faith and choose to BELIEVE with a whole heart. Thanks for listening.

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