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    Mini Black Holes No Danger
    Posted on Tuesday, September 09, 2008 @ 21:20:40 EDT by vlad

    Science The Large Hadron Collider, the largest and most expensive scientific instrument ever built in peacetime, begins operations on September 10 when a beam of high-speed protons begins shooting around the machine’s 16 mile (27 -kilometer) circular tunnel beneath Geneva, Switzerland. When the protons collide with each other inside the machine, one thing that scientists are certain won’t happen is the production of miniature black holes that gobble up nearby matter. A new study shows that the continuing existence of old stars in the sky is evidence that small black holes can’t swallow the Earth.

    That is not to say that the new collider might not actually create mini-black holes as no one knows for sure what will emerge from the debris of the LHC collisions.

    Black holes are thought to represent the ultimate state of compressed matter, with gravity so powerful that any bit of matter, and even light, would be sucked inexorably inwards with no chance for escape if it gets too close to the black hole’s boundary.

    That was the thinking about black holes before Stephen Hawking, the Cambridge University scientist, came forth with the idea that even black holes can lose energy. The density of energy inside a black hole is so huge that some of it can be converted into creating new particles, he said. If this conversion happens right at the edge of the black hole, Hawking argued, some of those new particles could escape, taking energy with them. In this way black holes can lose energy. They can “evaporate.”

    There is a rule in physics that says that the smaller the black hole, the quicker the evaporation. For an LHC-style black hole, estimated to be only a billionth of a billionth of a meter across (an atto-meter) the black hole would exist for a bit more than a few billion-billion-billionths of a second. It wouldn’t be around long enough to swallow any nearby matter and would pose no danger to ordinary matter.

    But what if Hawking is wrong? What if some black holes don’t evaporate, but go on eating matter? What if scientists create some small, long-lasting black holes in Geneva, and they get loose? This possibility is addressed in a new report in the journal Physical Review D. (Journalists can obtain the text at www.aip.org/physnews/select )

    In their study of the matter, Steve Giddings of the University of California at Santa Barbara and Michelangelo Mangano of CERN (the parent laboratory where LHC operates) look at what happens if there existed a type of black hole, one we'd be concerned about, that could not only survive but continue to grow to a macroscopic size (the size of a golf ball, say) in a time shorter than billions of years.

    If such a type of black hole existed, it would grow even quicker inside super-compressed stars, such as white dwarfs and neutron stars, where the density of matter is billions or trillions of times greater then the density of rock on Earth. These celestial objects are created when an ordinary star runs out of fuel and starts to contract. There is no LHC on such stars but a black hole could presumably be spawned when a passing cosmic ray, a haphazard shooting particle that races around the cosmos, strikes and burrows inside the neutron star.

    Since astronomers look out and see lots of perfectly healthy and very old white dwarfs and neutron stars of the right types, Giddings concludes that quickly-growing black holes, the kind that voraciously eat their surroundings, can't exist. Such a dangerous black hole couldn't exist inside dense stars and couldn’t exist on Earth.

    Michael Peskin, a Stanford physicist who did not take part in the study, says that the continued existence of superdense stars act like the canaries that coal miners used to take underground-the idea being that the presence of deadly gas would more quickly overcome the canary, giving the miners warning of a dangerous condition. As long as those stars keep sending their light, Peskin says, the Earth is not in danger from black holes. (Link to Peskin comments, in APS’s new “Physics” website, at http://physics.aps.org/articles/v1/14 )

    If scientists don’t know for sure what particles the LHC will produce, why build a massive, very expensive machine to smash particles together in the first place? The smashing is needed because to explore the interior of atoms and the power of the collisions of particles is directly related to how deep inside the researchers can see. Increasing the power of the proton beams used in the collisions requires increasing the size of the collider.

    Why do the beams have to be so powerful? The answer is related to the idea that energy can be converted from one form into another. The protons at the LHC whiz around their long track at a speed of 99.999999 % of the speed of light. Actually two beams circulate in the same underground tunnel in opposite directions, and when two protons hit each other head on, a lot of their immense energy of motion can, at the moment of collision, be transformed into new particles that weren’t there a moment before.

    When two automobiles hit head-on the results are always bad. But in the world of high-energy physics, instigating a violent smashup, with lots of debris spraying out, is exactly what researchers want. Among the debris can be particles that might have existed billions of years ago but which, because of their instability, long ago decayed away. Creating these rare particles again in a modern experiment is precisely the plan at LHC. The thinking here is that such formerly-extinct species of matter can tell us things about the forces of nature.

    Source: Physics News Update 871



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    "Mini Black Holes No Danger" | Login/Create an Account | 5 comments | Search Discussion
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    Re: Mini Black Holes No Danger (Score: 1)
    by TechsArcana on Thursday, September 11, 2008 @ 16:27:58 EDT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Classic example of what happens when a scientist begins to speculate outside his field. When a layman does this, everyone assumes that he doesn't know what know what he is talking about, and discounts the prediction. When a PHD in some other specialty does it, the news media pick it up and begin repeating it as though it were gospel (or at least a strong possibility) instead of dismissing it, or suggesting that more evidence is needed.

    Will the world end on Wednesday? (Score: 1)
    by vlad on Tuesday, September 09, 2008 @ 21:44:05 EDT
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
    Jon Henley
    The Guardian,
    Monday September 8 2008
    Article history

    Be a bit of a pain if it did, wouldn't it? And the most frustrating thing is that we won't know for sure either way until the European laboratory for particle physics (Cern) in Geneva switches on its Large Hadron Collider the day after tomorrow.

    If you think it's unlikely that we will all be sucked into a giant black hole that will swallow the world, as German chemistry professor Otto Rössler of the University of Tübingen posits, and so carry on with your life as normal, only to find out that it's true, you'll be a bit miffed, won't you?

    If, on the other hand, you disagree with theoretical physicist Prof Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith of the UK Atomic Energy Agency, who argues that fears of possible global self-ingestion have been exaggerated, and decide to live the next two days as if they were your last, and then nothing whatsoever happens, you'd feel a bit of a fool too...

    Full article: http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2008/sep/08/particlephysics.physics [www.guardian.co.uk]

    We must be wary of scientific research (Score: 1)
    by vlad on Sunday, September 14, 2008 @ 22:04:23 EDT
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
    By Gerald Warner
    Last Updated: 12:01am BST 10/09/2008

    We live in an era of unprecedented planetary hypochondria. Buying the wrong kind of light bulb can leave us open to accusations of destroying the planet. Cows are seen as agents of environmental destruction, due to their habit of breaking wind. A proliferating army of environmental watchdogs is relentlessly tightening its grip on our lives...

    Full article: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/ [www.telegraph.co.uk]

    by vlad on Monday, November 30, 2009 @ 22:06:26 EST
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
    The following comment was posted by esenzia: A DAMOCLES MACHINE THAT IS HALTING THE ADVANCE OF TRUE SCIENCE

    30th of November is a key date in the history of mankind, which for the first time in our short self-destructive existence has managed to built a Damocles sword that menaces its very own survival, by entering in the region of Energies in which our electro-weak matter dies, ‘breaking its symmetry’, transformed in quark,, dark matter.

    CERN. misinforms mankind...

    The Large Hadron Collider is a quark factory that will deconfine millions of quarks, the strongest, most attractive particles of the Universe. They carry the Atom’s mass, caged inside their nuclei. 99% of LHC’s production will consist on superfluid Quark condensates, a new state of matter, defined by Einstein, in which Quarks fusion together, creating hyper-dense, attractive tornado-like vortices with properties similar to black holes.

    Astro-physicists fear that if enough quarks are pegged together in one of those condensates, they can trigger a mass-reaction that would attract all the other quarks of the Earth, transforming our planet into a dense pulsar or black hole. Because in Nature all what is possible happens (Gell Mann’s Totalitarian principle), Quark stars should happen at LHC, making prohibitive for Public Policy the risks for Earth of a quark factory in this planet.

    This is a clear case of industrial corruption. But the Company voices out ‘ad hominem’ campaigns against those who denounced the crime, voices out false statements (CERN portrays the quark factory as a cosmic ray factory, when we never found quarks in cosmic rays), and makes marketing campaigns on fringe theories pumped up as the ‘meaning of it all’ (the god’ s particle, which Nambu, last year nobel prize proved to be self-similar to the already discovered top quark, hence non-existent, as the Universe is NOT redundant – and that is why we haven’t found it in 40 years; the big-bang hype, a discredited theory, which today serious ‘avant-garde’ scientists have discharged for the experimentally proved by the Hubble ‘fractal Universe’, of infinite hierarchical scales).

    So humanity doesn’t understand this ‘Quark Cannon’ is just a relic of the Cold War industry of Nuclear Devices, ‘reconverted’ to spureous civil use; a weapon that menaces for the first time in history the survival of our species and is halting the true evolution of Cosmology, by limiting resources for telescopes, by lobbying against the spread of the more advanced fractal theory of the Universe and Einstein’s work, which contradicts the outdated musings of Mr. Higgs and Mr. Hawking.

    Indeed, Fractal Relativity has proved that Einstein’s relativity not quantum theorists have properly defined Mass as a whirl of space-time, a ‘frequency’ of rotation that attarcts more like a huricane, when it turns faster. Just substitute in E=Mc2 and ExT=K (einstein’s formulae) and you get M=k/T=k v (frequency) – Mass is therefore the frequency of a cyclical vortex, a clock of time that carries the information of the Universe, as Nobel Prize Wilczek has proved ad nauseam. Those are the true models that are advancing cosmology with pen and paper, all of them based in Einstein’s work, which defined mass, according to the Principle of Equivalence as a cyclical, accelerated vortex of spacetime, whose mechanism of attraction is obvious: the faster the vortex rotates the more it attracts. On the other side quantum fantaphysics, proposes the absurd Higgs Mechanism according to which an invisible ‘particle’ is ‘foreseen’ by other particles who ‘come to meet Higgs’ as if ‘it were a celebrity’ (sic), attracting them. This is truly nonsense, and so Nobel prize weinbgerg justly calls Higgs the ‘toilet particle’, to be flushed down into one of Einstein’s spacetime vortex as the Earth might be next year.

    Since all this means there is no Higgs and no Hawking’s radiation; and the Universe is eternal, infinite, as the informative implosion of vacuum energy into gallactic mass balances its energetic expansion. People do not understand that CERN’s quantum entropy physicists deny Einstein’s work, despite being the foundation of modern cosmology because in Einstein’s models upgraded today by fractal Relativity the risks of extinction are close to 100%.

    As today because of those ‘ad hominem’ campaigns, serious scientists trying to alert mankind can no longer explain those risks in mainstream magazines and the right to Freedom of Speech has been impeded. Still in http://www.lhcdefence.org you can see a documentary with the other side of CERN. Many lives are at risk, real lives of real people, as never before.

    Today mankind has no defense because the judiciary, politicians and the press who should check and denounce the excesses of companies and governments are not doing their job of warning the population and so private individuals have to step forward, obviously with far less efficiency as our suits against this company which judges have refused to accept, have shown. Time is running out to take seriously the biggest danger for Global Safety of the year 2010. This machine-weapon MUST be halted till the theoretical dispute between quantum theorists and relativity theorists is solved, as all seems to indicate in favor of Einstein; which will mean the quark factory will have to be closed if we want to survive and advance further our knowledge of the cosmos, on the path the true master of physics, NOT a machine but a HUMAN MIND showed us.

    The so-called toilet particle has been the alibi for the construction biggest, most dangerous weapon since Teller tried to sell a Doomsday giant H-bomb to blow up the entire Soviet Uni0n - manufactured by his own company at stratospheric costs, with the approval of ‘all’ the Nuclear Physicists’ community. Eisenhower called Krushev to stop that madness. We need a new Eisenhower to stop ‘cuckoo nuclear physicists’ from trying once again to blow up the Earth with the excuse of knowledge. Mr. Rompuy and Mr. Obama perhaps could make a change ‘we can believe in’ and deserve a Nobel Prize received in the past with an action from the future.

    Recently ‘quantum physicists’ proved with their nonsense maths that the future was interfering with LHC. It is ‘the future of science’ what is warning mankind against an obsolete machine that menaces the future of all of us.

    Source: http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2009/11/lhc-sets-new-world-record/


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