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    Gravity in the Mind of a Child
    Posted on Friday, June 24, 2011 @ 22:50:03 GMT by vlad

    Devices Randy writes: When I was just six, I was exposed to a situation and a problem that seemed to me to have such a simple answer. A semi truck had gotten stuck under a low bridge on Goodyear drive here in Houston and my mother and I could not proceed any farther. A small boy was watching the proceedings from the side of the road. To both him and to me the answer was so simple, but to the men at work on the scene trying to get the big truck unstuck this was the most difficult problem they had ever come upon. The men were under a lot of pressure to find a quick answer, but the solution was too simple for an adult mind. The little boy who had all the answers shouted, "Let the air out of the tires!" and they did. It was too darn hot to try to think of another answer.

    For years, the big bang theory has been the accepted theory of the creation. Nobody tells us where the heat came from to support the big bang, except to say that there was gravity and pressure involved, and a singularity. A singularity, just like all other particles must have a vibrationally supported duality. Tiny vibrations produce light, and light was the force of creation. Nobody knows why the universe vibrates and nobody knows the mind of God, but it seems that electrons and atoms came to be, and continue to be born each day.

    A singularity is therefore just like the electron -a point particle with a vibration, and therefore a bubble in the quantum froth. The bubble forms a resonant chamber similar to the silica nanosphere developed recently in which light is produced from the tiny vibrations of space-time. The nanospheres form and grow as they heat up having dipoles and defects called pours. The end result is a very thin shell.  Iron oxide forms in some of the pores.

    Iron oxide nanospheres have been shown to produce and amplify light. As our quantum bubble heats up it expands and more defects form letting out some of the pressure. A super-thin bubble vibrates just as a liquid and atoms form from light in the pores.

    Hydrogen atoms are thought to be the first atoms to form from light, and the first "nanospheres" to form. Hydrogen combines with oxygen to form water, releasing an electron and liberating energy. The process commonly is known as dissociation and recombination. Light energy is stored and liberated again and again, and some think that this is the process for the basis for the growth of matter in the universe. All atoms have this similar nature and when iron is formed, these spheres are heated under the pressure of magnetism and cooled when the pressure is relieved through the pores. When pressure is equal to the amount of pressure relieved, growth of the sphere stops, but new atoms are formed and pass through the pores.

    Through the emerging science of nanotechnology, we have discovered some of the mysteries of the quantum realm, and we have solved some of the basic problems of mankind. We have found that our universe is both crystalline and organic in nature. Recent research verifies that nanocystalline CoFe spheres in a mesoporous silica scaffold act as photocatylists that are super-efficient and super-fast. So, our iron oxide nanospheres produce light and water, and the CoFe nanospheres produce organic growth. It is a self-sustaining process. The water formed in the process dissociates again in the presence of this light, and this is the basis of life in our universe.

    Gravity is the weakest force of the basic forces, and scientists for years have tried to figure out how gravity works. What is the force that supports the atom? Many men have tried to come up with a simple answer and a unified theory to explain the basic forces at the same time. I believe that the answer lies in superparamagnetism and tunnel glass.

    Superparamagnetism and superconductivity exist together at low temperatures. Superparamagnetism opposes the magnetic force that is producing it. Both superparamagnetism and superconductivity exist at the phase transition temperature. Superconductivity breaks down at a higher temperature when a changing magnetic field heats the coolant, and it is a product of the magnetic continual allignment and disorder of CoFe nanocrystals.

    Superparamagnetic glass exists today, and so does tunnel glass. So, CoFe nanocrystals can be used in a refrigeration system.

    When water is heated under pressure with a magnetic field turning on and off, the vapour passes out of the pores along with the heat produced leaving the nanospheres colder. The opposing magnetic force is what supports the atom, and this is the force that supports artificial atoms.

    Helium is a product of nuclear fusion. Helium is used in low temperature magnetic cooling. Helium is the reason that the core of the sun is cooler than the plasma field. Magnetic cooling is required for the support of the atom, and required for fusion.

    Gravity has a quantum nature. It is therefore a product of changing pressure, and changing temperature that distort the boundaries of our resonant spheres, producing an attraction of the naturally formed dipoles in the atom and this attraction also applies to artificial atoms.

    Artificial atoms, in theory along with stars and planets, produce both water and hydrocarbons through organic growth and the dissociation-recombination process. There is an ionization of the charged boundaries of artificial atoms and also where the two fluids meet, causing a formation of an ionized rotating disc and dual boundaries and a changing magnetic field. The changing pressure of heat and light cause the disc to vibrate and this vibration is what causes a changing fluid pressure and changing temperatures. This is when gravity is produced. Gravity is a product of energy, mass, and pressure changes. Quantum gravity is a product of the thermal Casimir force and the force of changing pressure. Therefore, magnetic cooling and superparamagnetic glass is needed to produce a gravity generator. Nanostructured solid state materials are needed to produce gravity.

    Therefore, gravity found in artificial atoms and the other forces can be expressed in simple electronics terms:                  v = S + R. Light waves that have a changing value produce a changing field with the interaction of vibrating poles, and magnetic heating. So, light produces alternating current and gravity.

    We can produce gravity just like nature does, but advanced nanotechnology is required. A composite structure of nanocrystalline and organic origin is required for gravity, light, and the creation of life.

    Zero point energy is enormous. There seems to be an infinite amount of energy available to us in the universe. It has been theorized that there is enough energy in the universe to take us back in time. So, some day, we just might build a mesoporous ladder to the heavens out of titanium dioxide and build a time ship to take our civilization back in time and restart creation. The energy density for the trip would be enormous.

    This would be the final destiny of civilization and the final answer.

    Ralph Randolph Sawyer



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    "Gravity in the Mind of a Child" | Login/Create an Account | 7 comments | Search Discussion
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    Re: Gravity in the Mind of a Child (Score: 1)
    by nanotech on Monday, June 27, 2011 @ 08:00:34 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    This is a fascinating post, Randy.

    Nanospheres and nanostructures seem to be one way to tap into the vast energies of the zero point field.

    What are your thoughts regarding the manipulation of said energies to produce new materials with extreme strength? I am not only referring to stuff like diamond and fullerene and nanotubes but stuff that is more "fringe", like a macroscopic solid made of "quarks" or something that appears metallic or plastic like but is held together with the same force that holds the atomic nucleus together...on the visible macroscale. Possible? Thoughts appreciated.

    Re: Gravity in the Mind of a Child (Score: 1)
    by Randy on Monday, July 18, 2011 @ 19:16:34 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Dear nanotech,  I have no thoughts on fullerenes.  I know what they are, but that is the extent of my acquaintance with them.  Randy

    Little good family entertainment (Score: 1)
    by Randy on Sunday, July 24, 2011 @ 14:44:25 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    I live in the Woodforest subdivision of Houston Texas and am trying out restaraunts to find an interesting one. I have become bored with eating out and bored with staying home because I can not find interesting food in the area.

    I wanted to let you know what I think about the Resteraunt on Wood Forest Blvd near Beltway Eight East in Houston. We should tear it down and try something else. We need to try to come up with new ideas for good family entertainment as we have so little that still works.

    The problem is not your resteraunte but resteraunts in general. Everything has been tried before and anything we do now must be comepletely different and interesting for both children and adult parents.

    Here are some ideas: a miniature toy museum with automated toys. When that becomes boring, try a museum of intricate red cedar parquetry furniture. Combine the museum with a room of puzzle boxes for children to figure out. Try a display of classic clothes and out of date technology. Sell reproductions of shoes that were once popular that people would like to buy another pair of. Have an artist build 1/87 scale versions of the art cars that are in the art car parade. How about a scaled down version of a bowling alley for children or a little putt putt golf course only for young children and their parents. How about a fantastic working toy of goofy golf and falling dominoes? How about a complete miniature of a known neighborhood with miniature trees that are actually alive? And little people that are walking around and doing things. This is just about the most fantastic thing I can come up with for you, but we must try something to entertain ourselves. There is no good television. No interesting radio shows and even classic sixties music is old hat.

    We always need to combine the entertainment with comfortable soft seating and child sized tables and chairs. and we need special accomodations for bathrooms for children.  We have to work on this and these are my ideas.

    Idea for a great film (Score: 1)
    by Randy on Sunday, July 24, 2011 @ 17:45:06 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    I have an idea for a film about a mystery that has baffled everyone since the dawn of civilization.

    How were the Pyramids built? Why do we have underground pyramids? Why do have similar but unique structures on several continents? Who built them? How old are they? Can they be dated scientifically with any accuracy? Why are they so intricate? Why do they have hidden rooms? Could we build them with present technology. How heavy are the largest components and could a modern crane lift these components? Did they ever have a function besides being tombs?. Why would a civilization spend so much time preparing for death?

    Were they even built by the human Race? They are a complete mystery. I don’t think that we could ever build them.

    There is such an element of reasonable doubt that this could be a great film. And it would improve everyone’s intelligence to consider the notion that they are just a puzzle and an intelligence test for the human race.

    Anyway, that is my idea for a film. I think it is a good one.

    Ralph Randolph Sawyer in Houston

    What to do about the debt (Score: 1)
    by Randy on Tuesday, July 26, 2011 @ 04:35:04 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Dear President Obama,  Let the country fail.  When the economy goes belly up just tell the federal reserve that the country no longer exists and they cannot collect one more dime. They had already ruined a good country.  And rename the country The United States.  We could never pay the debt anyway.  Randy Sawyer

    What to do with the country when it fails (Score: 1)
    by Randy on Friday, July 29, 2011 @ 03:02:54 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    The War on Drugs has lasted so long that it has ruined everybody's lives.  We can't win it but we can not stop trying.  The drug dealers have all the money along with the money launders.  Let's just take it all back from them and leave them on the street like they do so many. Then reinvest in the American dream again.  We can start by talking about what did not work, then try to come up what would work.  We need planning. Our cities are wrong.  Little towns are shuttered. Stores are empty.  Shopping centers are boring, but a few people go and hope to find something interesting. Most resteraunts dont work either.  People just sit there and don't say anything at all.  To try to change one block of the country would probably drive people nuts, because people cannot adjust well to change, but we have to do something different that what didn't work in the past, and won't work again. 
    Lets start planning our cities and neighborhoods so that the are interesting and have enough near the people who live in them so they are happy not to travel so far in search of something that doesn't exist anymore.  An interesting life experience.

    People need entertainment and interesting work, and enough of the type of education so that they can do the job that they want. But there are no jobs.  We need investment in new technology, and new formats. And interesting products that people can use that are not too complicated.

    We have to try something different.  The interstate system is a total disaster.  The design doesn't work at all, but I don't know what would work. I don't think mass transit would work either, but that might be a little better if there was some place to go, but there isn't.  I just don't think that there is anything that would work, The only thing that might help us to to talk about it a lot before we do anything else.

    White House spokesman responds to energy concerns. (Score: 1)
    by Randy on Friday, August 19, 2011 @ 22:01:28 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    From a White House spokesman, President Obama responds to concerns over energy conservation. "I happen to know that the President is very concerned about energy conservation. As an example to the nation, just last night the President went to bed early around 9 p.m. and he had one of his staff turn off the lights. The President stumbled around in the dark but found his bed and managed to sleep all night."

    At nine a.m. this morning the President awoke and looked out the window of the White House. The sun was shining and people were moving about as they normally do. So President Obama called an early meeting of his closest staff. He then opened the meeting by saying, "Ok! Who is the wise guy who turned the country back on?"


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