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Fractal Engineering an the Quest for Light Drive
Posted on Sunday, November 27, 2011 @ 19:47:41 EST by vlad

General Randy writes: Every structure in nature seems to be an assembly of smaller and even yet smaller versions of larger structures. Taken from observations in nature, a new science has been established as "Fractal Engineering." All structures can be described to a computer with a series of numbers, and with advances in computer guided assembly, any complex structure can be built up atom by atom from computer programs.

Over forty years ago, it was predicted that visible light could be produced in a vacuum. Now researchers have succeeded in producing light in a vacuum by causing a tiny mirror to vibrate at near the speed of light. The process involves a quantum interference device called a squid.

At Berkeley Lab in California two researchers are working on the basic principles for building an artificial sun by incorporating cobalt in tiny pores of a glass sphere. Combined with the now proven ability to produce light in a vacuum, these recently acquired technologies can bring about a type of propulsion called "Light Drive". Light drive is the only way that we could leave the solar system and travel to the far reaches of the universe. To leave the solar system, we would need to take a sun and a planet with us as an ark in space.

One way to make a tiny mirror vibrate would be to use a mesoporous silica sphere, cobalt, and a concave Casimir mirror disc that is connected to a central axle that incorporates a linear series of magnetic/superconducting nanospheres. Think of the device as a glass gyro in a glass ball. Cofe nanospheres are photomagnetic and could be used for the purpose of making a small mirror vibrate. Other candidates are nickel-iron-aluminum micro-alloys. These are ferromagnetic.

If light can be produced in a vacuum, then light can be focussed and it can be amplified. When light is emitted, it produces a force. This force might not be large, but could be utilized as propulsion in low gravity environments- Light Drive.

What would be required to take a population on a journey to another star? Present technology could not do this. To leave the cradle of the Earth would be a tremendous undertaking. We could spend a thousand years building an artificial sun and an artificial earth type planet. Countless generations could live out their lives traveling on our Mother Ship. It is possible to travel to another star, but not in a single generation.

When I was a younger man, I was once told the story of a farmer who lifted a calf each day as it grew a little heavier. He knew that he could do this because he had done it the day before. He believed that he could. This calf is the symbol for a world in distress. We have to face our problems each day and keep trying to succeed. The calf started out small, and so our nation and we keep rising out of bed each day hoping that today will be a little better than yesterday.

Knowing that our Sun and our Earth will some day die we realize that we cannot solve our problems without working together as many nations in concert. This should bring us together. As in many times of disaster, nations can come to agreement when there is no other resolution.

Each generation has stood on the accomplishments of the last, and aspired to reach still higher. Our nation is the product of countless generations before. This generation has many problems. Yet every problem provides an opportunity for the brightest minds of the generation to do great work.

Let us as many peoples come together in a spirit of "we can do" and begin our world anew and be steadfast and resolved that our leaders owe us a chance for hope to rain down again. If we accept poor leadership we deny our children the dream of tomorrow.

So, let us dream again. Let us plan a great future. And let us reach a little higher. Let us reach for the stars. Together we can do great things, but we must believe the impossible is just a word taken from the dictionary.

"They said that it could not be done, but a great man does not believe in cannot. He never heard the word, and he did it anyway".

Ralph Randolph Sawyer



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"Fractal Engineering an the Quest for Light Drive" | Login/Create an Account | 2 comments | Search Discussion
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Idea for a new industry (Score: 1)
by Randy on Wednesday, December 14, 2011 @ 00:00:17 EST
(User Info | Send a Message)
I recently wrote to my Congressman about an idea for industry. Here is the letter:

December 7, 2011

Dear Congressman Green,

Thank you for your commitment to the American people and your efforts in Congress. Our country needs your help.

I have an idea for manufacturing that I am sure you will be interested in reading about. This idea I wholeheartedly believe could triple the output of our economy. The idea is for a new kind of light bulb.

It has recently been discovered that two and three nanometer silica spheres produce thirty-four times the light of similarly sized semiconductor quantum dots. These silica nanospheres are now being manufactured in the United States and will likely lead to a new industrial revolution.

These nanospheres can be grouped together to produce light by depositing them in the pores of a mesoporous silica scaffold. Mesoporous silica is manufactured using basic amino acid and water.

I propose to you that these light producing spheres are the perfect way to develop self-sustaining solar power. If some of the pores in our three inch spherical scaffolds have smaller nanospheres of prussian blue deposited in them this would convert this light into magnetism that could then be converted into electricity.

The formula for prussian blue is Cofe and the arrested settling of this chemical dye has been achieved in glass before. So, the process for making these light bulbs is already established. Cofe nanospheres are proven to be photomagnetic, and can be deposited in such a way to make the glass superparamagnetic.

Superparamagnetism means that there would be a magnetic force produced opposing the original force. This means that we can produce alternating current from tiny magnetic vibrations.

Page 2

Mesoporous silica spheres can be assembled into any shape with glue. Just glue them together with Devcon five minute polymer epoxy which is transparent and very easy to use. This manufacturing process is the perfect candidate for restarting our economy with a manufacturing economy by replacing our aging roads with porous glass. We can build roads that produce electricity and light.

President Obama is excited about replacing aging infrastructure with more modern materials that would last longer with lower maintenance, and I hope that you will bring this idea to him and discuss this with members of congress.

We need to begin to regrow the economy again. The US presently does not have a manufacturing economy, at least not that much of one, and manufacturing and trade with other countries is the way to grow our faltering economy again.

I ask for your commitment in helping to build new manufacturing jobs back again in the American economy.

Again, thank you for your commitment to the American People.

Sincerely yours,

Ralph Randolph Sawyer

Re: Fractal Engineering and the Quest for Light Drive (Score: 1)
by Randy on Monday, December 05, 2011 @ 04:16:06 EST
(User Info | Send a Message)
Preparation of mesoporous silica nanospheres with a narrow size distribution were prepared by a newly developed method based on the emulsion system. Basic amino acid was used under weakly basic conditions. Average size of the MSNS can be regulated in the range of 15-200 nm by changing the rate of the stirring in the synthesis stage. These have crater-like pores about 3 nm in diameter. Source: ACS Publications 1155 Sixteenth Street N.W. Washington, DC 20036


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