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PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 1:48 pm    Post subject: Vectors Reply with quote

Submitted by Sam Sade to the main page:


Do vector lines represent physical quantities? If yes, what are these tangible qualities, if not, what are the causal arguments for vectors observable influences?

These quanta terms; Alpha, Beta and Gamma are used here to avoid having to invent new terminology.
When applied to cosmological linear perturbation the vector theory simplifies quantum mechanics and can be used to describe the structure notably of the initial conditions in the universe all inclusive. There is ample evidence that the universe from its origin was a closed heterogeneous environment which submits to the natural laws of physics and set this chaotic state into motion. In order to explain the evolution of celestial matter structures it required a force to initiate coalescence. These chaotic initial conditions of a closed system were ideally suited when applied to linear motion as inferred in the "relativistic distance theory" as a push force.

Define coalesce; - a process by which two or more separate quantum units are pushed together and make contact, held juxtaposed by a force all the while maintaining an autonomous existence.

The universe is a collection of autonomous juxtaposed quantum units, a network influenced under a common and clearly defined force. This tangible infrastructure provides through itself a net force transferring pressure from point A to point B throughout the entire universe.

Vector values can be used to describe the Greater Universe as a closed system. This vector theory creates a simpler model to hypothesize and extrapolate basic factors that represent functions as concerning to cosmological linear perturbation in quantum mechanics. All pressure in regards to vectors is divided and we may emphasize to understand a closed system and its fundamental function of force as natural occurrences in a plasmic environment.

How do we know dark matter really exists?

I believe in order to explain motion in any environment there must exist a chaotic state that is not only deterministic but in essence its’ doctrine must be that all occurrences in nature take place in accordance with natural laws.
Hypothetically I believe alpha and beta units form dark matter plasma and by all accounts a need for its existence is undeniable. In fact, its existence infers as to how initial conditions and things visible are composed; example, velocities, celestial orbits, density, buoyancy, push theory, linear motion, how vectors function and what makes physics work are just to name a few. Quantum units cannot be viewed by any of our technologies and most likely not by any future developments. One must consider the very essences of these technologies are constructed of the very same quantum units; they simply will not be discernable.

This vector theory is used here to represent that lines extending outwards are tangible, finite, and support analytical propositions that outward line values can not end at points that equals zero. We can interpret an extending line as tangible juxtaposed beta units extending from point A to point B; both points represented as physical values. A vector as a tool of physics can provide visual analysis, observations and how natural laws interplay with non - visible forces and impact direction and motion on visible matter.

Note; What is intrinsic value?
A quantum unit has in itself or for its own sake a principle value and is regarded as an end or an unchangeable in itself.
The term quanta carries a basic value of heat that the environment arbitrarily supports as to the amount of matter contained in this unit.
In theory, intrinsic value is not necessarily the basal state of the principles of quantum matter. In reality if Z is an intrinsic value than "Z minus" cannot be achieved, reason being the initial conditions or the environment set limitations for any further division beyond the thermal point of Z; where Z is defined as a quanta unit.
The term "intrinsic" is a value when once reached; further division cannot contribute any value to its immediate environment, theoretically it should be possible but in reality it has no options or space.
If one accepts the idea that intrinsic values exist, than a finite volume of the Greater Universe (G.U) requires a physical form where decay or coalescence are means to an end, this hypothesis explains two phenomena; one, the 1st L of T which states, why matter can not be created or destroyed and the second is, why the greater universe must be a three dimensional closed system. This suggests that the universe is finite and cannot contain any sized vacuum.

Why do we need dark matter? If you want to bake a cake, if nature wants to design a human it needs quantum matter. Why? ~ 80 to 85 % of the ingredients are alpha and beta units. Another way to view alpha and beta is as extremely low thermal valued matter.
The theory of quantum mechanics has the physical capacity to predict deterministically the behavior of a chaotic system with precise predictability. This theory when well understood would provide a proper account in a mechanical sense, how net force can influence the quanta world deterministically from the bottom up.

We err when we divide basic systems into more then one type. It is imperative to define the physical intrinsic values of quanta as a family of properties and how they relate in the formation of the myriads of visible and non visible entities. We may presume that the basic physical properties in all systems are the same and correspond in the formation of structure but not necessarily in shape, size or function.

In the quantum context the term observable was used as interchangeable with physical and metaphysical states, a theory nowadays by some as unacceptable. The state of space as a system rests as one physical possibility; space is quanta all inclusive, a closed system with no outside.
These conditions are absolutely necessary for quantum mechanics to function properly; a bounded heterogeneous environment, unitary and linear quanta, a density of omega = one and contain a zero vacuum. This chaotic state is not only deterministic but in essence its’ doctrine is that all occurrences in nature take place in accordance with natural laws.
For instance a possible description of space as represented by the mechanics of vectors show for net force to function the mass must be embedded in a long lasting plasma field. The mass is set in an environment in which internal relations among all quantum units behave in compliance with dynamic laws, ergo describes the true paths of all vectors. When you know ~ everything there is to know as provided by any local system the dynamics clearly show a state of chaos that abides by the laws of nature.

The aim here is to show that vectors are basically active or ~ inactive in a three dimensional environment. In linear algebra, vector lines are coordinates, between points in space, therefore operations of vectors can define interactions and how lines interact in a mini universe. Vectors are lines of juxtaposed infinitesimal ~ spheres (beta) with coordinates that satisfy linear extensions and must be represented as infinitesimal measurables in a three dimensional mini universe. There are multi n - vectors along with multi n-coordinates interacting in space. This labyrinth network of intercommunicating vectors is a “simplicity wrapped in complexity”. Each quantum represents an infinitesimal force of influence but their cumulative affect; cannot be denied.

J. Kepler’s conjecture on close packing.

3 dimensional close packing as dark matter plasma may be confusing.

A close packing theory can predict how alpha units as ground state properties form a plasma and how they interact with the mingling beta. Regular packing is where alpha units juxtaposed and of equal size, form a lattice; when layered as a hexagonal close packing model they form alpha plasma.
This same theory applies where beta units juxtaposed and of equal size will in a like manner form a lattice; when layered as a hexagonal close packing model they as well form beta plasma and when intermingled they form a well defined mass. When beta plasma is intermingled with the principle alpha plasma they form a new arrangement; an arrangement that serves to produce alpha interstices. When beta lattice like sheets are embedded in alpha plasma and when overlaid with “b” covering the interstices of “a” and with each additional layer set over its underlying interstices; this repetitive sequence is defined here as an ABAB model which eventually results as a hexagonal close packing intermingled plasma. This mingling of plasmas spawns “dark matter” plasma.
I think all structures are arrangements composed of stacked lattice like layers of quanta ~ spheres; countless configurations of motile and immotile systems in our universe are the aftereffects of "irregular" close packing.
This ~ infinite sequence will lay out a description as to how a mini universe may truly appear.
The clump mass which I describe here is a coalescence of baryon particles embedded in an existing hexagonal close packing model, (dark matter plasma). Sphere packing here describes a juxtaposed arrangement of alpha and beta units in an ABAB model, embedding the clump mass in this intermingled plasma. Each alpha and beta lattice extends to the full extent of a mini universe followed by a second layer and third to beyond calculable, this postulate eventually lays open to a theory of a three dimensional dark matter matrix, embedding all baryon mass. We can define the density of this matrix in its surrounding environment as identical with that of greater universe all-inclusive as omega = one. Embedded within the plasma lies a wealth of information on the nature of vectors, their function, density of space and the three dimensional mapping of alpha and beta units as DM plasma.

The prototype which I describe here is vector mapping; how dark matter constructs a three dimensional close packing model with countless lattice like layers ultimately embedding all mass. Each hexagonal close packing lattice stretches out across the full extent of space only to be interrupted by scattered clump matter throughout the mini universe. We must be aware it is the mass volume through coalescences or decay that change; the matrix itself is long lasting and the density is constant.

Linear 3 Dimensional Packing for vector influence may be confusing.

A chaotic theory may explicate the relativity pertinent to initial conditions, quantum units, their mechanics, disorder, heterogeneity and with sound reason define how "open systems" function in a "closed system".
Pressure is the total force as applied by quantum units to a mass area from all directions perpendicularly to the surface of said mass in question. It is simpler to demonstrate on a two dimensional beta lattice the pressure pathways. However in space the true form is a 3 dimensional model with many more vector lines interjecting and affecting the force in each individual unit, particle or mass. It is a logical summation that the trajectories of linear forces will alter / modulate as they transfer from one beta unit to the next adjacent beta unit.

Direction of movement

A lower value indicates the direction of moving towards, while the force motion is subject to the “relativistic distance theory” as a push force. It is not incorrect to say "the pressure is directed from the higher to the lower pressure". The pressure at equilibrium has no direction or motion. Sufficient force or pressure with e - equilibrated vector diametric lines will have direction and motion. This 3 dimensional spheroid model is constructed as juxtaposing beta units transfer pressure through touching boundaries.

Relativistic distance is the distance between two baryon objects in a relatively close proximity to each other. Hypothetically when two baryon objects (big or miniscule) embedded in DM plasma are close enough to each other in space, an e - equilibrium is created and the normal force directly between the two objects weakens. What RD has managed to accomplish is unequal beta pressure between the inner facing surfaces as opposed to their diametric outer surfaces. At a normal state objects in space would experience ~ equal pressure to the entire surface, but e-equilibrium infers a state in which all of the vectors on these objects are NOT balancing each other out as such, that there is a net effect there and the net force does NOT equal zero.

Vectors line values may be confusing.

In reality there are a vast number of vectors acting on a sphere or any shaped object but for this purpose we will use the term “ ~ incalculable”. Since everything tangible is three dimensional; vectors can be considered as beta units extending outwards. Hypnotically many diametric vectors lines will ultimately be unbalanced and present us with baffling conclusions. The basic principles of net force are explicitly determined by the law of “relativistic distance” for each vector and its diametric counter part.

In theory a vector is a physical linear pathway for pressure, the requirements for initial conditions in this environment are; heterogeneity, a density of omega one, juxtaposed quanta, unitary motion and an absolute absence of vacuum. Forces in the universe have perpetual existence and will activate as a result of e - equilibrium between objects when found at relativistic distances. Newton’s 1st law of motion infers that when unbalanced forces such as vectors do not cancel each out, will initiate movement. Force as motion is not only deterministic but in essence its’ doctrine is that all occurrences in nature take place in accordance with natural laws.

Both a magnitude quantity and direction must be specified for basic vector operations. Defining directions and magnitudes of each directional arrow, we can then assume by denoting one end of the arrow as A and the tip as B; this vector line represents the two points. For a vector to introduce a force the diametrical vector lines must engage tangibles at all points. If “A” is a celestial point “B” must be one of two things, either another celestial object or some distant point as the "periphery" of the Mini universe. Thusly this vector line recognizes the absolute values of both A and B.

Point B vectors when logically presumptive values are applied with zero being false and non- zero true the resultant must be a tangible point; B will be a tangible periphery, (if a mini universe is an open system). Linear vectors work by the same principles of physics, force as motion is not only deterministic but in essence its’ doctrine is that all occurrences in nature take place in accordance with natures’ laws.

Hypothetically when two objects acting as partial shields are embedded in dark matter plasma and are close enough to each other in space an e - equilibrium of forces is initiated and the normal force directly between the two objects weakens. What the RD theory has managed to accomplish is unequal beta pressure between the inner facing surfaces as opposed to their diametric outer surfaces. At the normal state the objects in space would experience ~ equal pressure to the entire surface, but e - equilibrium infers a state in which all of the external forces on the objects are NOT balancing each other out, as such that there is a net effect there and the net force does NOT equal zero.

The sum of vector forces acting on a mass is total force or net force. Force is a vector quantity which means, the direction of motion is the resultant of an unbalance force as applied directly between diametrically opposing vectors lines. In order for vector points to initiate movement a vector must show an imbalance between diametrical vectors. Net force is the overall force acting on a mass and a resultant force is a force that describes a difference by which quantum mechanics can initiates motion.

This effect or resultant force is introduced when two masses in an environment find themselves at relativistic distances as related to each other. A vector resultant of linear directions that lead to the object of point B diminishes exponentially but theoretically never to zero. It is clear from the statement above that the vectors' desired objective is to execute by design using beta plasma, distance, magnitude or physical impedance.

In conclusion

The theory of quantum mechanics has the physical capacity to predict deterministically the behavior of a chaotic system with precise predictability. This theory when well understood would provide a proper account in a mechanical sense, how net force can influence the quanta world deterministically from the bottom up.

Sam Sade
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