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    You Can't Get to Heaven on Roller Skates
    Posted on Friday, May 05, 2006 @ 10:36:50 MST by rob

    General randy writes:
    In 1947, President Harry S. Truman signed into law the National Security act of 1947, subjecting to classification all energy conversion technology – not just nuclear technology, and created the Central Intelligence Agency. Since tat time, much of our most advanced technology has been done in secrecy. Today, the National Debt stands at over 8.38 Trillion Dollars and increases daily by 2.06 Billion Dollars. At this rate we face insolvency by November 1, 2006. The debt limit is set at 9 Trillion Dollars, and according to members of the Senate, "This is absolutely the last time we will raise the debt ceiling."

    What does the National Debt have to do with new energy? Quite a bit! New energy technology will cost money. As Roger Williams said, "You can’t get to heaven on roller skates."

    The truth is – we already have the answer to the energy crisis. We wouldn’t spend billions on advanced research without learning something about new forms of energy. This information is unfortunately classified in the national interest.

    In 1947, the world after WWII was a dangerous place and we had enemies that would use such technology to attack us. Unfortunately, little has changed. The world is still a dangerous place. That is except for several important points – the oil crunch, the debt, and global warming. We are now looking at the bottom of the pickle barrel. Although this law may have been well intended, and served our interests at the time, it may be time to reconsider.

    With rising energy costs and tensions around the world related to the reliability of affordable energy, $5.00 gasoline and $400.00 a month electric bills are not a far stretch of the imagination. Isn’t it time that we looked into the top secret vaults and decided which classified documents could now be made public that could help us with our energy problems?

    It is certain that if we will do this we will find answers to the energy crisis that can be used now. The President is the only person in Washington with the authority to decide which classified documents can be made public. So, our energy future is up to President Bush.

    Many of you have read the article on this site, "Instructions for Building a Quantum Dynamo". Well, this is not a new idea. We have known about this for years. The President tells us, "There is no silver bullet." Perhaps not, just silver bull. We are still using one hundred year old technology and loving it, all because of national security.

    The news is, national security presently does not exist. The only way we can be secure is to make friends around the world, stop being hypocrites, and help them with their energy problems – help them develop new industries, and new forms of energy.

    Criticism can be both positive and negative. Constructive criticism is always best. We need the oil companies right now for the sake of the economy and jobs. The energy industry accounts for 40% of the economy if you count industries that support them also. However, the time is right to build new industries.

    We can begin as President Bill Clinton proposed: to build bridges and roads with glass. These structures would last five times as long saving maintenance costs an shut down time, but only if we solve the energy crisis now and develop the technologies we will need now to succeed in the global market.

    To pay down the debt and secure our future, our government needs to become a business. We need to develop new technology, license this technology, and collect a percentage of the profits from the industries that would use the technology. These profits could be reinvested into the economy through public services and public works.

    We can soon build an industry from the ground up called "Micro Machine Technology". The quantum dynamo could be miniaturized and employed as the power source of micro machines.

    Our opportunities are vast and the time is right. In the court of public opinion, our leaders will not be judged by what they have done, but by what they failed to do.

    We will be better off when we learn to work together.

    A commentary by Ralph Randolph Sawyer



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    What is wrong with America's economic system? (Score: 1)
    by Randy on Thursday, October 18, 2007 @ 17:17:55 MST
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    In 2005, the richest 1 percent of Americans owned 40 percent of the income generating capital.  The richest 10 percent owned virtually all of the income generating capital.  In 2005, the average corporate CEO earned just under 12 million dollars while his employees earned less than 42 thousand dollars.  Last year, the net income for America was 14 trillion dollars.  This is income after expenses.  American corporations pass on virtually all expenses to the middle class 42 thousand dollar earner.  In 2005, the CEO earned 821 times that of a minumum wage earner.  Even though corporate net income was 14 trillion dollars last year, the amount of federal debt (the portion supported by middle class taxes) rose by 1/2 trillion dollars.  The middle class will never be able to support government at any level unless their income is expanded three fold.  This means that we need to tell the truth about our need for fossil fuels (or lack of it) and release our suppressed technology to stimulate economic growth or go bankrupt.  We will only survive as a prosperous nation and one with adequate energy if we release and employ non-fossil  advanced technology, expand industry, and more evenly distribute the vast wealth of America.  In fact, the Federal Government has already reneged on its promise to government employees.  Last year the Federal Government stopped paying into one of the government employee's investment accounts.  This immediately released over 600 billion dollars to run the govenment.  Otherwise, the government would have been over their debt limit the very next day. The debt surpassed 9 trillion dollars a few months ago and it will be necessary again to raise your taxes.  Did you hear anything on the news about our country being over the debt limit?  This means that government will eventually not be able to meet all obligations.  Someone will be left out.


    What a Cash Economy Buys (Score: 1)
    by Randy on Thursday, May 08, 2008 @ 07:44:08 MST
    (User Info | Send a Message)

    There is absolutely no more need for paper money anymore since all transactions must be documented by any legitimate business or banking institution with enough sense to know how to continue to operate in a totally restricted and controlled economy. There are so many regulations and daily processes demanded of small businesses that the average person could not run a small business. Running a small business requires that this enterprise hire a firm to account again for every cent of transaction taking place every minute of every day. This is an enormous and stupid sum.

    The cash economy pays absolutely no taxes and contributes little if anything to the legitimate running of enterprise or government at any level. There exists so much illegitimate crime and criminal activity that the legitimate business of America has been drained dry. This is how bad our economy has gotten. In the little store down the street, even beer is not selling and a lot of this will actually go stale and will have to be thrown out before it is even sold.

    Our scratch offs also do not do one bit of good for the schools. All this money is put directly into the general fund even after promises were made that his was definitely not going to be the case. A lot of these scratch offs are actually purchased with more illegitimate and criminal money. Our officials know that gambling is a front for criminal activity yet they endorse and participate in all this activity themselves. This is money laundering and is a crime itself.

    The only things that illegitimate money can buy is more illegitimate activity. Our officials ought to now realize that it is crime in America that has shut down the economy and end the practice of gambling forever before it is too late to start up our economy again. Most of our small businesses are doing so poorly that they can barely pay their expenses and many will have to close soon. The situation is now desperate.

    We ought to have a universal protest that every penny spent by government also be accounted for and end the cash economy all together. Our officials out to be subjected to the same rigors of accountability and ridiculous regulations that we are put under. We have run this country to the ground. If we have any rights left we ought to exercise them now.

    After small business takes so many hours of their day counting all this cash money, I only want them to realize that in a few hours that their next job will be to write a check giving all this money to the utility companies, or the insurance companies, or the taxing authorities anyway. You will only have a few hours to look at the money that is passing through your hands. Before you know it, it will be gone.

    I made three asn honest cents today. (Score: 1)
    by Randy on Friday, May 09, 2008 @ 10:17:51 MST
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    I do not know if making hydrogen and adding this to your fuel line is safe.  I do know that our government already knows if this is because they have tried this themselves.  I did a little sales work and spent several hours talking Northshore Service Center into installing these experimental systems.  If they do not work for you, you will only have spent the price of the system plus one hundred dollars for installation.  I hope this works.  This is a protest.  Our government has made it so rediculously impossible t for small business to account for every penny that passes through their business.  The government will want me to account for this three cents, and I am not going to do this.  I am an artist.  I made up a calendar of one of my truck models that I think is special.  I have never made a dime out of all this creative work, but today I earned a total of three cents in protest.  I wrote about the process used by these systems, so I think that it is reasonable that they might work, but we need to try this as the situation is serious when a tank of gasoline costs fifty dollars.

    If this process does not work, we still may have learned something valuable.  We will have corrected a mistake.  We have to make them to learn if they are mistakes.  Do not let the government tell us that we do not have the right to try a system that is experimental and might save us money.  Stand up for your rights.

    Randy, Houston Texas

    A Cash-less Economy Coming Soon (Score: 1)
    by Randy on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 @ 09:49:27 MST
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    I recently wrote to President Obama about a new tax system.....

    Dear President Obama,

    The G-8 Summit has ended with a renewed hope for economic growth, and with job creation being heavily emphasized. It is now a good time to adopt a cash-less economy, and we have the tools to make this work.

    We now have automated transactions, and the tax system would be much simpler if it too was automated. We need to go to a cash-less system to help make taxes more fair.

    With an automated ten percent transfer tax, much of the time that we spend accounting for every penny spent could be redirected into more useful activities. We would be able to streamline many taxing authorities and even eliminate burdensome regulation.

    Since it is now legal to take a picture of a check and transfer money into an individual’s bank account to pay a debt, some people might want to go one step further and contribute to the "General Fund" or to "The Account for the Reduction of the Deficit". They could do so with I-Pads and cell phones.

    In a world economy some people may not know who is putting money into their account and want to pass this on to the government with no questions asked. So, regular bank customers should be allowed to call their local bank and ask if there are any questionable activities in their account and have any amount over a certain amount passed on electronically.

    People should be allowed to check their balance at the bank and have the bank electronically transfer a donation to the General Fund or the TUTT fund, "The Universal Transfer Tax", without penalty as part of being a good citizen. Soon, we will need to replace our roads and bridges, deal with water shortages, and food security. If the government soon becomes a business that provides a service or product, people will again look upon elected officials with confidence.

    Giving gifts and watching the debt go down every day with a ten percent transfer tax would become a better game than scratch-offs and the lottery ever were. It is a lot more fun to give than it is to receive.

    Every transaction is recorded on computers now anyway, and stores keep records of all sales so that they will know what to reorder. Computer records are always kept.

    With the dawn of the universal translator, world-wide communication and banking is now our best hope for an economic recovery.

    If we move to a world-wide cash-less system, doing business might become much easier. Everyone would just need to have a bank account, a card, and a phone, or live close to their usual bank. Checks could still be used to buy prescription drugs, and a paper record kept for these purchases.

    We live during the most exciting time in history. Classified technology that can give us unlimited energy is being disclosed, and we can leave the cradle of Earth and become citizens of the solar system.

    With a cash-less economy and the universal translator, the world could become a much easier place to do business. We now have all the tools for a world economy, and good ideas make the world a brighter place thanks to the invention of glass solar cells, and the arrival of the age of supercomputers and micro machine technology.

    No one likes to do their taxes, but most people love to shop, and most like to see the happy expressions on the faces of those who are on the receiving end of fine gifts. With automated taxation, life could become fun again.

    I surely hope that you will soon consider this idea. Like it or not, we have to raise taxes to pay for the many necessary functions associated with meeting the needs of the public. It is time to make paying taxes fun.

    Ralph Randolph Sawyer


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