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    Do you think Smith has a point? (Zero Point ?;-)
    Posted on Saturday, December 18, 2004 @ 23:13:20 GMT by vlad

    Testimonials Bob, Doc, Peter, and everyone on the "cc" list:
    This is Don Smith's TransWorld Energy site, his perception of "Resonance Energy":
    Do you think Smith has a point? Does it still boil down to Zero Point?

    With thanks,
    Hal Ade.

    Jerry Decker [Keelynet] writes: Hola Hal!

    I have no problem with people saying their claims are ideas or theories, it is when they claim them as FACT or hardware that my credulity shields go up.

    Smith, like so many other con artists in the field has long been playing fast and loose with facts and reality. I see BAP also on your list as he is one who also has long been making claims of discovery, invention, etc..to con people into buying his material...refer back to the original 'Cold Fission Tube' scam where he intentionally lied to and ripped off many people including myself. He has not and will not change this modus operandi.

    However, back to Smith, I first met him at a Tesla Convention where he had driven up from Houston. I was with Dan Davidson and we asked him if he brought his device, he said yes, we suggested with such a long drive, that he test it to verify it works before setting up for his demonstration. He agreed, took out this platform with a nicely wound coil arrangement and claimed it easily produces 1000 watts. He 'tuned' it and nothing happened. His load was an 8 watt fluorescent tube which would not light. Don said he had to go but could WE FIX IT FOR HIM? QUE???

    He left, we used a multimeter he had provided and found the laser power supply was faulty, fortunately Don had spare parts, so we hooked it into the circuit and did resistance checks on the wiring finding no open circuits.

    When we tried it, still would not even light the 8 watt lamp (remember he was claiming to tap the VAN ALLEN RADIATION BELTS to produce 1000 watts)....we hooked in an LED, it didn't even light.

    Didn't deter Don in the least, despite his initial humble and charming demeanor, once fans starting blowing smoke up his skirt, he morphed into claiming his 'discoveries' would change not just electronics, but all science. Total nutcase without a working device.

    Over the years, he put a battery in a suitcase with an inverter, installed a 110vac outlet and plugged in an oscillating fan as his 'demo' claiming this was free energy....and on and on...years and years no of him making ever more outrageous claims....such as that he could produce 50,000 watts from this little 18 guage wire coil......

    And later claiming megawatts...saying he was on the board of many 'overseas' companies who were actively manufacturing his free energy circuits and placing into products. When countenanced about WHO these companies are, contact info, product info, etc...he says its proprietary or that he doesn't have to prove anything to anybody...and on and on with rants when anyone questions anything he says...translation...a deluded loser...I think more seeking FAME than money though he was charging $2000 for his circuit which he claimed 'even Boy Scouts had built' but that no engineer or technician could even remotely understand let alone build as a working device. Right...

    Ok, just doe some searches on the internet and you will find pages and posts about Smith (and BAP for that matter) with the most ludicrous claims you could imagine. The above was just my personal experience with Smith and I won't EVEN go into the smarmy dealings of the Bapster.

    One thing about Smith, he does weave an interesting theory, like the idiot Al Bielek, yet none of it has been proven in hardware to my knowledge by his 'claims of success' and more CRITICALLY those of independent testers and verification. That is the main proof that the claimants of discovery/invention AVOID AT ALL COSTS...because they KNOW they are lying and that no one can make it work. Tilley is one who has cast his activities in this mold.

    Now to the 'document';

    ...electromagnetic energy is accessed via catalytic activity - either directly, as in the case of Solar Cells, or indirectly by mechanical means.

    Definition of Catalysis (catalyst);

    n. pl. ca7tal7y7ses (-sz) - The action of a catalyst, especially an increase in the rate of a chemical reaction.

    ...a single Resonance Energy Device (about the size of a shoe box) produces ample energy to power itself,

    ...Without specialized instrumentation it is impossible to tell resonance flux is occurring.

    ...Information on the earth's magnetic flux field is available to the public from the US Geological Survey Office in Colorado, USA. When examined and properly understood these maps yield important information regarding reflection, deflection, and absorption of incoming magnetic waves and action at a distance. When properly understood, these maps yield an ambient electromagnetic flux of 7.2 billion Volts at a point of measure.

    ...Flux moving into energy sinks provides the frictional force known as gravity.

    ...All electromagnetic energy harvesting methods include three things: a catalyst, a collector, and a pump. Catalysts include sensitization through doping with certain elements, as well as air and earth grounding.

    ...TransWorld Energy is bringing it to you.


    Domain Name: ALTENERGY-PRO.COM
    Whois Server: whois.networksolutions.com
    Referral URL: http://www.networksolutions.com
    Updated Date: 26-oct-2004
    Creation Date: 04-may-2000
    Expiration Date: 04-may-2005

    I suspect this is a very old document which has been reposted on this site. So many years later (Smith was way back in 1992 or so) and STILL no working devices available...as was BAPS claims of free energy and 'inventions/discovery', never proven, never marketed, never patented!!!

    Alas, I WANT TO BELIEVE, but require proof, not just the ramblings of deluded people or known con artists out to make a buck from naive people who become confused with all the technospeak and use of buzzwords like Tesla, scalar, radiant, ZPE, suppression, conspiracy...anything that would obfuscate or be difficult/impossible to track and verify, INDEPENDENTLY, not just from their claims.

    We will continue to search for a means to tap into ambient forces, whether they be gravity, electrostatics (lightning, ions), magnetic flux, zero point energy (zero point field), frequencies from space (cosmic 'energy'), etc...

    But we aren't there yet....too many con artists, too many people clouding the field with bullshit, usually to scam others....and worst of all, almost no one funding any REAL research despite the huge commercial potential and the ability to resolve many of the earths current problems.

    Those problems are not ONLY ecological, but also these incredibly stupid wars over control of OIL (never mind the EXCUSES of terrorism, etc..), not to mention the additional entanglements relating to religion and centuries old hostilities in which we have NO business interferring.

    The sooner people begin funding real research into these areas, the sooner a Manhattan type project WILL DISCOVER a working free energy technology and ideally GIVE IT TO THE WORLD to be used, manufactured and marketed as freely as possible.

    As for Smith, ask him where you can buy one of his free energy circuits/devices and get him to tell you just what it will produce in terms of power. And require a money back guarantee WHEN it doesn't work.

    The proof of these con artists, despite their wondrous claims is they never have a product to sell you but man, they will be glad to sell you a franchise, stock, solicit a contribution or refer you to buy their books, CDs etc, further regurgitating their THEORY or something else that will provide them with income without the proof so many of us insist on having.

    Feliz Navidad and Happy New Year (I can't write 'ano' with the correct notation, as 'ano means anus' and I'd rather not write Happy New Anus!)

    Jerry Decker - http://www.keelynet.com
    Public Archive http://www.escribe.com/science/keelynet
    Order out of Chaos - From an Art to a Science



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    "Do you think Smith has a point? (Zero Point ?;-)" | Login/Create an Account | 6 comments | Search Discussion
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    Re: Do you think Smith has a point? (Zero Point ?;-) (Score: 1)
    by ElectroDynaCat on Sunday, December 19, 2004 @ 20:13:12 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    All the Baloney Slicers in this field have done a great disservice to serious researchers that are seeking an insight into the problem, rather than publicity.

    It should be apparent to all the snake oil salesman in this field that we are not innocent babes to be led down the garden path of their schemes but are seeking serious knowledge in this field. It IS important. Don't waste our time with your scams, we've seen them all before. at least have the imagination to come up with something original.

    Counterpoint to Decker? (Score: 1)
    by vlad on Sunday, December 19, 2004 @ 22:22:01 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com

    Sterling is in no position to request data from you or anyone. I don't know who he thinks he is but he has shown that he is not qualified to make a proper assessment of your technology. You don't need this BS at the end of your life journey. Sit back and enjoy the rest of the ride and let a few of us deal with the flies and maggots.

    -Bruce A. Perreault

    That Diatribes has me deeply upset . Sterling ask me about it and I responded very correctly . I am to upset and need your help . Can You put my response to Sterling and attach it to all those listed in the Diatribes and send it to all groups . I would be most grateful .

    Highest Regards ,
    Don Smith

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Donald Smith
    To: Sterling D. Allan
    Cc: jdecker@keelynet.com ; free-energy@yahoogroups.com
    Sent: Sunday, December 19, 2004 6:25 AM
    Subject: Re: counterpoint to Decker?

    Sterling , this Spin control using Decker as a stooge is a fabrications curtsey agents of the US Government . I have computer software which locates intrusions into ones computer , tracks them down and identifies the guilty parties . To a knowing person intentionally malicious diatribes should be obvious . I have taken the precaution of placing my technology in many places outside of US control . Should I be taken out , the US would immediately become a third world country . I spent more than 10 years working and trying to give - donate the technology to the people of the US . The DOE in return classified me as a very dangerous enemy of the state . Jerry Decker sold out to this malicious group which uses as their center an 8 floor underground structure near Denver , Colorado . They have an elite group called DEAR HUNTERS who use various electronic methods which leave little evidence when they murder someone . Being classified as an enemy of the system is the trigger [ OIL ].

    Best Regards .

    Don Smith

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Sterling D. Allan
    To: Donald L. Smith
    Sent: Sunday, December 19, 2004 2:20 AM
    Subject: counterpoint to Decker?


    Do you have witnesses I could talk to? Data I could view?

    a.. Jerry Decker on Don Smith - KeelyNet founder tells of personal experience over the years with Don Smith, who claims to have working ZPE prototypes. Says the claims are bogus. Further investigation needed. Counterpoint pending. (PESWiki; Dec. 18)

    I would like to be able to defend you if there is a defense.


    Re: Do you think Smith has a point? (Zero Point ?;-) (Score: 1)
    by vlad on Sunday, December 19, 2004 @ 22:55:36 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
    Hola Vlad!

    Thanks for asking...not a problem..its what I think and have experienced so I stand by what I post. Got an email from [xxx-ed] which said;

    Thank-you very much, Jerry, for your insight. I suspected something was a bit odd with Smith's claims, since they appear to contradict some of the key points put forth by Tom Bearden, Tom Valone, and others whom I have come to respect ... so far ... because they reference accepted theories such as those of Wheeler, Dirac, Feynman, or recent physical evidence which supports their points. I wanted to ensure that it wasn't just my not understanding that Smith's theories are not at odds with the common theories put forth by those respected others above. I appreciate your clarifying a few things, and pointing out Smith's lies and deception cocerning his devices.

    Thank-you again for your comments.


    You know, some view frankness and a request for honesty as wanting to stir up trouble....well if thats what it takes to weed the field so we can TRUST reports again....then so be it..

    I have no intention of pissing anyone off nor do I have an axe to grind with anyone as long as they stay on the up and up...its the ones who make the claims, yet refuse to allow anyone (person, lab or group) to independently verify their claim...they fall back on conspiracy, suppression, ego, control or proprietary as their excuses....and just keep on touting the same old crap that has no truth to it.

    If there little dohickey discovery/invention won't stand up to verification by anyone else, or a patent, or a kit, or working plans or models people can buy and test....then its all hot air and vaporware.

    That pisses me off when they continue to obfuscate and DENY they are lying or in error....and that I get SO MANY EMAILS from people asking what about this group or this guys claims, etc.....I have several pages devoted to such emails and such conmen as posted at;


    there are more, but these give you the idea. The people who have the most to LOSE are the ones who scream and make attacks against me in 'retaliation' for INSISTING on that simple question;

    Where is the BEEF? The actual hardware...the patent that works, the PROOF that others can use as in a proof of principle (PoP) as at;


    Of course they are all eunuchs, sin cojones when it comes to reality, truth and FACTS. I have to say ALL because all have FAILED to date to bring forth a marketable product we can buy or to offer plans, kits or models we can BUY or BUILD and just prove the BASIC claim to ourselves.

    Always an excuse and always a flamewar against those who remain steadfast insisting on prove it or just SHUT THE HELL UP if they won't provide it or let others provide it with sufficient information for replication! It is apparently an EASY scam to sucker people into buying their 'theories' or 'claims'....sad, but true.

    I think it is wrong to waste peoples time and money, straining credulity and ignoring the meaning of the words claim/proven versus theory/idea.

    Just SAY its a theory or idea and be honest about it...knowing they don't have anything that really works.

    Rant...yep, I guess it is...just gets so OLD AND BORING AND A WASTE OF EFFORT and bandwidth......

    Oh well, there are wheels within wheels, some I know about, one I am involved in and I suspect there is much we don't know because they want to BE SURE before they go public...I respect and appreciate their caution and care in testing their discovery.

    But the con artists and liars...they should be reproached and questioned and REQUIRED to prove everything they say that mentions the words discover, claim, proof, working circuit/device...ergo, proven hardware..

    Not a 'pre-release' as the Bapster loves to do...didn't work pre, didn't work now and won't work after...but he does it for his cult followers too simple minded to doubt anything he says but willing to give him money and buy his offerings.

    I remain hopeful these guys will change but as long as they can get in the limelight and make a buck from their BS, they'll be there...so I doubt they will ever change...

    Use whatever you want that I write if you think it will do any good. Smith was SO HUMBLE and self-effacing at his first Tesla Conference presentation (as was Alek at the KeelyNet conference)...but the minute people started telling him what a genius he was, man, talk about an egomaniac....you see it in his writings and in that of Alek and BAP and Harwood among others...naming 'effects' after themselves...note, this is NEVER DONE BY THEIR PEERS as in real science, but named by them after them...and of course its bogus...

    Life is just too wonderful, too exciting, too many fascinating things to learn, do and experience to have to deal with such crap but alas, if we don't, who will? At least it helps to leaven the bread......

    Have a Great Christmas and a very prosperous New Year!

    > -----Original Message-----
    >ZPEnergy wrote:

    >Hi Jerry,

    >Do I have your permission to post your rant about TransWorld Energy (and other good comments) on our ZPEnergy.com main page (or in our Forum where it is less exposed to indexing by Google news, etc)?

    >Happy holidays and Feliz Navidad


    Proof of claims of (Score: 1)
    by vlad on Tuesday, December 21, 2004 @ 21:50:22 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
    In the yahoo free-energy group, vcrepair writes:
    >From: Donald Smith
    >To: Sterling D. Allan ; eemf@earthlink.net ; Puthoff@aol.com
    >Sent: Monday, December 20, 2004 10:01 AM
    >Subject: Re: counterpoint to Decker?

    >This makes responding types that plead ignorance in order
    >to steal technology a real problem . My personal associates
    >include several a number of Astrophysicist , several tipple
    >PHD's including the Moscow Academy of Science , all of who
    >very clearly understand and agree with my teachings .
    >Therefore intelligent people playing ignorant
    >are highly suspect . I am a Professional Registered
    >Engineer with more than 60 years world wide experience
    The only degree I think Don Smith and some others have is a Bachelor of Science in Bull Sh*t. ;-)

    Now Don Smith claims many PHD'S understand his devices and how they work so anyone who says they can't must be ignorant or lying. Don Smith has given NO INFORMATION about it. None of the technical experts like Leo claim to be psychic. They ask for basic FACTS but just get obfuscation and insults.

    BUT Sterling Alan and Leo and others just want REAL ANSWERS and REAL SPECIFICATIONS! They didn't ask for every trade secret of how Don Smith's "resonant coils" work, just HOW the power output was measured, etc. Don Smith claims that "one pair of coils generates 1000 volts and 50 amps so eight pairs of coils generates 8000 volts and 400 amps."
    1000 V * 50 A = 50 KiloVoltAmperes or Kilowatts at unity power factor. 8000 V * 400 amps = 3.2 Megawatts or 3200 Kilowatt.

    THAT IS A LOT OF POWER! How did Don Smith measure that in his home? A typical electric heater might be 2000 watts or 2KW, so 3200/2 = 1600 electric heaters. Then there is basic electric theory that anyone who passed high school physics should know. Volts * Amps = Watts. A transformer can change the voltage on the secondary winding compared to primary winding, but the PRODUCT of Voltage * Amperage remains the same. In other words, you can get twice the voltage but half the amperage.

    Batteries or power source can be in SERIES so that the voltages add up or in parallel so that the current adds up. BUT YOU CAN'T INCREASE VOLTAGE AND CURRENT AT SAME TIME! So 8 generators or batteries or power sorces, could be in series for 8 times the voltage of one, or in parallel for 8 times the current of one. That is 8 times the power of one source.

    (Yes, we understand series & parallel circuits. You can have some batteries in parallel and those sets in series also to get more voltage and current. BUT the total POWER is just the sum of the power from each battery or generator)

    Don Smith just obfuscates and says he knows many PHD's who have seen and tested it apparently. BUT NO NAMES!

    Then we have GMCC motor:

    >Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 05:41:23 -0800 (PST)
    >From: Richard Brace
    >Subject: Re: Re: The GMCC motor is pure absurbity

    Dear Leo: Sure would not want you on our team or have you as an attorney defending me. Time is definitely on our side because we have had major corporations viewing and testing which we are not at liberty to share and guess what Leo, they now know it works. Sorry you are wrong again. When are you going to invent something for mankind. I don't pull scams but if I did I could easily fool you. Please don't have constipation of the brain. Do your due diligence!!!

    Note the claims, that "major corporations have tested it"
    "But we can't say who right now. We will be releasing it soon"

    Just more BS!

    Why does GMCC and Richard Brace and Don Smith and Bruce Perreult and all the rest bother to go "slumming" on the free-enery@yahoogroups.com mailing list?

    They all claim to have large corporation contacts and many scientists that work with them, so when they ACTUALLY RELEASE WORKING MODELS AND HAVE MAJOR MEDIA "PRESS RELEASE", THAN let us know about it. We all will apologise for doubting you. ;-)

    Dennis Lee makes similar claims that he can make "free electricity" using a Hummingbird motor that "produces 5 units of mechanical energy output for 1 unit of electrical energy input". He just has to connect that to his Sundance Generator that is 100% efficient and those will generate 30 KW of Free Electricity. Dennis says he can't demonstrate it until 1,600,000 "witnesses" are ready to see 100 simultaneous demonstrations across the USA at stadiums. That way it can't be suppressed.

    What they all share is making claims about "free energy" but NEVER ANY EVIDENCE, REAL TEST RESULTS, ETC.

    Dennis Lee has open house demonstrations of "engines that run on pickle juice, etc." scheduled for Dec 28/04 in Newfoundland, NJ at his facility. That would be a good time for anyone who wants to go to New Jersey to see what Dennis has. FAX 973-208-7699 for reservations or information.

    Dennis Lee web sites: www.kingsandpriests.net
    for skeptical: www.phact.org/e/dennis.html

    From: Howard Rogers
    Subject: Re: Proof of claims of "free energy"

    Failing reliable, independent esternal testing of deveices purporting to produce free energy or overunity, I would like to see complete open plans that make replication possible for anyone wisshing to replicate the machine and do whatever they deem adequate to satisfy thier own criteriea.

    It is too easy to make wild claims on the net, and difficult for most of us to sort the gems from the garbage. I don't think any of us want to throw the baby out with the wash water , but we don't wantto drink the wash water either.

    Re: Do you think Smith has a point? (Zero Point ?;-) (Score: 1)
    by mrclean on Monday, July 16, 2012 @ 15:01:58 GMT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    WOW what an ididot this Jerry Decker is, im working on Don'swork right now, and seeing some excellent results, about 200% output.

    to say that Don actually left his device with these clows TO FIX FOR HIM ??? haha
    and it couldnt light an LED... FOOLS FOR BELIEVING THIS

    to say that it couldnt light an led, perfectly illustrates that he doesnt even know what to lie about LOL
    and never actually saw Don... so the rest is PURE crap if you want to read further

    Look me up on youtube, kdkinen.


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