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    Magnetic motor Seminar
    Posted on Friday, February 08, 2008 @ 20:01:30 EST by vlad

    Testimonials Todd Hathaway writes: Such an event is already scheduled on June 28-29 in the D.C. area: http://www.green-salon.com [see Events box on the left side-Vlad]

    The 2008 Alternative Energy Partnership Conference will have live demos and hard data to back up some of the demos, not more powerpoint presentations, AND the event is free to the public, rather than charging hundreds of dollars a head, with archived footage only available to the public for the same price. Instead of a couple hundred people benefiting from the conference, THOUSANDS will attend the event and MILLIONS have free access to the demonstrations online in real time.

    It is worth noting (again...) that the advanced energy technologies are not being developed by Ph.D.s...only the folks who actually understand how to apply the theory behind advanced energy technologies.

    Yet another paradigm shift in progress, apparently.

    Suffice it to say that the R&D team that will be coordinating next generation prototype builds will have few if any Ph.D.s among them. If any of you care to debate the issue, please provide the yahoogroup POC info of your legion of Ph.D.s with working overunity devices. :)

    Meanwhile, we will stick with the gentlemen working out of their garages and backyards preparing their gee-whiz techs for the 2008 AEPC. Everyone is welcome to attend and present their technologies. Travel expenses are being reimbursed for many of the inventors traveling from as far as Alaska to share their open source technologies in an open forum.

    Todd & Nora



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    "Magnetic motor Seminar" | Login/Create an Account | 3 comments | Search Discussion
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    Re: Magnetic motor Seminar (Score: 1)
    by vlad on Saturday, February 09, 2008 @ 12:00:02 EST
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
    An interesting extract from the NEC-Forum (names removed since this is not a public forum, but the discussion, I say, is of importance to the general public and FE supporters [Vlad]:

    I would gladly do a presentation of all the ones that I have debunked.
    Also what to look for when validating such devices.
    I think its a great idea to exchange ideas.
    Since none are known to be running, and no OU magnetic motors are known to exist that can be independently verified, it should be an interesting gathering.
    Over the years I too have had the opportunity to debunk a few magnet motors. The Newman PM motor was one of them.
    What I find odd is that we never see any published reports on the Internet as to why these motors didn't work. Since the NEC wants to be in the publics eye as some one to turn to that can give an unbiased technical opinion on a given technology is it only stands to reason that we should cover the failures also. [I strongly support this statement - Vlad]
    Some times a failure is more important then a success given the lessons learned.
    Keep me posted on when this group plans to get together.
    Hi Ed, I agree with what you say. The trouble is often I cant report why it failed as I am under an NDA. However, I think I might be able to list some common findings of why they fail and what to look for. I have always wanted to find one that does run so I can measure if degaussing takes place. So far none have been available to test.
    Mark, Same goes for me, regarding the NDA. Not sure if the NDA time period? Seems like they should terminate after 10 years? Even so, these devices keep every ones attention. To bad we don't have a working model to study up close.
    Note that Johnson motor was demonstrated before a Federal Court judge so effectively that the court forced the US patent office to grant a patent circumventing the perpetuum mobile prohibition with the following exchange (vulgarized):
    Judge to Johnson: considering wear and tear, for how long do you estimate your motor will run?
    Johnson: about 50 years
    Judge to US Patent Office: so the device is not a perpetuum mobile, and it works..
    I learnt about this exchange at the United Nations (UNITAR) Long Term Energy Conference held in Montreal in 1979, where the Secretary General, Maurice Strong - world famous for his Stockholm UN environment conference (which led to the creation of the United Nations Environmental Program, and such spin-offs as the Sustainable Development Commission (Brundtland) and the RIO conferences, determined (in 1979) that the future of world's energy requirements would be based on magnetic motors, electrostatics and wireless transmission of electric energy.
    There is a very good book about the Johnson motor available from the Bearden website, including an analysis.
    I never chose to debunk technologies...its just how it worked out. I have become a skeptic by default as so many scam artists are attracted to free energy. I now not only test technologies but do background checks on the inventors or promoters.
    Sometimes the invention is sound , but a promoter gets involved and screws it up for everyone. I know of one case at the moment where the technology is great, but the inventor signed his rights away to the promoter so he cant take them back. The promoter is using the raised capital to line his own pockets and pay old debts rather than developing the technology.
    Sad, but true.
    I have a dozen other stories like this one just in the last few months.
    Yeah, validating techs is like molding soup...only seems to work under special conditions most of the time. (you can mold soup if it's real cold - almost frozen).
    Anyway, our network has techs in the pipeline that will be given the thumbs up this year, some of which are already up and running - about a dozen separate projects under half a dozen roofs in the U.S. Russia and China has their techs up and running too, but it's like pulling teeth to work with R&D groups outside the U.S...best to just stick to U.S.-based techs for our group for now. It's too late for these techs to make a dent in the global energy infrastructure before all hell breaks loose, but it's important for people to know that these techs are real and would have been available if human nature didn't torpedo progress that was made 30+ years ago...and still creating problems today.
    God is about to give the planet a good scrub - I'm looking forward to it.

    I am especially interested to read your comments (ZPEnergy readers) on how and why an NDA would prevent an organization such as my proposed Xtreme Science Foundation (XSF) to widely publish the outcome of a proper scientific test of an alleged O/U device (submitted by its inventor to the XSF for this very reason), if non of the proprietary (IP) details are disclosed? How would "signing with a promoter" impact the ability of the inventor to submit his/her device to such a test (XSF) with no IP disclosure and any other "strings" attached?
    I'll appreciate your insight. Thanks.

    3 minute infomercial on AEPC 2008 at Jarboe's Mill, MD (Score: 1)
    by vlad on Wednesday, March 12, 2008 @ 21:42:02 EDT
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
    Todd Hathaway writes: The Alternative Energy Partnership Conference scheduled for June 28-29 is to be held on 30 acres of privately held land with a couple of enclosed spaces available for the technologies to be housed during the nights. Security will ensure that all technologies presented are safe throughout the weekend. Presenters are welcome to remain with their technologies on site all weekend and into the following week if meetings in D.C. follow the event.

    See http://www.youtube.com/user/waterfuelmuseum [www.youtube.com] for a glimpse of the area - nothing fancy but the location will provide an opportunity for anyone to review the latest in independently developed technologies. The clip doesn't show the complete track where the vehicles can be driven but it's about a 1/4 mile long so everyone will have an opportunity to test out the vehicles that will be presented at the event.


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