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    Quark Force, Pioneer Anomaly, Flat Stellar Rotation Curves - all explained
    Posted on Sunday, May 13, 2007 @ 20:22:48 GMT by vlad

    Science Dr. Jack Sarfatti writes: Quark Force,  Pioneer Anomaly, Flat Stellar Rotation Curves - all explained one simple ZPE idea

    The Skeptics like to debunk zero point energy as "psychoceramics" (Visser's "Lorentzian Wormholes") well let's see who has the last laugh now? ;-)

    I forgot to mention that this same simple idea also explains the flat stellar rotation curves in the galactic halos. Obviously, if the attractive force is constant, like for the quarks, the orbiting speeds of the stars will not depend upon their distance from the center of the galaxy.

    Three at a blow

    1. Quark Force

    2. NASA Pioneer Anomaly

    3. Flat stellar rotation curves in dark matter galactic halo.

    Zero Point Energy Origin of the Strong Quark Chromodynamic Force

    First a short review of potential theory.

    I. If the force f decreases with distance and the potential energy U is (positive) negative, then the force is (repulsive) attractive.

    Example I.1

    U = +e^2/r > 0

    f = -dU/dr = +e^2/r^2 points toward r -> infinity, i.e. repulsion

    note that (d/dr)(1/r) = - 1/r^2

    the two - signs cancel

    II. If the force increases with distance and the potential energy U is (positive) negative, then the force is (attractive) repulsive.

    Example II.1 Λzpf is the vacuum zero point space curvature, assumed constant here.

    Zero point energy, as mentioned by Andrei Sakharov in 1967, directly induces gravity because of the equivalence principle of Albert Einstein.

    In the weak field low speed limit of general relativity, the universal zero point energy induced gravity potential energy per unit test particle is

    V ~ -c^2Λzpf r^2

    r < R

    for a uniform sphere of isotropic zero point energy of radius R centered at r = 0, with vanishing Λzpf for r > R. This is same as drilling a straight hole all the way through the center of a sphere of constant mass density to the other side and dropping a test particle down the hole. This is a harmonic oscillator because the mass beyond the momentary position of the test particle makes no contribution to the force on the test particle.

    Baron Munchausen on the geodesic test particle feels weightless of course, but from the POV of the non-inertial observer fixed to the non-geodesic surface of the sphere by non-gravity electrical and quantum forces, it's AS IF there is a force per unit test mass on the test particle

    g = - dV/dr = +2c^2Λzpfr

    When Λzpf > 0 this is repulsive.

    This same formal result carries over into cosmology where r is replaced by the scale factor a(t) stretching space itself and what happens is that there is an extra acceleration of a(t) opposing the ordinary matter that tends to decelerate the stretching of the rubbery fabric of space itself, i.e. the 3Dim spacelike piece of the geometrodynamic field.

    The cosmological equations are here

    Therefore, in these sign conventions, Λzpf > 0 is the repelling dark energy and Λzpf < 0 is the attracting dark matter.

    Repelling dark energy is isotropic w = -1 positive zero point energy density with equal but opposite negative pressure.

    Attracting dark matter is isotropic w = -1 negative zero point energy density with equal but opposite positive pressure.

    Adding torsion fields converts Einstein's cosmological constant Λzpf into a locally variable "quintessent" field. You get torsion with curvature by locally gauging the entire 10-parameter Poincare group of globally rigid special relativity.

    Now what happens between quarks inside the hadronic "bag"? What we have is a bag of dark matter where the quintessent field is

    Λzpf(quarks) = - 1/ar

    Therefore, the constant attractive force per unit mass between the quarks is

    g = -c^2/a ~ string tension

    for strong short-range (Abdus Salam) ZPF induced gravity

    We see exactly the same thing on the larger scale of the NASA Pioneer Anomaly where

    g = -cH ~ 1 nanometer/sec^2

    i.e. c^2/Hubble radius ~ 10^21/10^28 ~ 10^-7 cm/sec^2

    i.e. a hollow sphere of dark matter centered at Sun beginning at
    about orbit of Saturn.

    Note: Target audience: theoretical physicists



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    "Quark Force, Pioneer Anomaly, Flat Stellar Rotation Curves - all explained" | Login/Create an Account | 2 comments | Search Discussion
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    STAIF talk emerging - Black Triangles (Score: 1)
    by vlad on Thursday, May 17, 2007 @ 23:11:11 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com

    I've been following in a general way the stuff you've been doing. But the only theory that I pay very careful attention to is that that predicts effects that can be tested in the laboratory with equipment accessible today, or at least in the foreseeable future. No "breakthrough" in the "propulsion" or "rapid spacetime transport" problem is likely to emerge from any other sort of theory. Talk about wormholes and all that is fine. But it's not really interesting unless you have a proposal for how to actually build a wormhole generator that's got a chance of working.

    You may recall that I tried to prod you into working through the predictions of your theory in this direction, rather than devoting your time to cosmological and other, from my point of view, issues that are far from central to solving the propulsion problem. I did not succeed. But that's OK. We all march to our own drummers.

    I'll be looking forward to your talk.


    Jack Sarfatti [JS]: I am very close to phenomena. I make predictions

    [Jim] Yes Jack, I know. But from the rapid spacetime transport point of view, predictions about the Pioneer anomaly and so forth just aren't very interesting.

    [JS] My point here James is that there is no isolated cheap fix for rapid spacetime transport.

    Here is what I am aiming for

    1. How the fabric of warped spacetime emerges from the cohering of the random incoherent zero point vacuum fluctuations of all the non- gravity quantum fields in the pre-inflationary false vacuum.

    2. Rapid spacetime transport warp drive and star gate portal space and time travel comes from the "metric engineering" of the vacuum coherent "Goldstone" "world hologram phases" through the generalized Josephson effect, i.e. locking of the vacuum phases to the phases of a high Tc macroquantum coherent field in the nanoengineered fuselage of the ship.

    The silent-running UFO warp bubble has a thin boundary layer of repulsive dark zero point energy on negative pressure on its visible underside in the four "plasma" light patches changing the geodesic world tube of the ship itself. Hence there are no g-forces and no time dilation. There will be a blue shift however seen in the spectra from the atomic ions in the secondary plasmas seen in the picture.

    Take the QED vacuum of virtual photons and virtual electron- positron pairs as the dominating fields at the nanometer level. The Josephson phase-locking is described by some interaction Hamiltonian mixing the coherently arranged virtual photons in an electromagnetic near field with the random zpf virtual photons - all coupled to the real electric currents and the virtual electron- positron pairs. Of course, showing this actual effective low-energy interaction Hamiltonian (or Lagrangian if we do Feynman path integrals) is non-trivial and I have not done it as yet, but I sense that quantum Hall liquids are essential i.e. 2D quantum wells of electrons in perpendicular magnetic control fields, although they do not have a local Landau-Ginzburg order parameter but a nonlocal topological order parameter.

    [Jim] At least not for someone of my age and life expectancy. Predict how to build some apparatus that will produce a detectable spacetime distortion in the lab. It doesn't have to be a big distortion. Just measurable. If anyone's ever going to build "advanced" craft and stargates, predictions and measurements of that sort are going to have to be done first. And "explaining" the Pioneer anomaly gets you nothing in that regard.

    [JS] Not so.

    The days of Tom Edison are over. It's BIG PHYSICS. Look at the LHC.

    My point is that the general picture above is not an isolated mechanism. The universe is connected tightly on all scales - Newton's apple and the planets. Therefore, it is important that I can simply relate the above qualitative picture to

    1. Inflation cosmology.

    2. QCD quark force - constant i.e. potential energy linear in quark- quark separation

    3. Charge clusters (Ken Shoulders) (stability of single electron included & electron looks like point particle from extreme space curvature induced by the positive pressure dark matter core /zpf
    (electron) ~ (mc/h)^2 ~ 10^22 cm^-2 i.e. (1Mev)^4 compared to cosmic dark energy (10^-3 ev), i.e. a factor of 36 powers of ten!

    4. NASA Pioneer Anomaly - anomalous force cH = 1 nanometer/sec^2 constant just like quark-quark force - on different scales of course.

    5. Flat stellar rotation curves in galactic halos (still finessing that one)

    6. Filamentary structure of universe on larger scale Nature, etc.

    Time Travel ... Important conceptual papers by Paul Davies (Score: 1)
    by vlad on Thursday, May 17, 2007 @ 23:19:55 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
    Gary S Bekkum wrote:#5 below of interest for Jack's consciousness theory

    DAVIES + Papers in professional journals
    All papers in orange can be downloaded in pdf format.


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