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    cold fusion, eCat and antigravity: a talk with Andrea Rossi
    Posted on Sunday, May 27, 2012 @ 14:48:11 GMT by vlad

    Science WGUGLINSKI writes: From: wladimirguglinski@hotmail.com
    To: info@leonardocorp1996.com
    Subject: understanding of eCat working
    Date: Tue, 22 May 2012 18:53:17 -0300

    Dear Andrea
    did my nuclear model help you to get a better understanding of what happéns inside the eCat?

    Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 01:31:20 +0200
    From: info@leonardocorp1996.com
    To: wladimirguglinski@hotmail.com
    Subject: Re: understanding of eCat working

    Dear Wladimir:
    You made a very good work and I read it with great interest.
    Warm Regards,
    Andrea Rossi

    From: wladimirguglinski@hotmail.com
    To: info@leonardocorp1996.com
    Subject: RE: understanding of eCat working - introducing LIFTER
    Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 06:10:00 -0300

    Dear Andrea Rossi
    The lifter is an assymmetric capacitor which works supplied by electric energy which source has about 30kV
    Nobody knows yet what makes the lifter levitate.
    It's possible its levitation is caused by antigravity
    As you know, I suppose cold fusion occurs thanks to the help of antigravity.
    Experiments made in 2006 already showed that gravity may have the magnitude of electromagnetism.


    If cold fusion reactions are indeed helped by antitravity as I suppose, then if in the experiments we get a growth of the influence of antigravity, probably the cold fusion reactions will occur very faster.
    I think it would be of interest to try to conciliate the working of the lifter with the working of cold fusion, by making experiments where the vessel of cold fusion reactions would be one of the poles of the assymmetric capacitor supplied with 30kV.
    Perhaps you could try it in parallel with your work with the eCat

    Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 13:11:18 +0200
    From: info@leonardocorp1996.com
    To: wladimirguglinski@hotmail.com
    Subject: RE: understanding of eCat working - introducing LIFTER

    If they have an apparatus working to test, we can be interested.
    Warm Regards,

    From: wladimirguglinski@hotmail.com
    To: info@leonardocorp1996.com
    Subject: RE: understanding of eCat working - introducing LIFTER
    Date: Thu, 24 May 2012 22:19:04 -0300

    Dear Andrea Rossi
    I can send a message to Jean Louis Naudin, so that to ask him if he would be interested to work with you, for investigating my idea together with you.
    However, there is a risk.
    Besides the lifter project, Naudin also replicates several cold fusion experiments.  See the link:
    Then, instead to work with you, perhaps he can prefer to work himself, in order to test my hypothesis that cold fusion is helped by antigravity.  And obviously he would get the merit of the experimental discovery, if cold fusion really is helped by antigravity, as I suppose.
    Naudin never tried to make it because before because up to now nobody supposed yet that antigravity can have influence in cold fusion phenomena.
    The apparatus used in the assymmetric capacitor (lifter) is very simple: it is only a 20kV-30kV DC flyback of television
    You can get it from any old broken television apparatus.
    Here Naudin shows how the 30kV flyback is connected:
    In the case of the eCat, it would be one of the poles connected to the 30kV DC flyback .  The other pole connected would be a simple wire (as used in the assymmetric capacitor)

    Date: Fri, 25 May 2012 08:01:52 +0200
    From: info@leonardocorp1996.com
    To: wladimirguglinski@hotmail.com
    Subject: RE: understanding of eCat working - introducing LIFTER

     Dear Wladimir:
    This kind of collaborations can generate confusion and litigation in Court for what concerns the intellectual property. It is much better for everybody if everybody makes by himself the due experimentation until he makes a working apparatus.
    Warmest Regards,



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    "cold fusion, eCat and antigravity: a talk with Andrea Rossi" | Login/Create an Account | 2 comments | Search Discussion
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    Is Rossi’s New Solid State e-Cat a gravity device ? (Score: 1)
    by vlad on Wednesday, August 22, 2012 @ 21:44:10 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
    Wladimir Guglinski writes: So, I supposed that Rossi was not interested to test my idea.  That’s why I decided to propose to Rosemary Ainslie to test the flyback  in her electronic circuit published in Rossi’s blog JNP.

    I posted in Rossi’s blog the following comment:


    Wladimir Guglinski

    June 9th, 2012 at 10:03 AM

    Dear Rosemary Ainslie

    Perhaps overunity is consequence of interactions of electricity with gravitons of the aether.

    The lifter is an assymetric capacitor:

    Nobody knows why the lifter levitates.
    A portion of its levitation is due to ionization of the air. However calculations have shown that ionization itself cannot make the lifter levitate.
    It’s possible the other portion of the thrust is due to antigravity.

    In the vacuum the lifter does not levitate. However the experiments showed that there is a thrust on the lifter in the vacuum experiments, and so it’s possible it is caused by antigravity:

    The assymetric capacitor is supplied by a 20-30kV flyback.

    The circuit for the flyback you may find here:

    If overunity is indeed caused by interaction between electric currents and gravity, then I think it would be of interest to try to incorporate the influence of the flyback in the overunity experiments.

    I suggest you to try it in your experiments, in order to verify if the flyback is able to increase the generation of excess energy.

    Please look at the circuit, so that to verify if it is possible to make it:

    Perhaps the transistors used by you cannot support 20-30kV ( in spite of a current induced by the flyback will not cross them ). Then we would have to think about a solution for such problem.

    In my oppinion, the influence of the assymetric capacitor on overynity experiments (as cold fusion) would have to be tested.

    Unfortunatelly, as in general the cold fusion researchers do not believe that cold fusion may have connection with gravity, they have no interest to try to incorporate the assymmetric capacitor in their experiments.


    185 comments to Experimental Evidence of a Breach of Unity



    In 30 June 2012 Hank Mills published in Peswiki about the Rossi’s New Solid State e-Cat:

    When first introduced to the world, Andrea Rossi's E-Cat required a flow of water to remain stable, even at low temperatures. Now, he has developed a new "solid state" high temperature model that is stable at temperatures even higher than 600C -- with no cooling needed!


    The units have been operating for around two months now and will continue operating for a few more weeks.



    Is it a coincidence?

    Rossi is developing his e-Cat along years.  In January 2011 Rossi and Focrdy had announced to the world that they have a cold fusion device capable of producing more than 10 kilowatts of heat power, while only consuming a fraction of that.


    Along all those years of the development of the e-Cat, they never succeed to get a temperature higger than 600C.

    But in 30 June 2012, 40 days after my suggestion to Rossi for using the flyback in his old version of the e-Cat, it is announced that he developed a new version of the e-Cat,  which gets about 1200C.

    The old e-Cat used watter as cooler, and it seems this is the reason why the temperature did not surpass 600C.

    However, why 600C was the limit ? 

    By using the old e-Cat, higger temperatures could be obtained, as for instance 700C, 800C, 1000C, etc., simply by reducing the flux of water, because the melting temperature of the niquel is 1453C.

    It seems that the old e-Cat did not succeed to get sustenance because the quantity of H-Ni reactions by unit of time were not enough.

    Therefore, it seems that 600C was a limit in the old e-Cat NOT because of the water flux, but because there was a limit in the rate of heat energy produced by unit of time.  And the new Solid State e-Cat gets a superior rate, thanks to some improvement introduced in the reactor, which gets more H-Ni cold fusion reactions by unit of time inside the new e-Cat.

    And the questions are:

    - Beyond the elimination of the water flux within the old e-Cat, what sort of improvement did Rossi introduce  in the new SS e-Cat ? 

    - Did he use the flyback in the new Solid State e-Cat ?


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