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    Free Energy - Global Scaling
    Posted on Monday, May 24, 2004 @ 18:41:06 GMT by vlad

    Science Very interesting theory and experiments from the “Institute for Space-Energy-Research" in Germany. Now you can purchase an English version of the book (for EUR 22.50) here: Global Scaling

    What everybody missed dealing with Free Energy concepts is now available in this raum&zeit special 1: “The missing fundamentals of physics” by Dr. Muller Hartmut. Global Scaling has finally made it possible to formulate a free energy physics with scientifically verifiable results.

    Excerpts from: An Introduction to Global-Scaling-Theory

    Sound Waves In Logarithmic Space As Cause of Gravitation
    The existence of a standing density wave in logarithmic space – for the first time in the history of physics – explains the origin of gravitation. The global flow of matter in direction of the node points of the standing density wave is the reason for the physical phenomenon of gravitational attraction. Thus, particles, atoms,molecules, celestial bodies, etc. – the scales/measures of which stabilise in the node points of the standing pressure wave – become gravitational attractors. In physical reality, therefore, the standing density wave in logarithmic space of scales also manifests as a global standing gravitational wave. In consequence, the exact identity of value for inert and gravitational masses of physical bodies (as it is claimed by physics today), independent of the body’s density or material, can occur only in the exact node points of the global standing density wave. So far, systematic measurements to verify this postulate of Global-Scaling-Theory have not been carried out. The Institute of Solid-State-Physics at Friedrich Schiller university is now preparing free-fall experiments ( Pseudo-Galileo-Tests) at the Bremen gravity tower in order to determine the possibility of material-related violation of the equivalence principle with a hitherto unmatched precision of
    The “Sound Barrier” of the Universe
    Standing waves can only form if the medium in which they propagate is bounded. Consequently, the existence of a standing density or pressure wave in the universe means that the universe is limited by scale. At the universe’s lower horizon of scale density of matter reaches a maximum, at its upper horizon a minimum. The two horizons constitute the universe’s “sound barrier”. At precisely these phase transitions pressure waves are reflected, they will overlap and form standing waves. A standing wave can only exist for any length of time if the medium is permanently provided energy from outside. This means that our universe is in a constant energy exchange with other universes.
    Standing waves are very common in nature because every medium is limited/bounded, be it the water of the oceans, the air of the earth's atmosphere or the radiation field of the sun’s atmosphere. Standing waves excite the medium into natural oscillations, and due to the fact that the amplitude of a standing wave is no longer time-dependent but only space-dependent, these eigenvibrations will move in sync across the whole medium.A wave occurs whenever an oscillating particle in a medium excites adjacent particles into vibrations so that the process propagates. Due to the viscosity or elasticity of the medium and the inertia of the particles their oscillation phases differ and the physical effect of a phase shift in space – termed a propagating wave – will arise. The rate of this phase shift (phase velocity) is always finite and dependent on the medium.In contrast, phase velocity of a standing wave between two adjacent node points is zero because all particles oscillate in phase. This gives rise to the impression that the wave “stands”. In each node point the phase actually bounces 180 degrees – so phase velocity is theoretically infinitely high. It is precisely this property that makes standing waves so attractive for communication.

    Standing Waves as Carrier Waves for Information Transmission
    Standing waves do not transmit energy, they merely pump energy back and forth within half a wavelength.Half a wavelength is completely sufficient – even for interplanetary communication – if we are dealing with standing waves in logarithmic space. The wavelength of standing density waves in logarithmic space are 2x3k, i.e. 6, 18, 54, 162 and 486 units of the natural logarithm. Half a wavelength, therefore, corresponds to 3, 9, 27, 81 and 243 units. These are relative scales of 1,3 and 3,9 and 11,7 and 35,2 and 105,5 orders of magnitude. Exactly in these intervals node points occur. Hence, node points mark scales relating as 1:20, 1:8103, 1:5,32x1011, 1:1,5x1035 and 1:3,4x10105. Within the scope of these scales communication between two adjacent node points is possible.The ability to modulate a standing wave is confined to its node points, because it is only in the immediate proximity of the node points that energy can be fed into or taken from a standing wave. If it is a standing wave in linear space, the node points are simply locations in which attachment of an external oscillatory process is possible. Node points of a standing wave in logarithmic space, however, are particular scales which have different frequencies assigned to them. In order to calculate these frequencies it is necessary to acquaint oneself with the mathematical foundations of Global-Scaling-Theory.

    Creation’s Melody
    In the context of Global Scaling Theory the hypothesis of the Big Bang appears in a new light. Not a propagating shock wave (pressure wave) in linear space (the echo of the hypothetical primeval explosion) is the cause of cosmic microwave background radiation, but a standing pressure wave in logarithmic space. It is also responsible for the fractal and logarithmic scale-invariant distribution of matter in the entire universe.It created the universe as we know it and recreates it continually. It is the cause of all physical interactions and forces – gravitation, electromagnetism, nuclear fusion and nuclear decay. It is the cause of topological 3-dimensionality of linear space, of left-right-asymmetry, as well as of anisotropy of time. All of these phenomena are physical effects which arise at the transition from logarithmic into linear space. The standing wave in logarithmic space now allows us to communicate across astronomical distances practically without time delay. How is this possible?

    Neighbours in Logarithmic Space
    Systems in linear space that lie very remote from each other can be very close to each other within the logarithmic space of scales. Our sun and Alpha Centauri are 4 light-years away from each other in linear space, while in the logarithmic space of scales they are immediate neighbours. Once this is understood it is not too difficult to create the physical conditions that will make communication in logarithmic space possible. Two electrons on the same quantum level that may be thousands of kilometres apart, are found in practically one and the same point within the logarithmic space of scales. The fact explains not just a whole range of quantum mechanical phenomena, but constitutes the basis for a totally new telecommunications technology which was publicly demonstrated for the first time on 27th October 2001 in Bad Tölz, Germany.G-com technology is still in its infancy (a first language modulation succeeded in July of 2001), but in two important aspects it is already far superior to any other conventional means of information transmission. Firstly, a modulated standing gravitational wave can be demodulated in any location on Earth, on planet Mars, or even outside the solar system at the very same moment in time, thus making distances and transmission times meaningless. Secondly, no waves are generated nor transmitted which is why G-com technology does not require aerials, satellites, amplifiers or converters. This launches a new era of telecommunications – free from electric smog.

    Their site: Global Scaling



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    "Free Energy - Global Scaling" | Login/Create an Account | 6 comments | Search Discussion
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    Re: Free Energy - Global Scaling (Score: 1)
    by AndyC (hotmail account andydcoles) on Monday, May 24, 2004 @ 20:45:41 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    If the Institute for Space-Energy-Research in Germany have stumbled upon the true cause of gravitation, surely the prospect of producing anti-gravity technology is brought nearer?

    Without ZP Energy driven spacecraft with the possibility of visiting alien worlds, what is the need for (near) instantaneous communications? It only takes around 5 seconds to the Moon and back via Radio now. The Fogal Transistor is claimed to communicate faster than light. Lets hope Einstein wasn't right....

    Certainly a very interesting posting all the same, just a shame that there aren't more details available without shelling out around US$27 for the full text (in English).

    Regards all

    Re: Free Energy - Global Scaling (Score: 1)
    by nanotech on Monday, May 24, 2004 @ 20:53:55 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Is this book sold through any companies such as Amazon yet?

    Cosmic Internet (Score: 1)
    by Rob (rob@zpenergy.com) on Monday, May 24, 2004 @ 23:01:39 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
    One of their more interesting technologies is an application where you can transmit data between computers via these standing gravitational waves. The distance for communication is said to be arbitrary and information travel speed instant. There was a demonstration 21:st feb in Berlin which I sadly could not attend, perhaps some ZPEnergy reader did ?? The bitrate is currently a mere 16 bits/s (2 bytes/s) but achieving it is stunning in itself, and might prove the theory of GS which in turn would yield many interesting things.

    Re: Free Energy - Global Scaling (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Tuesday, May 25, 2004 @ 12:21:24 GMT
    Does anyone have any detailed information about the communications experiment?

    If they have actually transmitted information using scalar waves this could be a huge breakthrough!

    Have any of you heard of the company in Norway or Scandinavia that was marketing a new type of radio utilizing a new type of wave (don't think they called it exactly scalar but that was what it was) that could transmit through mountains and over long distances?

    Hartmut Muller (Global Scaling) arrested in Brazil (Score: 1)
    by vlad on Tuesday, January 01, 2013 @ 11:36:35 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
    Via KellyNet.com [www.keelynet.com]: ... Muller conned some 3,000 investors out of about five million Euros ($6.5m, £4m), the court said.

    He had invented a pseudo-scientific theory he called "global scaling", which he said allowed him to use gravitational waves to prevent electronic smog, use novel methods of scanning to be applied in medicine, and transmit "information without any limits in quantity, quality or time".

    The court said Muller convinced investors with his impressive, and mainly fictitious, CV which included advanced degrees in applied mathematics and physics from the University of Saint Petersburg and "the Vernadski Medal first grade for his scientific achievements".

    Muller used his bogus theory to develop a wealth of products, from "wellness devices" which could allegedly protect the buyer from electronic smog to "vitality-generators" to improve one's life force...

    Full article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-20076791 [www.bbc.co.uk]


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