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The amazing promise of nothing
Posted on Tuesday, June 02, 2015 @ 00:05:12 EDT by vlad

Science Nassim Haramein: "Of course a fundamental change in our understanding of the structure of spacetime at the quantum scale and the identification of the vacuum fluctuations being the source of gravitation, mass, and charge will have a profound impact on technological developments of the future. One can certainly imagine systems that, in a laboratory setting, would create co-moving coherent spinning regions of the Planck vacuum fluctuations and as a result create a depression or curvature in the structure of space to obtain gravitational control, the extraction of significant amounts of energy, and even the possibility of matter creation directly out of the vacuum."

One of the amazing results of Unified Physics is the resolution of previously seemingly enigmatic properties and behaviors within the quantum domain (loosely speaking, a domain that was considered to dominate at the atomic scale and smaller). In the article review Quantum Weirdness Replaced by Classical Fluid Dynamics, we examine just such a result as many of the previously unexplained, or weird properties of quantum mechanical systems, such as so called superposition, wave-particle duality, single-particle diffraction, tunneling, quantized orbits and orbital level splitting; are all demonstrated by a simple, yet ingenious experiment that is performed in a macroscopic (observable) system...

"— At the extremes of physical processes, where the rules that govern our everyday world seem to bend to the breaking point, we find innovative theories and novel solutions, such as Haramein’s geometric holographic solution, that emerge from the crucible of these seemingly irreconcilable paradoxes. And while understanding the structure and dynamics of our Universe is a worthy pursuit in and of itself, these fundamental theories have always been the foundation of technological advancements, which benefits everyone and our global civilization as a whole." –William Brown

Full article: http://resonance.is/a-year-in-remarkable-discoveries/



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"The amazing promise of nothing" | Login/Create an Account | 6 comments | Search Discussion
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Re: The amazing promise of nothing (Score: 1)
by profraccoon on Wednesday, June 03, 2015 @ 03:51:52 EDT
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Haramein is occupied with theory development, but not that much with experimenting. Schwartzchild radius and mass, Planck this and that.

Is this theoretical exercise engineerable, if yes, let Haramein explain how.
There are countless of variations on physics themes, it is an abundant physics paper industry right now. Not that much is engineerable and will save us from our forced fossil fuel based life style.

I am not optimistic about applying Haramein's physics, though interesting.

Re: The amazing promise of nothing (Score: 1)
by Kadamose on Wednesday, June 03, 2015 @ 12:10:17 EDT
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I won't belittle the man, but I don't have very much respect for those who are in that profession.  The sad truth is, we have what is known as a 'breakaway civilization' - one that does not operate by our rules and can, and does, create and engineer these technologies with ease.   This 'breakaway civilization' is currently exploring the known universe at our expense - unbeknownst to the perfect slaves here on Earth. 

This is the real reason why the aether model was abolished and replaced with the fantasy known as relativity.  While the majority of the physicists and engineers here on Earth our busy chasing their own tails with ideas and theories that will never work, our true slave masters are using aetheric science to manifest what they desire. This is how the breakaway civilization got away with this crime, and unless the physicists and engineers on this planet abandon delusional theories like relativity and the big bang, we will never be able to catch up to these criminals who stole our birthright.


Re: The amazing promise of nothing (Score: 1)
by profraccoon on Friday, June 05, 2015 @ 15:03:45 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
In general physicists are not the bravest people. And brave people are often not the most educated people. Yes, we are slaves, and once we've realized we are slaves, it is our duty to become free.

We have to try and try and try, and try all over again.

I submitted the paper "Classical electrodynamics in agreement with Newton's third principle of motion" also  to Cornell University's  arxiv.org pre-publication website,  and although a few physicists (and authors of many paper on  archiv.org) endorsed my submission,  the Cornell University "moderators" of   arxiv.org   refused to publish my paper thus far (they are still "considering" its publication).
Apparently their "endorsement by peer authors" mechanism is not enough for the Cornell University people, so they take direct control over the "quaility" of published papers by an extra invisble editorial board.  I asked the arxiv.org moderators why my paper wasn't published according to schedule, and Cornell University replied that they have "issues" with my paper.
The only "issue" I can think of is that my paper goes far beyond the physics dogma of:
- relativity theory based on "highest speed of causality"  c
- the so called "symmetry" principle of electrodynamics and the rest of physics
- the "no aether" and "no free energy"  dogma
- the only far vacuum signals are TEM waves (photons), I defined two extra longitudinal electric far field waves, one has luminal speed, the other has super luminal speed.

Since my paper is very rational (all the math is simple and flawless) Cornell has a hard time to gather good reasons to reject my paper. My objections against the standard Maxwell theory are very clear and rational, and no one did a better job in doing this than me.
 Finally I refer to Tesla and other 'free energy' inventors. I refer to T.H. Moray as a great American and the greatest electrical engineer ever.

Really, Cornell does not like papers like my paper, it goes against the fraudulous mainstream.

I keep on pushing them, Kadamose, and in the end LOGIC and SCIENCE will win. Evert student, every physicist will be able to see that my critisism is very natural, and will understand the logic of my theory.  My theory is already proven by many experiments that are considered "fringe" science, but now this "fringe" science is backed up by a consistent theory and vice verse.


Re: The amazing promise of nothing (Score: 1)
by Kadamose on Sunday, June 07, 2015 @ 13:37:51 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
I've been thinking long and hard about it, and while what you are doing is admirable, in the end, it will accomplish nothing for the simple fact that all professions within mainstream institutions, Cornell included, have been tainted with indoctrination.   Telling these people that free energy is possible and that relativity is a monumental hoax, is like telling a christian or a mormon that their god doesn't exist and that they have been worshiping santa claus this whole time, who is also a monumental hoax.   These people, while brilliant in some instances, are still children who are easily manipulated.

The solution is to do exactly what the criminals to humanity have done: we need to create our own breakaway civilization.   It won't be easy, but the masses are doomed, and there is simply no way to convince them the truth, simply because they do not want to hear it.

Fukushima, and the death of the Pacific Ocean, is going to wipe out a big chunk of these useless masses anyway - and this, too, is by design.   The breakaway civilization has the technology to neutralize Fukushima and the damage it has done, thus far, but it isn't going to intervene until the entire world has been sterilized.

If we want to counter these assholes, we need to unlearn everything we have been taught, and get rid of all 'assumed' knowledge.   If we don't do this, they will win and will get what they want like they always have.  The clock is ticking, and by my count, we have until 2020, or somewhere around there, before Fukushima completely screws every living thing on this planet.   It's not a lot of the time, for sure, but if we get our shit together, we can put a dent in the overall scheme of things.


Re: The amazing promise of nothing (Score: 1)
by profraccoon on Friday, June 12, 2015 @ 15:54:42 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
If the masses are doomed, so be it. Fukushima is mankind's 9-11, it was deliberate.
 Do me a very big favour, Kadamose: survive these difficult times, and be part of the new  brave world. Coming years will be full of danger, we are fully aware of this.

Cornell has been infiltrated by people who manipulate and censor papers submitted to arxiv.org. Therefore I distibute my paper in alternative ways, soon enough.

Alexander Unzicker also tries to turn brainwashed heads of physicists, I hope he wants to team up with me.

Thanks Kadamose for your sympathy, all who do not fear the globalist criminals need your wise words from time to time, let luck be on your side always!


Empty space has more energy than everything in the Universe, combined (Score: 1)
by solaris on Sunday, August 30, 2015 @ 16:04:46 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)

...And yet, if we map out everything known in the Universe, and trace out the cosmic structure, we find that the normal matter — things made out of all the known elementary particles — is less than 5% of the total energy density of the Universe. There’s got to be about 20-25% of the Universe in the form of dark matter, a type of clumpy, collisionless matter that is made up of a yet-undiscovered particle, in order to get the type of clustering we see.

But perhaps most bizarrely, the remaining energy of the Universe, the stuff that’s required to bring us up to 100%, is energy that appears to be intrinsic to empty space itself: dark energy [scienceblogs.com]...

Full story: http://scienceblogs.com/startswithabang/2012/07/26/empty-space-has-more-energy-than-everything-in-the-universe-combined/ [scienceblogs.com]


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