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    www.zpenergy.com :: View topic - crystalline torsion field generators and group links
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    crystalline torsion field generators and group links

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    Author Message

    Joined: Apr 29, 2006
    Posts: 93

    PostPosted: Sat May 13, 2006 9:44 pm    Post subject: crystalline torsion field generators and group links Reply with quote

    To the TorsionField Group:

    From: http://www.groupkos.com/eso/tiki-index.php?page=Torsion+Field+Generator+Theory+of+Operation


    Crystalline Torsion Field Generator
    Assumed Theory of Operation

    Note: The Theory of Operation is offered as a conjectural premise, and will be revised or refuted as experiments unravel the principles involved, or lack of principles discovered. Your open mind is invited to venture beyond the edge of conformal science of man. Scalar torsion field theory is discussed, which is yet debated in peer-review academic society.

    Piezoelectric crystals create a voltage potential
    at opposite sides of their lattice when the crystal is physically strained. The strain along the atomic lattice of the crystal forces a migration of electrons to one side or the other of the balanced electrical symmetry of the piezoelectric crystal.

    Strain on solid matter lattice may occur from external forces. However, forces internal within the matter may also strain the lattice. Consider a piezoelectric crystal that is hollowed out to contain an internal void, and that void pneumatically pressurized. Pressure applied to the hollow void within the crystal would create strain upon the surrounding crystal lattice, and invoke a piezoelectrical potential.

    Now consider a different method
    for internally straining a crystal lattice. Rather than an internal pneumatic pressure, consider that a torsional strain on the fabric of space-time were somehow applied to the crystal lattice. Were a space-time torsional strain to span a gradient of change across the volume of the piezoelectric crystal, then the crystal would electrically respond to changes in the torsional space-time gradient: a ZPF pressure waves, or a standing ZPF vortex or waveform. This is due to the rigidity of the crystalline structure exposed to a change in the gradient of space-time across its structure, which crystalline rigidity is strained by the gradient of space-time, producing the piezoelectric potential.

    The theoretical gravity wave
    and the natural tidal forces are both assumed to be gradients in the space-time fabric: curved space per Einsteinian logics. While a natural gravity tidal force is static, a piezoelectric crystal that is revolving within a tidal gradient should then, theoretically, exhibit an alternating voltage fluxuation across its crystal lattice. Though spatial acceleration or deceleration may produce little measurable piezoelectric voltage within earth's gravity well, the immense tidal force of a black hole that approaches infinite energy should produce large voltage fluctuations across a piezoelectric crystal while it is in free-fall into a black hole, especially if the crystal is rotating, which would reverse the strain in different directions as the crystal rotates.

    Consider the effect of oscillating torsional gradients
    artificially created by the assumed effect of inductive cancellation of opposing magnetic fields in common bifilar wound electromagnetic coils. The potential energy of opposing magnetic fields disappears into "hyperspace", or in effect may realize a vectorial rotation from our "real" space-time into a hyper-disturbance. This disturbance created by the bifilar coils wound around a piezoelectric orb will create, in theory, a minor disturbance in the space-time fabric. This minor disturbance also creates a strain across the crystal lattice. The gradient of change upon spatial continuity across a span of the crystal lattice will effectively strain the lattice, which produces piezoelectric currents. In this case, the lattice does not undergo torsion, but the torsion of space biases the balanced electron flux of the piezoelectric crystal.

    Mind is a blur in time
    The argument for the scalar disturbance caused by several trillion cranial neurons containing DNA, which is a spiral helical scalar antennae, will be left for another context. Assuming for the moment that mentality is a time-loop feedback, as necessary in principle to change future through deterministic choice, then the dimple in time caused by mind will have a subtle effect upon the balance of electron flux across the atomic lattice of a piezoelectric crystal.

    Mind interacts with reality
    else wise, our physical bodies would not be animated by the Spirit within our corporeal forms. The aural sphere, that proximity of reality surrounding a sentient being within a living body, is the assumed operator that interfaces the greater subdominance into our perceptive atmosphere of mind.

    The effect of the life energies
    are no doubt subtle within our three-dimensional reality, yet many have claimed there is a causal effect on physical matter by the living aura of plants and animals. This auric effect is the activating energy conjectured in this study to interact with the aether energies which impinge all reality. The aether is the ZPF foundation of all the potential energy fields of atoms, which themselves are locked within a lattice structure in physical matter.

    Mind and Resonant Coupling
    Mind is a melodic harmony with the foundation of potential energies. These harmonies are based upon the Phi ratio--the Golden Rule, combined with the Pi relationship. The subtle energies of mind will harmonically couple with a resonant cavity that amplifies those waveforms which have a Phi ratio component in their frequency signatures.

    The Torsion Field Generator as a System
    is a bifilar coil spherically wrapping a piezoelectric orb which encapsulates a magnetic array that is structured as a dodecahedron. The control interface of the crystal orb is a proximal sentient mind, or conformed group mind. The myriad of spiral DNA molecules within the living neurons of the human cranial cavity cause an affect upon the Greater Subdominant Living Reality--which is the source of our life force. Mind, by the scalar coupling of of DNA, affects surrounding matter in some slight degree, and the crystal lattice of the TFG orb is influenced to a slight degree by the influence of mind when in the proximity of the crystalline resonator.

    Proximal sentient mind subtly affects
    the electron balance within the piezoelectric crystal lattice. The affect upon the lattice electrons is to produce a very slight electrical potential upon the crystal orb. This slight electric field produces a slight current that is removed from the orb by aluminum electrodes at opposite sides. The slight current is fed through the spherical Lissajous winding that is wrapped around the orb. As the current induced into the Lissajous coil from the influence of mind creates opposing magnetic fields, the cancellation, or self-nulled magnetism creates a scalar disturbance at the center point of the orb. The scalar disturbance within the crystal is conjectured to be in a literal sense a dimple in space-time, a gradient upon the ZPF foundation of reality. The scalar-induced dimple in space-time is "sensed" by the crystal lattice as a stress upon the lattice, which moves yet more electrons, which adds to and amplifies the original influence on the crystalline orb by the proximity of mind. The amplified/feedback grows in power, and the dimple in space-time created by mind is recreated by the crystalline orb in a highly amplified duplicate pattern of mind... the orb is an amplifier of a proximal sentient mind.

    As mind is a phenomenon of space-time
    dimpled by the melody of persona; dancing in harmony with the Celestial harmonies, the orb, too, is capable of rejecting aharmonic, spurious transient scalar energies due to the presence of the dodecahedron magnetic array embedded within the crystalline orb. The magnetic dodecahedron places geometric vector fields into the feedback process that inhibits any feedback amplification of energy that is not harmonic with the "sacred geometry" of the dodecahedron. The Kru Thom, the Celestial Guardians of the Living Earth, explain that so, too, are the energies of mind and soul a "sacred geometry" in the hyperdimensional existence of being, as a persona in concert with the Greater Subdominance, the hyper-holographic Mind of God and source of our being.

    yahoo group links :

    -DonEMitchell 2006.05.06

    Contributors to this page: mitch .
    Page last modified on Thursday 11 of May, 2006 [18:42:32] by mitch.
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    Joined: Apr 29, 2006
    Posts: 93

    PostPosted: Sat May 13, 2006 9:47 pm    Post subject: who and whom is involved . Reply with quote

    Hi Jacin and all ,

    You're in the right place to find answers for your questions.

    The answers you're wanting are yet to be determined, and you can be a part of discovering how we may engineer practical devices.

    So, please read all the information the forum has to offer, then see how much intuition you may have to contribute, and feel free to work with someone or simply watch for the answers you're hungry for.. like all the rest of us.

    Also read this whole page and the linked pages, please: http://www.groupkos.com/eso/tiki-index.php?page=Torsion+Field+Generator
    Perhaps the diction there is a bit high... but please grab an academic dictionary, and dig in... most of your curiosity will light up with concepts that begin to weave together you way. We want the original intuitions of each to be pooled for the best the group has to offer... verses any one person acting as grand-adviser.

    Here's the players, to date, that I'm aware of: Please suggest any other significant minds involved in this discovery, anyone...

    Kosol Ouch (pronounced Ku-ZAHL ooch): Cambodian born of Golden Child caliber in continual contact with the Ancient Ascended Ones that the Greys thought were long gone... D. Lowrance surprised them with Kosol's ancient design... Kosol forwards from the Kru: the Gray are the reality mechanics that weave our evolving now to produce the causality apparent that results from a war of our human desires... at a magnetoharmonic relationship with Earth and all life... David superscended the "holomatrix" woven by the Gray, who were surprised to discover humanity is again in possession of technology long, long ago destroyed on Mother Earth. We need not be longer deterred from a destiny brought to actuality by our own group mind--once we harmonize with the group mind of perhaps slumbering millions of humanity (the walking holo-zombies of Grey dominion), or more, on a community level in the Love and freedom of the Wishing Stone Technology.

    DonEMitchell: (me) A regular non-psychic (yet) guy with a life long interest in fringe science. I'm familiar with a wee bit of Grey tech concepts, but little. Meeting
    Kosol and discussing by phone the dual-bucking Caduceus resonator brought the Guardians and my higher self into the discussion, and the resultant is the Crystalline Torsion Field Generator. I mostly provided knowing for the concept of the spherical 3D Lissajous, and Kosol the concepts of the Platonic geometries... the piezoelectric crystallography knowing was dispatched direct from the Ancient Kru Thom, I think.

    David Lowrance: is a student of Kosol for a while now and had a deep appreciation for nuclear magnetic resonance and electromagnetics. David immediately began to apply a temporally coincidental breakthrough from his study of Wilbert Smith (try google, Jacin, and report back) and applied a harmonic frequency on a crystal (exact composition is not supposed to be critical... most any crystal will work in a magneto-dodecahedron, the more piezoelectric and ordered the better, power-efficiency wise). Pictures of Dave's experiment are in the files section of TorsionField Group. David is the only experienced traveler, besides Kosol, into the 4th density, or beyond? Only living traveler, that is... all of our beings will eventually pass over, which is where we originated, just to return... unless we become ascended in this life to avoid death... a phase transition of mentality and emotive being that transcends to higher density form with a mastery the Celestial crystal technology is given to provide.

    Vince Panella: one brilliant all around scalar technologist, presently building a mechanical Kosol Spherical Device. Vince lives in Italy, and is supporting the realization of the newly arrived Celestial Technology in our ongoing discussions, where the simplicity continues to light up our heads.


    The Celestial tech is given to us to prepare our race for first contact with the Ascended Beings of Light, among other wonders.

    This information in this forum is not to be taken lightly... be admonished to have your soul ready... and willing. Support the greater good, meditate on altruistic perfection... the crystal dynamics will invade your mentality... once hatched you won't get back into your old shell. Live to support the greater good, and ask at each moment what the purpose and outcome of any desire will be. Ponder.

    I know there are significant players in the intellectual group David ran with, but myself am so new a student of Kosol within his community, less than a month, that I'm not qualified to describe. Can you add to the "Who's Whom?" list, David and Kosol?

    I hope we may learn to have differing opinions agreeably in this forum, and want to offer one now that differs...

    Time is not linear... the past is not a straight journey, there is no past, nor future. There may be an infinite number of alternate realities, and any one of them may be a temporally-retarded or accelerated time-line. A Time-line is an evolving now... all simultaneous realities exist in our present now, only a different harmonic key with the sub-quantum timing-lattice keeps any one reality in a continuum of temporality (evolution of a "now").

    So, the adventures in time travel may be more technically -per my opinion, and please don't debate me, just offer your opinion- adventures in time-line jumping, into worlds that are perhaps very similar to ours but evolved at a different timing. There may also be the possibility that our local timing lattice may be retarded or accelerated.

    I believe this opinion also agrees with Kosol's information from the Kru.


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    Joined: Apr 29, 2006
    Posts: 93

    PostPosted: Mon May 15, 2006 11:40 pm    Post subject: dave comment on pi 3.14 and phi 1.86 Reply with quote

    Thanks for the warm welcome don,

    As to Wilbert Smiths group, I believe I barely touched on what they
    were probably doing, however we may never know. The scalar coil is
    definitly more then I expected as a pure scienctific expierement, and
    the addition of a crystal adds an immediate spiritual depth in that it
    did amplify the crystals normal effects. This was the direct
    expierence I needed to convince me that there is much substance to the
    design you are putting together here. I would recommend caution if
    others are jumping into this blind. I am a meditator of at least 20
    years and found the expierence disturbing at first. I would compare it
    to Sedonna's Cathedral Rock or inflow which can bring up negative
    emotions that have yet to be cleared in ones emotional aura.

    I feel the expierence I had was one of "mind" or pure mental plane
    functionality. The chart that I created represents the "realization"
    of the inner and outer conscious worlds for me, and the integrating of
    the Spiritual and Physical worlds. Both my scientific and my spiritual
    self drawing closer together in a true comprehension.

    Kosol never ceases to surprise me at each step of my learning process,
    as I struggle to "complicate" and "quantify" his very solid and
    Spiritual concepts of form and consiousness. Just now realizing that
    from the start, about a year ago now, his statements are begining to
    sink in. I find myself reading and rereading what apear to be simple
    statements, and yet contain deeper levels. An example:

    Pi is the circle, the pattern of body or physical form, and phi is the
    pattern of consiousness.

    If anyone is looking to begin a list of Kosols wisdom statements, or
    to begin a math model this is the begining. One I resisted for far too
    long because of the small attention these relationships get in todays
    mathematics. If this simple relationship is true, and I state this as
    a scientest, then it may be the most remarkable comprehension of this

    I am now very much intrested in the dodecahedran form as well.
    This is the first platonic form we studied, the first one introduced
    by Kosol as I recall. I studied it inside and out, I recorded the
    formulas for diameter and sides. I drew drawings and I mapped it on
    basketballs and other spheres, and tried to conceptualize ways of
    putting it to spinning objects. These mental excersises have left a
    pattern in my mind, I now even dream of this form.
    I have yet to begin to work with it in a device personally.
    I have spent much time working with pieces of the concept, and look
    forwards to a completed platonic model.

    I must say this project contains three elements that I relate to very
    strongly at present. Pezio crystal, scalar coil, and platonic form.

    If there is a step by step method necessary to comprehend what is
    happening here I would recommend as begining steps:

    1 - Obtain some quarts crystals and begin to learn to vibrate them
    with your hand chakras. This can be felt as heat, vibrations, tickles,
    pressure, or crawling sensations. Sensitivity to the pezio crystal
    structures is necessary in my opinion. Different crystals do "feel"
    different. Develope a sense of this reality.

    2 - Take this to the next step and move consiously into a crystal,
    mentally expanding it around yourself as you hold it in one hand.

    These are both common meditational techniques found in many crystal
    books available. But I really feel this sensitivity will aid in
    learning to interface with this sort of device, first at the lower
    chakras or hands and finally at the higher centers of the mind.

    Next I recommend picking up a stack of Neo magnets and do some of
    Kosols third eye meditations. Work up to stronger magnets at the third
    eye center, but start with only a few at first. The North pole I have
    found has an ability to bring in a light releasing of tensions that
    may form during a scalar type or torsion meditation expierence.
    They restore the natural 3 Density balance of mind to this plane.
    In Sedonna I would go to Bell rock for this effect after an intense
    inner processing of my negative supressed trauma events. The process
    of auric cleansing or "healing" which is becomming more prevelent
    today. A disturbed "emotional" body is going to get in the way as we
    open to this type of communications. And if indeed the "wishing stone"
    concept is realized, only a person who loves himself and loves others
    is likely to do well with it.

    When one is comfortable with these things then they may naturally
    begin to understand the concepts of this project and the possible
    benifits to humankind.

    The scalar coil may be a total mystery to some, and I have studied
    magnetism and overlapping magnetic fields every way that can be
    imagined. Overlapping magnetic fields form a force "paradox."
    A "paradox" is one of those things that the great meditators of old
    used to awaken their students. We can form mental models of this but
    they all seem to fall short where two opposing fields actually equal
    exactly. However "expierencing" the torsion forces has clearified this
    tremendously. The expierence was however "familiar"
    in a way I would never have expected. The vortexes at Sedonna which I
    could not measure with my compass and yet I could strongly sense was
    this familiarity.

    I look forward to following this project closely and I thank you all
    for the honor to participate.

    For the highest and greatest good of all involved,
    Dave L
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    Joined: Apr 29, 2006
    Posts: 93

    PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2006 11:34 am    Post subject: dave on the scalar coil for the device Reply with quote

    Hi David,

    Thank you for the information, Dave!

    Some TFG Project [notes] are interspersed:


    This simplest method is to just overdrive the coil with square waves.

    [A simple on off power switch, like a MOSFET with low resistance?
    I'm assuming there would need to be enough capacitance to supply the
    pulse as will maintain constant voltage while being drained by the

    Try to get the amplitude up if possible to keep the edges as sharp
    as possible. This will generate higher harmonics which will begin
    to "ring" the natural resonant frequencies in the crystal structure.

    [Even harmonics all share the same rising and falling edge of a
    square wave pulse.]

    I would suggest that after the natural frequencies are discovered,
    then a calculation be done to maximize current in this range and
    draw less power.

    [Can a grid-dip meter or equivalent principle be used to sweep
    a range of frequencies for optimum performance? Could the PC based
    signal generation software have a chance of helping?]

    A sharp resonance in the coil is not desirable for
    the initial tests because a coil resonance will cause a "sine" wave
    to appear and the higher frequency harmonics may be lost. I believe
    that we desire a crystal-to-human link resonance, not a copper coil

    [Excellent point, Dave. Perhaps a "sentient-peak" meter, with mind as
    the sensory device Smile Also, the mind is coupled with transients in
    the ZPF, the conduit (assumed) of crystal-mind super-luminosity, so
    we're not talking about coupling with the wattage of the device, but
    about coupling with the information on the ZPF that is tuned into
    local space-time torsional resonance, which our neuronal DNA also
    tune into which enables us to be a biological being.]

    The more turns on the coil the higher the input voltage must be to
    create a magnetic field but the better the field will saturate the
    device. A basic 555 timer circuit can be constructed and powered
    with from 5 to about 12 volts. If sharper square waves are desired,
    then a driver stage can be added.

    [A thought: Kosol's early quartz crystal "Healing Hands" work in
    Mexico used a step up transformer to drive the wires woven around
    quartz crystals. Kosol says the glow seen in the dark could be
    manipulated with thought. How does this connect with frequency
    considerations, being the step-up transformer used would have some
    sever rise-time limitations?]

    I am developing a 3 frequency model as time permits. The driver will
    mix three separate frequencies which can each resonate the three
    crossing faces of the crystal structure as they each will cross the
    coil at different incident angles. If it turns out that sine waves
    will work on subharmonics then much lower power can be used, but the
    peaking or tunning will become very sensitive and much harder to
    adjust and the coil will have to be modified for a frequency

    [Possible reference: Fran De Aquino in South America has a page
    (with music) that used combined frequencies on mu-metal coils of
    geometric shape... http://users.elo.com.br/~deaquino/ ]

    I will keep you posted on this as we further our experimental data
    base using the quartz devices we are testing. The techniques will be
    mastered as we try them because the "human" is the sensor with this
    kind of opposing scalar energy.

    [The forum is lucky to have you with us, Dave!]

    I have yet to get a closed loop wiring to produce much effect
    without a signal generator source, but I understand others have had
    success with this using larger gauge wire. My experiments have used
    24 gauge wire which is working quite well. Your smaller gauge should
    work just fine and probably be more efficient.

    I am conjecturing that if the correct frequencies are discovered
    then a closed non powered coil could be designed to start up using
    only human field energy, as the crystal has an amplifying effect
    noted in observing the laser effect in quartz. Light moving through
    a quartz crystal takes a coil or DNA spiral type path approx 3 times
    longer then the crystals length, winding through the C axis. It
    supposedly gains energy as it moves through.


    The salts you are using should give a similar effect however I have
    no access to any atomic models for them to verify the pyramid
    structure. I will keep my eyes opened for this.

    [There's a free demo of an app that renders atomic lattices of minerals
    in 3-D called Diamond 3 that might help...

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    Joined: Apr 29, 2006
    Posts: 93

    PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2006 7:04 pm    Post subject: dave on the concept Reply with quote


    It looks like things are moving along for you, congratulations.
    One of the things I end up doing a lot in this kind of work is to
    begin to see the "patterns" from the very large scale to the very
    small scale, as we study the structures.

    5 - 21 - 06 [c_s_s_p Crystal Scalar Support Project]

    The crystal structures we are working with represent the star
    tetrahedron and the pyramid. This is the structure of the crystals on
    the atomic layer. Like this or not it is present in the design and one
    piece of the picture. Two torsion forces will freely move through this
    structure to alter time flow rate. How this effects consiousness is
    anyones guess at present. However I am glad you are seeking out Light
    workers and the personal development in the emotional healing arts and
    beyond. You can never go wrong in bringing in more understanding from
    all perspectives.

    New research:
    I have recently done an expierment involving only an Aluminum tube,
    wrapped with a scalar coil, and energized with a pure sine wave at
    around 880 Khz.

    The effect is very perceptible within the brain and produces a very
    relaxing sensation throughout my body, after several minutes of

    Doing a frequency sweep, pure sine waves, in this method I have been
    able to map the entire spine as a sensory receptor of this kind of
    energy. It can literally be tunned to any point in the nervous system
    up the vertical column of the body.

    We have already seen that this can cause "emotional baggage" to
    surface with my first crystal expierence. If one is ready for this and
    has learned to feel, deal, and heal, their should be little fear at
    The energy levels is what I am most impressed with. Very little energy
    is necessary to expierence this neural to coil coupling effect.

    I would be glad to bring in more people who would like to try to
    verify my results at present. Any volunteers?

    I consider this one of many expierments that may need to be understood
    before fluent engineering of scalar devices becomes totally mastered.

    One other expierment we could do is to grow a smaller crystal around
    only two or three differently alligned magnets to see exactly how the
    crystals will allign themselves in this respect, and how the resulting
    torsion fields will radiate.

    I have also created something I call the "scalar pad." Using only wire
    and Aluminum backing it seems to radiate a single scalar face
    perpendicular to the pad face. It was my intention to use this pad to
    explore the crystal structures identifing the normal angular edges of
    crystal growth. However this pad gives one the ability to generate
    scalar waves in any patterns by positioning several of them in a form.
    Indeed this could be the fastest way to try a truly dodeccahedron
    shapped device using 20 such pads. Sitmulation can be with signal
    generators. All kinds of ideas have come in from these discoveries.
    These can also form a basis for measuring and testing the crystal
    device, as others learn to use these kind of devices.

    So I am asking for someone who may be willing to verify my findings,
    in this very simple coil aluminum tube expierment.

    The hardest item to obtain is a function generator, or signal
    generator that will go up to about 1 Mhz and offer a smooth dial type
    frequency tunning. The chakras all have "Protonic magnetic fields" in
    frequencies below 880 Khz, and this is the function of the Aluminum as
    near as I can tell.

    As the Aluminum Protons are anchored within the strong force area of
    the atom, our coil is effecting this area. We see layers of Nucleons
    spining opposite directions as we move up the tube, within the
    structure of this coil.

    In touch,
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    Joined: Apr 29, 2006
    Posts: 93

    PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2006 7:07 pm    Post subject: a little bit more from dave Reply with quote


    One more tidbit of info as to measuring torsion forces.

    As our Russian friends have told us, and I now confirm, Aluminum is
    a material that can alter a torsion field.

    If you want to build one of your coils and test it, simply use
    Aluminum to make it become perceptable. The presence of this causes
    the torsion fields to pop right out where you can feel them with a
    sensitive palm chakra. If you wrap one of your coils around an
    aluminum sphere you should be able to quickly determine it's scalar
    radiation pattern. I know this will react differently to the crystal
    structure, but it may help you determine the strongest scalar fields
    the coil can produce. Since you are wanting it to converge at the
    center, an Aluminum ball at the center would be a very valid test of
    the scalar interaction as well for any coil design. With an 880 Khz
    sine wave you should be able to "feel" it. This is a gentle method
    of sensing the scalar pattern.

    The two recent expiermental devices, are a good example, and can be
    used to demonstrate the reality of this concept.

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    Joined: Apr 29, 2006
    Posts: 93

    PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2006 7:28 pm    Post subject: operation of the device . Reply with quote

    Artistic Illustration of the Crystalline Torsion Field Generator Version 1
    Alternate link if this e-card does not display correctly

    This device was obtained from the Greater Subdominance and is dedicated
    to an increase of general knowledge and social welfare for the Greater Good.

    Celestial Torsion Field Generator Version 1 is an approximate rendering of geometries
    of the first CTFG construction planed by the Sedona psiField Society.


    Version 1 plans, explanation of assumed theory of operation, and the background leading to the discovery of the CTFG design will be presented on May 7, 2006 at the Cottonwood Discussion Group, Cottonwood, AZ, hosted by a former Michigan MUFON Director, Rich McVannel. Contact Rich for meeting information at: rbm@freeway.net

    Crystalline Torsion Field Generator, Version 1

    A proposed and tentative design by
    the Sedona psiField Society

    Components and Assembly:
    -A central core 1/2" NIB magnet.
    -A dodecahedron assembled from NIB magnets, made from 1/4" ball bearings and 3/16" dia. X 3/4" NIB magnets.
    -The magnets are crystallized inside of piezoelectric Roshelle Salt to form an orb (ground and polished).
    -The outer spherical 3D Lissajous coil (bifilar) is of several hundred feet of 26 gauge enameled wire.
    -The coil is twisted and looped18 times over a six inch plastic sphere (not shown), nine loops on one half, nine loops on the other hemisphere.

    Theory of Operation:
    The coil is driven by the minor piezoelectric potential produced by psionic transients, which is collected by aluminum foil (not shown) glued onto the salt orb above each point of the dodecahedron, with each set of aluminum contacts per hemisphere wired to a common terminal. The two common terminals collecting piezoelectricity are wired through an on/off switch directly to the Lissajous scalar coil. This configuration creates a scalar resonance against the piezoelectric affect which greatly amplifies the original psionic patterns of mind in proximity with the device [img][/img][img][/img][url][img]

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    PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2006 7:55 pm    Post subject: crystal scalar support project 101 Reply with quote

    Scalar Palm Dowsing 101: A Crystal Scalar Support Project: c_c_s_p

    Hi Dave,

    This is fascinating! Please start a c_s_s_p folder at TorsionField Group files section, Dave. I'm amazed! Neural resonance.

    Does the "feeling it" regarding the 880 kilohertz tuned aluminum scalar coil refer to a general field strength? Or are you referring to an ability to realize the spatial texture of a torsion field? ...like where it starts and stops in space. Also, do you think you are more sensitive now than before your 4th density visit?

    Were you using the Wilbert Smith saddle-winding for scalar activation on the aluminum tube? We want pictures! Smile

    I'm very eager to attempt symmetry tests on spheres as you recommend. The neural mapping you've done is amazing, Dave! The Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation research may get excited by your neural resonance discovery.

    By the way, Kosol said more than once that aluminum hemispheres, separated by a gap for electrical isolation, would be the optimum electrodes contacting the Rochelle Salt orb of the CTFG.

    If the palm dowsing can be used by a non-sensitive like myself to feel the 1-D scalar wave of an easy to wind cylindrical Caduceus coil, it would go a long way toward a "hands on" understanding of principles... excellent training material, Dave!

    How do you recommend one creates 0.888 megahertz pulse train from scratch?

    Vince, do you have any recommendations for a shoe-string budget oscillator?

    Can a 555 timer go that high? Maybe with a tuned quartz crystal oscillator on the 555? I've not done electronics work for twenty years. Consider me a rank newbie Smile This can help others at my level of electronics, also... with a focus on inexpensive and simple.

    This would be a great Scalar 101 Lab exercise. Your other scalar experiments also sound fascinating... I'm eager to hear more.

    Are there any group members from the TorsionField Group that also want to create or assist in a group project for easily reproduced Scalar Palm Dowsing?



    p.s. This is just a question in the dark... would aluminum based minerals, or alum crystals, or aluminum oxide, or aluminum sulfate, etc, be scalar-active, also? And an old grey-tech question... will bismuth reflect scalar gradients?
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    PostPosted: Mon May 22, 2006 6:37 am    Post subject: timer circuits Reply with quote

    Don i can provide you with a configuration for the 555timer to generate a rectangular square wave, there are some formulas you have to deal with , basically the formula control the charge transient and discharge transient for the external capacitor , these are parameters which are very important because they shape the square wave, note that the wave isn't really square, its rectangular, if this is still good for you i can go ahead and design the circuit.If you want real square wave, i have to design a circuit in a complete different manner.
    The frequency for the 555timer is governed by this equation:

    f = 1.44 / ( Ra+2Rb )C
    Ra and Rb are external resisitors , they control the raising and falling time for the rectangular wave, C is hte capacitance
    just do a simple computation like this

    ( Ra + Rb ) *c = 1.44/ Freq
    where Freq is the frequency in Hertz you want to obtain
    so its a matter of choosing Ra, Rb and C
    i suggest to leave the C fixed and play with Ra and Rb
    not that the constant for the charge transient is t = (Ra+Rb)*C
    and for the discharge is t=Rb*C
    so its a matter to choose wiselt your resistor constants.

    By the way did you see the code i sent you abou tthe 3d Lissajous curve ?
    did you punto into povray ?
    The following message comes from Kosol Ouch, and is edited by DEM for grammar and readability.


    To Don, Dave and Group: a reminder from the Guardians to build the device according to Guardian's specs:

    1) The hyper cube version
    2) And the illustrated Version #1 is fine also

    As agreed upon:
    1) No crazy experimental designs at this time
    -Later will be OK but not now

    2) The device will only be harmonic once the entire device is completely built as the Guardians prescribed.
    -See attachments below of Ver. 1 illustration which will have two aluminum hemispheres (not shown)

    3) No other perspective in the design of the Celestial Wishing Stone, from other light workers or alike, are welcomed at this point and time--not now-- but in the future it will be OK, but not at this point in time.

    4) The Guardians don't want you guys to mess around with other designs and opening up of portals with out their guidance, or else you will opening portals to hostel worlds in another phase densities accidentally. That will cause them a head ache which they don't want to deal with at this time.

    So follow the agreement , they are watching you guys and the builders very closely, with interest.

    Remember that this is Celestial Technology, not just any technology.

    Be safe and be careful, for all of our sakes.

    With warmth and regard,

    Kosol Ouch

    p.s. I have been reporting what you guys posted to the guides. You know I will step in if something goes wrong--Like right now, as a reminder: All light workers can come in, as user of the Celestial Wishing Stone Device, but none of them must ever alter the Guardian's design--or else you do it at your own risk to your souls, life, and planet.

    Well, that is a reminder already--don't think that i am not watching, I am watching and enforcing the agreement of the design, right now we all need the aid of Celestial Collective Minds guidance and assistance more then ever.

    Yes, for those who want to know the design I have attached the illustration of the agreed design between, the builders and the Guardians. The two aluminum hemispheres that is separated by space at the equator of the crystal orb are not shown in either of the 2 illustrations.

    Kosol Ouch

    Guardian Contracted Designs (contract ensured Guardian assistance):

    Crystalline Torsion Field Generator Version 1
    A core sphere magnet, a magnetic dodecahedron, piezoelectric salt orb, and an 18-loop spherical 3D Lissajous coil

    [dem: The Guardian mind can occupy the dodecahedral, 20-point Platonic geometry, therein the contract importance]

    The Hyper-cubed CTFG
    A core sphere magnet, three concentric magnetic dodecahedrons of ascending size, orb, and coil

    [dem: The Guardian may occupy the hyper-cubed design, and the three layers enable coupling with human body, mind, and human higher mind.]
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    PostPosted: Mon May 22, 2006 6:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    Hi Vince and Dave,

    Thanks for the 3D trigonometry work, Vincenzo!

    I will plug your equations into POVRay hopefully soon... been sort of busy. I'm working with the Rochelle Salts that arrived this week, and also have my presentation to work up.

    You're likely right about "Lissajous" as a proper term, however, if you study a 2D Lissajous on an oscilloscope screen, it has various "apparent" 3D geometries.

    By apparent, I mean, the curves on the scope look like three dimensional objects, especially if they are a little out of phase and show an animated rotation of their loops.

    If the horizontal and vertical inputs of an oscilloscope are feed with two sine wave of integer multiples of frequency difference, then this creates a Lissajous pattern, named after the French fellow. If the horizontal scope axis is twice the frequency of the vertical axis, then the screen will show a figure eight pattern. This figure eight is also "bifilar" in the sense that the horizontal scans left to right and crosses with two cycles, to cross its own path, while the vertical sine wave input cycles only once.

    So my use of the term "3D Lissajous coil" is borrowing words that are not standard, but nor is the sense of a 3D oscilloscope. So, rather than an oscilloscope with an extra Z axis that would literally trace solid geometry in a 3D space, the wire coils DO trace a 3D space. And rather than only two inputs of X and Y sine waves at different frequencies, the 3D Lissajous has X, Y, and Z sine wave inputs.

    So, though we can't "see" it, the 3D Lissajous has "apparent" 4D electromagnetic vector fields... which is sort of stretching the analogy, perhaps. Smile

    Here's another possible way to draw a spherical Lissajous, maybe I should simply call it a spherical bifilar, but the trick is to have the axial spacing of the loops spaced by a sinusoidal function... so...

    If a vector is rotated in the X and Y axes around the origin, it will trace a circle at its tip. If at the same time it is precessing toward the perpendicular Z axis (like Dave's NMR nuclear spins precess about a polar axis) then I think the proper coil will be created, which is fairly closely depicted by the latest illustration of the CTFG version 1...

    Big: http://www.groupkos.com/img/tfg/CTFG_core_dodeca_orb_18-loops_text_1024x768.jpg
    Medium: http://www.groupkos.com/img/tfg/CTFG_core_dodeca_orb_18-loops_text_640x480.jpg
    Small: http://www.groupkos.com/img/tfg/CTFG_core_dodeca_orb_18-loops_text_320x240.jpg

    By using the precessing orbit-tracing vector, most of the trigonometry happens in the graphical engine's matrix transforms, automatically.

    To trace this spherical scalar coil, the precession would proceed toward the Z axis, slow, and stop, then return to the orbit plane, then continue without stopping through the equatorial plane of the vector rotation toward the opposite end of the Z axis.

    One sine wave function could handle the smooth (natural) slowing at the poles, which draws loops with compressed spacing near the polar axis, and more separated in the spherical equator.

    The orbital vector rotation would step at a fixed rate. The precessional oscillation between the poles would be a simple sine function that steps at an integer division of the X-Y rotation, to set the loop count. The smallest loops at either pole would then be set by the maximum angle of precession oscillation from the X-Y equatorial plane.

    This also seems to mimic what an aluminum atom might do if it were flipping in resonant coupling with an RF antennae, maybe... Comments, Dave?

    One note in passing that has been on mind... a vector and an anti-vector, both rotating about a point, can only trace odd numbered loops, as it will only need Pi/2 rotation, or a half turn, for the non-precessing vector-antivector to get back to its starting trace point. This gets hard to see perhaps without an illustration... stay tuned.

    The difference that I'm intuiting... a dual vector-antivector tracing that makes only odd-loop count system will create a dipole scalar phenomenon.

    The mono-vector tracing makes even looped systems that create a bucking-scalar phenomena. If this turns out to be the case, then one other piece of physical data will nearly complete the engineering basis for these tri-axial sinusoidal coils (3D Lissajous) and that's the piezoelectric type of the crystal orb material... one type creates voltage polarity that is parallel with the direction of mechanical strain, while the other type of piezoelectric crystal will create voltage at a right angle to the applied mechanical strain.


    V-Seventy-One (Vincenzo) wrote:

    I can help you , according to my 'real life' out there , and me nocturnal free time.
    Anyway , thre is an intersting thing i want to exchange with you.
    I have written the equation for the Lissajous parametric curve.
    the interesting thing is that this is not a lissajous curve in the proper term
    a lissajous is a spiral mappend onto a sphere, using that equations i could
    get only 1 loop around the sphere.
    I have started from zero, and i came to the conclusion that this is a bifilar coil mapped onto a sphere, i don't know if it can be classified as Lissajou,but definitively , it is not.
    I have coded in c++ and opengl the rendering for the first turn of the first half of the sphere, because i want to get the entire coil by simmetry.
    That took a while but i have optimized the math code quite a bit compressing into some easy equations
    i send you the code i have done so far :

    float radius=50.0f;
    float i;
    float rad;
    float step;
    float Loops;
    float xinc;
    float angle;
    float degtorad;
    Loops=4.0f; // loops of the coil
    xinc=16.0f; // this is the number of point creating the circle which is wrapped around the sphere
    // you can increse this number to make the curve more smooth
    for ( i=0; i<360.0f*Loops; i+=step )
    px= radius*cos( angle )*( cos ( rad ) );
    pz= radius*cos( angle )*( sin ( rad ) );
    py= radius*sin( angle );
    // px,py,pz hold the position for the projected point use this as a coordinate for positioning a primitive
    // a sphere or something else
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    PostPosted: Tue May 23, 2006 1:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    Vince, Kosol, Don,


    Thanks for looking in on the frequency exciter idea. Always glad to get
    green light from the boys up stairs.

    First I would like to say it is not my intention to offer too much in
    way of distraction to the major goal of the "contract" device, or to
    get us
    building other devices. My intention is to offer support for the
    project at

    Several have asked for a "simple circuit" that can be used for
    the crystal coil and the Aluminum sensor, to build a sensitivity to
    this energy, and to working with the coils.
    A function generator can cost $200 or more, and few are able to

    Vince has offered some good equations. What we need is a spherical map
    the coil [crossing points] as measured down each side as a function of
    sphere circumference, to lay out one of these coils. Then we can
    things like wire resistance and frequency sensitivity using the gentle
    waves for measurements.


    Here is what I can offer:

    The scalar coils produce a very wide bandwidth, they are mostly
    however low frequencies attenuate much more then high frequencies.
    drops to 20 millivolts, in my small coils, but in Dons large coil it
    may be
    workable since he will probably be up above 8 ohms with his many turns.

    The total nuclear magnetic resonant band is in the range of 100 Khz to
    Mhz near strong magnets which the device will contain].

    A general exciter unit should have a dial that can slide from around
    up to 1Mhz.
    This could use a band switch if necessary on the resisters or

    I would suggest a couple 9 volt batteries in parallel, to deliver a
    more punch, but one 9 v battery would probably work fine.

    The most desirable wave form for tunning things up like coils is a SINE
    wave. This produces a very gentle effect yet is noticable. A simple 880
    sine wave is very pleasant and can be used as a measuring device.

    For crystal work the square wave is best and this is where we get into
    very strong torsion fields.
    Vince is correct in that the waveform needs to transition as fast as
    possible, just as Tesla moved into impulse waveforms.

    If one small cheap device could be engineered to produce both wave
    along with a manual tunning knob, this would be a very useful tool, not
    intended to be a replacement device, only a tool in support of the
    orb unit as was offered by the Celestial guides.

    I see imediate need to design this simple unit first so people can
    this effect and its usefullness to the project.

    If a multi freq unit is desired also, the same circuits can be used and
    combined to form a composite output in a more complex device.


    I would love to hear your input on the easiest method to put these two
    waveforms into one unit.

    Also the square wave does not need to be square, we could save power by
    making a very short impulse "on time" and a longer rest time. This
    should be
    considered as an option and tested but I do not know if the larger
    coils can
    be pushed this fast at low power levels with only a 9 v battery. So the
    perfectly square wave, or a [one third on/ two thirds off] wave could
    used, or even a [one ninth on /8 ninths off] or even a 6 function on to

    Sweet used SCR devices to produce these pulses, and this may be an
    for a higher energy impulse from a small capacitor discharge circuit
    only a 9v battery.

    If one does not want to go "under" then keep the sine wave function, or
    "gentle" mode for tunning against Aluminum and the crystals will
    stay pretty tame.

    Vince if you have some circuit ideas I can probably bread board them in
    pretty short order for testing.

    Dave L
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    PostPosted: Wed May 24, 2006 1:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

    FROM: angelic_vortex1@yahoo.com DATE: Tue, 23 May 2006 01:59:08 -0700 (PDT) SUBJECT: to Dave, the Guardians said that your idea in combined frequency from three or four different source is very advance and safe To Dave, The Guardians said that your idea of combined frequencies from three or fours different [timing] sources is very advanced and safe, so go ahead and do that, to find the best optimize frequency for the crystal device. [dem: Kosol buys into Dave's original direction.] Furthermore with the 3 or four different sources of frequencies that are being combined you will have many frequencies to play with. [dem: Combinations? This suggests that the dodecahedron piezo-magnetic array can have multiple harmonic components from pulse-assists. Comments Dave? This has
    been the assumption all along, as psionic resonance is much more than a sine wave. I assume there will be many frequency components of various amplitudes, essentially, the melodies of persona.] Also you will be able to find the optimum frequency for the crystal device that you are working on. So go for it . [dem: A multi-frequency device can be tweaked to optimum efficiency.] With warm regard, Kosol Ouch .

    FROM: angelic_vortex1@yahoo.com DATE: Tue, 23 May 2006 07:19:37 -0000 SUBJECT: the timing circuit for the crystal device( lets make it the best timing frequency) --- The timing circuit for the crystal device, lets make it the best timing frequency circuit for it. As well, this circuit will be [mechanically] adapted to the device along
    with the safety switch. [dem: Kosol is far from the first to think of this.] [dem: Assumption: based on Dave's optimum activating frequencies discovered, Vince is suggested to hard wire these frequencies into a timer. Comments, Vince and Dave? If the coil is impulse activated the impulse timing trains may be mixed as one pulse train of mixed timing. A high-speed digital bucket brigade could be used to mix pulse trains which could gate adjacent buckets to pulse or not to pulse a pulse brigade assembled by a master clock of frequency higher than the highest mixed frequency. The bucket-brigade is made from gated-flip-flops.] Also the circuit can have an add on power supply like a rechargeable battery, etc., to help give it a power kick during start up and use. [dem: This assumes the device will kick-start with a power assist, and then go into an over-unity mode to recharge the batteries. This extra-current was early on explained to me
    from Kosol as a tap into the piezoelectric current that also drives the Lissajous coil. Loading of the Lissajous coil may need a balancing scheme to maintain resonance.] Thanks Vince, in advance. From Kosol Ouch
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