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Re: Anthony's Edison observations (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, October 12, 2003 @ 17:10:12 EDT
I do not understand what you meant by “Promoting because it's too important to be N replies in.” If by that you mean that I am promoting, again, you can believe me or not, I am not interested in convincing you or anyone else. I feel it’s important for readers to have access to a balanced perspective from someone that is knowledgeable about the issues you have raised.

I questioned the carbon issue and they demonstrated to me that the process worked without it. I do not believe the catalyst is “burned” or consumed, but rather looses its potency over time. I am personally aware of Edison systems that have been operating continuously under load for well over a year with negligible losses in performance. Based on my analysis of the figures, if the performance trend I observed remains consistent over time, GWE’s projected system life may be realistic.

I believe that the process analysis written by Douglass A. White, Ph.D. is more along the lines of what is happening in the gcells, although I am aware of some key differences between Dr. White’s analysis and what I personally observed. In my opinion, the operation of the gcell is a combination of chemistry and component design. While there were very few separate components within the reaction area, the internal design elements of the reaction areas themselves are very complex and precision.

Heat was not vented off. The temperature of the water entering the gcell stack under load ranged from 202’ to 205’ (depending on ambient air temperature) and the water/gas temperature exiting the gcells ranged from 107 to 110’. This was easily confirmed by me, and will be easy to confirm by consumers when the systems are on the market. The only place the heat could have been removed was in the gcell process itself, because there are no provisions for cooling the gcell stack, as there are in the ecell stacks.

Pickle to put something else to rest, in other things you’ve written you seemed to cast doubt regarding the skill and credentials of the Team members. I’m not authorized to disclose names, but I will tell you I am personally aware that some of the team members that contributed to the project are world renowned and are highly regarded in scientific circles for their significant discoveries while working for large corporations and governments.

It is my feeling that the names of these individuals will eventually be released by GWE.

Anthony Marchetti

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Re: Anthony's Edison observations (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, October 15, 2003 @ 01:08:23 EDT

I am one of the anonymous supporters of GWE who quite often post on this board. I am the author of the news item from which this thread started. I wrote the "Passionate Plea".

I would like to deeply thank you for the information you have provided. You have answered many questions, provided important information, and have made a lot of sense on many issues.

Many of us are deeply cynical about the entire alternative energy field. I honestly believe that various forms of alternative energy do exist and are viable. But there have been so many scams and liars running around for so long many of us have been burnt.

I have a request to ask you, and I hope you can convey it back to GWE.

I understand that GWE does not want a lot of publicity. I also understand that they do not want to reveals important details about their technology. For that is something I totally understand.

However, many on this board (even though your comments have renewed my hope that GWE is indeed a valid company and about to change the world) have not seen one piece of hard solid proof that GWE is actually a company.

We have seen their website, some internet articles, some photos of a device on their website, and some info about a press conference.

Is there ANYWAY whatsoever that GWE could release some information on their website proving that they and Genesis World Management are indeed a REAL company and perhaps some kind of documentation from a company, lab, or agency that the Genesis Device works?

Honestly, we don't want much. Just a shread of evidence to cling onto. Chick Pickle is not trying to be rude or mean to you. Even though I do believe he is too skeptical and may at times have been a little rude, I believe he has a heart that would LOVE to see GWE and their technology as REAL!

However, we don't have any solid proof.

Could you please ask GWE to provide SOME KIND OF evidence/proof that the Edison Device and their company are legit?

It could be some type of documentation about the technology from another company or scientist who can at least be quoted as saying, "Hey, I looked at it and tested it... it works." or even just a lab that verified the concept.

Look, we need something. You have been FANTASTIC in answering questoins! Thank you VERY MUCH!

But if GWE could provide us with some info on both the Edison Device and SOMETHING proving their company is legit it would be VERY much appreciated.

Perhaps Chick Pickle could give you some suggestions on what exactly would constitute a piece of evidence that would be sufficient.

But we just need something. Can you understand this? You have actually TALKED to team members and have SEEN the device working with your own eyes. It seems like you even have the education to test the device.

But the rest of us have no evidence or proof of GWE or the technology.

I mean, GWE has made some HUGE GIGANTIC CLAIMS when they say companies in 140 nations are about to start making Edison Devices. If that is true, can't they release SOMETHING to show that THEY Are real and that the EDISON device is real?

I know there is a need for secrecy. And I understand the concept you have proposed. But couldn't they just sacrifice a small tad of the secrecy just so we could have some small shread of evidence that they are indeed real?

I have a gut feeling that they are real, but honestly I need something more than that. And I think all of us who have been trying to support GWE on this board, lists, and elsewhere deserve SOMETHING.

Of course your posts have been great. And please don't think I am trying to dismiss everything you have done. But we need something from GWE.

Could you please ask and see what they could do to post SOMETHING on their website that would give us evidence that their company exists and that the Edison Device exists?

I am very sorry if I am coming across as rude. I really don't want too. But GWE would be helping many of us so much if they would release SOMETHING.

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Re: Anthony's Edison observations (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Thursday, June 10, 2004 @ 04:23:52 EDT
About the opinion that "the catalyst has to be used up."
I can think of a way in which the "catalyst" would not be flushed into the system as contaminants and still be acting as a "catalyst."
See the thing is... is that what you really want to know is how it works.
But that is exactly the whole darn mystery of the thing that makes it special and valuable to the world (obviously, yes I know I'm stating the obvious). Of course they are being vague.

I mean, come on, why don't you just keep yourself updated on current and cutting edge technology and you'll sort of get some ideas of what sort of thing they might be doing.
Basically what I'm saying is that I think it might be possbile that you are not informed enough to know that this "edison device" might very well be possible.

I haven't seen it myself but
I'm going to make a bunch of guesses here and point you in the direction for more information so you can see what I'm talking about.
When I say guesses,
I mean I'm going to guess at what technology/mechanisms might be getting used in there.
You can follow along and expand on any of them if you like.

First one about the catalyst:
The Blacklight Power company (just mentioned by a previous poster) explains a proven phenomena involving hydrogen and certain "catalysts" that causes the electron in the hydrogen atom to shrink it's orbit down to a fractional energy level (like 1/2 or 1/4 instead of 1 like normal) which is stable and that they now call a "hydrino." It releases a lot of energy while doing so AND I might add is now smaller than a regular hydrogen (think membranes). And also has much stronger binding energy than a regular hydrino. Notice that they back it up with samples of unique chemicals that cannot be identified conventionally.

Ok. So one of the things that they found out was that if you take a thin nickel cylinder/tube/whatever and put hydrogen into it under pressure and then surround that vessel with another vessel filled with just plain water and potassium carbonate (K2CO3) the hydrogen gets forced into individual hydrogens atoms and makes it's way through the nickel wall and then reacts on the other side with the potassium carbonate and the temperature just keeps rising and rising with no conventional explanation to account for the extra heat. I think I even saved a pdf file of an outside company performing an independent analysis of this simple experiment.
Well now here's what I'm thinking; that hydrogen is coming through on the other side and (non-radiatevely) reacting with the K2CO3 and some of them are turning into hydrinos and now that THEY ARE SMALLER THEY SEEP THROUGH the wall of the second chamber also.

So here's is a case of a "catalyst" and the word "chemical" being used in the same process yet the nickel is not going to go anywhere outside that second chamber and neither is the potassium or carbon. Yet those hydrinos will.
Yet both the "chemicals" and "catalyst" can be "used up."
Because at some point down the line the nickel will "give way" from embrittlement and all the K2CO3 will "give way" to the higher binding energies of all those hydrinos and hydrino ions and all you'll be left with is a bunch of funky hydrino-potassium-oxygen molecules and hydrino ions (they claim long polymer type chains of hydrino ions [hard to explain]).

Cool off:
I suppose you can now either use one of the current "state of the art" solid state thermoelectric generators [thermocouple/seebeck whatever you wanna call it], unless you managed some kind of unusual breathrough in this field, to recover some of all this heat and convert it to electricity.
Or you can use a sterling engine (which would be quiet) with magnets/coils attached etc.. Except that wouldn't match up with what we've been told about it being solid state.
And/or you can have that heat in contact with a circuit which is already being used by something else normal to the sytem in which there is an ultraconductor or room temp superconductor which would try to suck all that heat away from the negative side of the circuit and put it just on the other side of the super/ultra conductor.

I know.... you probably don't believe in a room temp super conductor. Yet
It seems to me from what you've posted that you might be familiar with some of JLN Labs' (Jean Louis Naudin) online experiments.
One of which he simply tests the "negative resistence" of carbon fiber composites. Although I must admit it's ability too rapidly transfer heat has not been tested as far as I know.
Also, another type of room temp super conductor is made by getting extremely fine bismuth powder and mixing it with epoxy and heating for several hours until the bismuth is made colloidal and then applying 2 needle point electrodes to this mix at around 800 volts (at micro amps) and slowly drawing them apart while at the same time increaing the voltage.
Oh, you probably want the patent number.....let me see here... I think I have it in my favorites.....yeah it's here, patent number 4,325,795. This is the original work that "spinned off" (like a sitcom) the ultraconductors.com company. Of course they "pooh pooh it" by saying something like, "we can't see how it's useful," or something like that.

Anyone ever thought of combining these 2 together, i.e. take 2 small conductive plates and smash them together with several layers of carbon fiber in between that have the hot bismuth/epoxy soaked in and apply the HV-low amps.
Hey,.... Maybe a quick and dirty room temp super conductor.
(Your welcome for the free ideas)

Right, well a bunch of hydrinos leaking through a glass or metal chamber wouldn't seem to be representative of the correct volume which would be occuring in these gcells would it.
Ok, let's suppose they developed some way of depositing nickel particles or nanostrips on a membrane which retained it's solidity to the regular H2 so that only the nickel particles would experience embrittlement over time and eventually loosen up and no longer be useful as a way to strain H2 into H with just pressure. Well the nickel atoms wouldn't break up and leak through the membrane as contaminants cuz there too big. And let's suppose on the opposite side of this membrane is the adhesived K2CO3. So now all they need is some sort of filter after that which won't let the K or C to pass just incase they get broken up.
(Don't ask me what kind of filter cuz I'm not knowledgeable on filters).

I'm just shooting out ideas here......

Cooling issues.... Fast Solid state cooling can be accomplished by applying a magnetic field to a certain gadolinium compound see
And obviously it goes without saying that a gas will cool when it expands.
And also you can surround a Hydrogen gas line with a pair of magnets to keep it in an orthohydrogen state if you are trying to keep it more reactive as a group to increase efficiency.

Let me see if I can think of some more.
What are we trying to get at here.... The production of excess heat and then converting that efficiently enough to electricity to exceed the original input by probably a minimum of 250% and all at solid state.
Ok 2 more just popped in my head.
There is a guy in the jln labs discussion group that has brought up a number of times the concept of utilizing ozone (short life span) as a different way of attracting hydrogen through a memberane. I bring it up because perhaps it might be more efficient to use converted heat electricity in a small stun gun circuit to generate ozone if you used ultracapacitors (just a possibility). If you always have a source of pure oxygen......

The only other nonconventional thing (as far as I'm concerned) which is going on in cold fusion experiments besides what blacklightpower has explained to us (about the non-radiative energy transfer which results in energy release and a "hydrino") is the "EV".

That's the only other thing that I can think of at this moment in time that produces an anomalous extra amount of energy and transmutations.

What's an EV? Look up Ken and Steven shoulders and they'll explain to you what an EV is.
And why it explains transmutations. IMO his theory explains what is really going on.

Aironeous B
Please forgive my mispelling it's late

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