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    www.zpenergy.com :: View topic - The Don Smith Electrical Energy System
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    The Don Smith Electrical Energy System

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    Author Message
    Site Admin
    Site Admin

    Joined: Dec 23, 2002
    Posts: 1002
    Location: Canada

    PostPosted: Wed Sep 06, 2006 8:17 pm    Post subject: The Don Smith Electrical Energy System Reply with quote

    Don Smith writes: Dear All , this is an unsolicited appraisal of Video (from an eBay listing)..

    Don Smith

    The Don Smith Electrical Energy System
    Workshop and Leeture atthe International Tesla Symposium
    3 Hours, VHS Video. Original Retail Price: S29.95

    Description: "Free energy inventor Don Smith demonstrates his amazing electrical energy system at the 1996 International Tesla Symposium in this 4 hour video (the outside of the package contradicts itself- I'm pretty sure it's only three) that covers every aspect of his easy to build device. Nikola Tesla began the work which uses an energy coil with magnets to create free energy from the space around us. Don Smith demonstrates his various devices and shows how to build one in your garage!"

    Contrary to the description Don Smith does not share every aspect of building his device in this video. As I recall towards the end of his presentation he allowed the audience to have a close up look at his device; there were engineers with pen and paper scrambling around trying to extract a schematic for this system which Don Smith dubbed as "Resonant Induction Energy Transfer." (You can see all of his resonant energy devices at altenergy-pro.com.) The only way I can imagine someone building this device in his garage is if he actually attended that lecture and is an electrical engineer with a stockpile of parts laying around in his garage.

    The device that Don Smith brought to this lecture consisted of an inverter, a variable neon tube transformer, Zener diodes, a Tesla arranged moebius coil with a spark gap, and large potential capacitors. These components translated to high frequency, pulsed DC energy which was fmally hooked to a load; it was an impressive display as he lit up several banks of 1000 watt light bulbs. The only problem I had with this demonstration was that the device he was using was in a closed suit case.

    Don Smith claimed that the "Resonant Induction Energy Transfer" device he had in this suitcase was far superior to the device he had on display. It is only recenily that I discovered apicture of his suitcase device on the web which is the picture that I have on display at this auction. He claimed that some European Bankers were planning on investing billions in his device (The Rothschilds, maybe? If anything, those bankers would more likely pay to keep the raw commodity of energy OUT of the hands of thepublic.)

    Unfortunately, Don Smith is not the best lecturer in the world either. With the time he spent talking about the history of Tesla and electrical energy, he could have explained in detail the theory behind "Resonant Induction Energy Transfer." (I have yet to hear an inventor clearly articulate his ideas even technically.) To that end I decided to dig up a little information about Don Smith and "Resonant Induction Energy Transfer," so you can better understand how his technology works:

    Don Smith is a University degreed professional in science & engineering. Served in three wars; WWII, Korea and Vietnam. He has enjoyed a long and successful profession as an executive in the petroleum industry. His life long outside interests include electronics and engineering. A popular walk on substitute for University Professors in physics, chemistry, biology and computer assisted drafting. Teaching style similar to Richard Feynman. He enjoys celebrity status in Japan and Saudi Arabia.

    About 20 years ago, the book "Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla", resulted in his reconstructing, as a way ol understanding the many theories and devices shown in the book. From this encounter, a very strong bonding resulted. The object then became putting his thinking inside that of Tesla, such that expanding upon and extrapolating areas not yet reached by Tesla. Technological advances in materials provides sourcing for devices not possible at earlier periods. For example, magnetic permeability which is the counter part of negative resistance is an open field for experimentation today. Don does not sell his inventions, bul trades licenses for shares in companies which then incorporates the new technology into their marketing systems. As such, he is on the Board of directors of several well established ventures located in Japan, Brazil, Mexico and Saudi Arabia.

    Successful reproductions of Don's technology are present in Finland, Saint Petersburg - Russia, Yugoslavia, Romania, Japan, Hong Kong, and numerous other Countries. His book "Resonance Energy Methods" has a circulation of 40,000 copies in worldwide in 11 many languages.

    The Day The World Changed The below lower left illustration shows the Magnetic Flux incoming to the Earth, which spins rotates it at 1000 miles per hour The Earths welght and speed of rotation is known, therefore the AMBIENT bachground magnetic flux energy available from the Earth is known. Special Interest Physics is not allowed to recognize this. It is an Endless source of Environmentally Friendly Energy. All the required components for using this Energy already exist. All prior Energy Devices are obsolete, negotiations are underway for a limited number of Licenses which require immediate implementation. The Device is applicable to any and all Energy Required. -Don Smith

    Mr. Don Smith has discovered that Ohm's Law of Resistance does not apply to Magnetic Resonance that travels unrestricted for great distances. Therefore, multitudes of electrons are disturbed. Their backspin translates Magnetic moments into usable electric energy. The right angle component of the magnetic flux translates into useful electrical power. Taken at right angle the Magnetic Dipole provides an unlimited source of electrical current. Mr. Smith's "Dipole Transformer" has been pending since last September.

    Useful energy occurs as the result of imbalances of ambient background energy and it is a transient phenomenon. In conventional circuits, the electrical field is in a closed system that is damped out with heat loss, which severely limits its utility. The flip side of the electron generates magnetic waves which is an open system, not subjected to heat loss. These being unrestricted are the universal source of energy. Universally present electrons are flipped to their electrical position, resulting in useful energy. When properly constructed an electrical circuit can become self sustainable once started. An obvious corollary would be be that the number of radio or television receivers in operation does not deplete the magnetic wave source providing the service. The key to source of unlimited energy is Magnetic Resonance. To understand this requires putting a stake through outdated physics. An obvious example is the piano where the key impacts the one note giving one sound, which resonates with its two side keys providing a much higher level. Magnetic Resonant Energy clearly amplifies demonstrating more energy out than in. Excess energy consequent to a reaction is called Free Energy and can be very large as is in the case of Magnetic Resonance. The intentionally ignorant physicist makes a habit of ignoring this fact.

    Useful electricity is obtained from disturbed electrons, which radiate magnetic fields and waves. The generator disturbs and collects this emitted electron energy. These electrons remain fully in tact and undiminished until the end of time. This Energy is free and the cost of accessing it depends on the ignorance of the collector. With an appropriate collector system an unending source of environmentally inexpensive, available energy everywhere, is provided.

    The VHS video tape is in good condition and comes in a solid plastic case. I watched it three times, but this says nothing of the tape's original quality: Lecture videos in esoteric science are usually of amateurish quality in production, camera work, and editing and this is no exception. Sometimes the video is too bright like when Don Smith uses the overhead projector. Sometimes it's too dark like when he's pointing out key components on his device. There are times I wish I could have yelled at that camera guy, "Get in there with your camera, you damn sleepy head, or I'm not buying the video!" Well, at least the people who were physically there in 1996 got something out of it.

    I accept PayPal, Cashier's Checks and Money orders. Please see my 'about me' Dare.
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    Joined: Aug 27, 2006
    Posts: 94

    PostPosted: Sun Sep 17, 2006 6:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    Sounds to me like a negative resistor principal...

    Magnetics seem to hold keys to a lot...

    I wonder being that bismuth pushes away from both south and northern magnetic poles if it dont play a little role in something like this...

    Then there are metals like copper which display odd results with magnetics as well... Copper tube and magnet...

    bismuth to me "without no real credientials" needs further investagation.
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    Joined: May 21, 2006
    Posts: 1

    PostPosted: Thu Oct 05, 2006 2:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    I would be interested to learn more about how his devices are set up and tuned. Aside from what is listed on his website, I was not able to locate any patents, technical information on this guy anywhere, I couldn't even locate his book anywhere for purchase. If anyone has any further information related to Donald Smith and his work, please share.
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    Joined: Nov 25, 2005
    Posts: 156

    PostPosted: Sat Oct 07, 2006 4:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


    I don't have seen any details in the news either. Should be all well lit up free of charge since than, since 1996.

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