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Welcome to ZPEnergy - The Energy of The Future

This is a NEWS PORTAL dedicated to experimental research on REVOLUTIONARY ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES. We propose to you to use this site as THE concentrator of choice for valuable news on the fascinating but still controversial subject of over-unity (O/U) fuel-less energetics (devices tapping the Zero Point Energy (ZPE)/ Vacuum/ Cosmic/ Ambient energy fields) and related. We want to let the general public know that this is an active field and good progress is made towards validating this technology and bringing the first commercial operational device to the market.

"Mighty, sublime, wonderful, as have been the achievements of past science, as yet we are but on the verge of the continents of discovery. Where is the wizard who can tell what lies in the womb of time? Just as our conceptions of many things have been revolutionized in the past, those which we hold to-day of the cosmic processes may have to be remodeled in the future. The men of fifty years hence may laugh at the circumscribed knowledge of the present and shake their wise heads in contemplation of what they will term our crudities, and which we now call progress. Science is ever on the march and what is new to-day will be old to-morrow."
-- Paul Severing, 1910 (from Marvels of Modern Science)

@------->>> SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS <<<-------@

---> Dear ZPEnergy readers: Earlier this year ZPEnergy celebrated it's 13th year online. Unfortunately, the software running our website is old and it's increasingly difficult to maintain; we must upgrade ZPEnergy to more modern software but we need your support to do it properly. If any funds left, we are also looking into finalizing our Xtreme Science Foundation project (XSF) website. If you would like to help us in this endeavor, please send your Bitcoin donations to: 17Tm5WvZDvhdujABsK84tsPz8dLHg8NuLT  ,or use the PayPal option (Support ZPEnergy link).

We much appreciate your support; thank you for your generosity,
Vlad/moderator & Calin/webmaster <---

When (and if) the proposed XtremeScienceFoundation.org site will be up and running, some content from this site will be transferred to the new location and ZPEnergy.com will be available for sale to the public (use Feedback to contact us if you're interested). 

For now, please read about the XSF/XS-NRG Prize in our Special Sections, in the Stories Archive and Surveys (comments).

Theorists propose way to amplify force of vacuum fluctuations
Science From ScienceDaily: Boosting the force of empty space: Theorists propose way to amplify force of vacuum fluctuations

Source: Vienna University of Technology, TU Vienna

Summary: Vacuum fluctuations may be among the most counter-intuitive phenomena of quantum physics. Theorists have now proposed a way to amplify their force. The researchers believe that their proposed enhancement of the power of vacuum fluctuations can have profound implications for understanding Casimir and Van der Waals forces and it may even be used for applications in quantum information processing and other emerging quantum technologies.
Posted by vlad on Wednesday, July 30, 2014 @ 00:44:48 EDT (138 reads)
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The Dayside : The Federal Bureau of Physics
General By: Charles Day (Physicstoday): Since July 2013, the comic series FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics has been telling the story of Adam Hardy, whose job at the titular agency is to fix anomalies in the physics of reality.

When readers encounter Hardy for the first time, he's been summoned to the vicinity of a Los Angeles high school, where Earth's gravity has abruptly weakened and students are joyfully floating. To restore the gravitational field, Hardy and his FBP colleagues deploy a truck-sized device called a compaction and compression unit. The "C&C" mends the problem's source: a rupture in the spacetime membrane.

Posted by vlad on Tuesday, July 29, 2014 @ 01:11:58 EDT (127 reads)
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Science Dr. Peter Gluck writes in Ego Out, his science blog: For LENR, lots of theories, few principles.

Semantics is not quite an exact science; words have different and somewhat fluid meanings. A congress of philosophers  could not tell us what are the differences between a theory and a principle however when we are moving in a familiar territory of knowledge where theories abound and principles are not considered relevant & important- we can tell the ones from the others quite easily- just by looking at them; remember the pragmatic definition of pornography. “I know it when I see it”- principle.

In the VUCA world of LENR, there can be intermediary states or hybrids of theories and principles. Theories are knowledge-oriented, more precise and detailed than principles, while principles are action-oriented, implying change.

Theories are interesting and passive, principles active and useful- as a somewhat general rule.
Posted by vlad on Sunday, July 27, 2014 @ 20:54:55 EDT (505 reads)
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IRI Future Energy eNews - July 2014
General Thomas Valone (IRI) writes: Greetings!

   For the business portion of our editorial introduction, I'd like to share the link www.energycongress.com with everyone concerned about clean energy. It is the website for the upcoming World Energy Engineering Conference to be held here in DC on October 1, 2014. This year President Bill Clinton will be the keynote speaker.  Another business news item for our European audience is the 3rd Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit to be held in Germany, October 22, 2014.  It is intended to ultimately discover how to turn waste CO2 into profitable, commercially viable opportunities and the best ways to progress from pilot stage to full scale operational businesses. A few weeks ago, I was interviewed on the award-winning 21st Century Radio which is a progressive radio program that features environmental, energy, and health-related topics. My one-hour interview is free online for anyone to listen, which takes a second to connect.
Posted by vlad on Sunday, July 27, 2014 @ 19:13:16 EDT (210 reads)
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Why support ZPEnergy and Xtreme Science Foundation? (Part 3)
And here is the post from Oct 2008 with the executive summary for the Extreme Science Foundation (XSF) and the XS-NRG Prize proposals (not much I would change to this one either): XSF and the XS-NRG Prize (Executive Summary)

Unfortunately, the energy crisis is real. It is now widely accepted that the crisis is about to reach the critical point when only a “miracle” can turn the situation around and get us out of the “mess”-- a mess in which our lazy complacency with our own energy technology has pushed us into.

Fortunately, we can buy some time by stepping up conservation efforts and by deploying more and improving on existing (some quite old) clean alternative energy technologies such as solar, wind, geothermal, hydro and ocean wave, etc., switching to cleaner burning fuels such as hydrogen, biofuels, etc., or building improved nuclear reactors, fuel-cells and so on.

Well understood from a scientific and technological point of view, these "evolutionary" developments are necessary to start removing our society from the present addiction to fossil fuels, but none of them represent the quantum-leap clean energy revolution we need to avoid major problems in the near future and guarantee a sustainable development of human civilization for generations to come.
Posted by vlad on Monday, July 21, 2014 @ 01:05:24 EDT (574 reads)
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Why support ZPEnergy and Xtreme Science Foundation? (Part 2)
This was my attempt to wake up the New Energy Congress (NEC - under Sterling D. Alan leadership) to stop "beating the bushes" and get "practical" with an organization like the proposed Xtreme Science Foundation (XSF) ... to my surprise, nobody had the guts to deviate from Sterling's marching orders that it was a bad idea (my "baby" so I do it alone); of course, despite being one of the founding members,  I resigned from NEC immediately.

Xtreme Science Foundation Proposal (letter to Sterling Allan and the NEC/ Aug 5, 2007): Sterling,

I don’t remember reading your response to the NEM questionnaire? Anyway, as a good intro into my view of what’s happening with the FE movement and what must be done, you can read my comments to the NEM questionnaire here.
Posted by vlad on Monday, July 21, 2014 @ 00:28:18 EDT (404 reads)
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Why support ZPEnergy and Xtreme Science Foundation? (Part 1)
General Since we are asking your support to keep ZPEnergy.com alive and revive a project I proposed more than 7 years ago, The Xtreme Science Foundation, I decided to re-publish some of the posts from that time to refresh the memory of our "older" readers and bring it in focus to our new patrons. To my amazement, most of my statements from that time are still valid today! Makes me wonder, what would've happened if The Xtreme Science Foundation project succeeded seven years ago? ... would the world be different? ... for better or for worst?

I'll start with my responses to a New Energy Movement (NEM) study questionnaire: FRONTIER PHYSICS ALTERNATIVE ENERGY DEVELOPMENT QUESTIONNAIRE (June 2007):
Posted by vlad on Sunday, July 20, 2014 @ 22:55:10 EDT (536 reads)
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Why ZPE?
Devices Since I still believe one of the best "general comments" on vacuum energy came from Jordan Maclain (Quantum Fields LLC), I'll post them again below. This is to remind our readers why we decided to dedicate this site to Vacuum Energy/Zero Point Energy research topic, and why it is very important for all of us to support those who take this research seriously [Vlad]

A few general comments on vacuum energy
by Jordan Maclain:

Meaning of Zero-Point Fluctuations

"We cannot get something for nothing—this would violate the conservation of energy and the second law of thermodynamics. But maybe we can find a convenient way to pay for the vacuum energy and thereby use it profitably." (JM)

If you have a hot body in equilibrium with its surroundings, it is radiating and reabsorbing photons (quantized bundles of electromagnetic radiation) of all wavelengths. The energy of a photon of frequency f is Planck's constant h times the frequency hf . The energy distribution of these photons is given by the Planck blackbody equation. If you imagine cooling the body and surroundings to absolute zero, you would find that a temperature independent electromagnetic field remained. This electromagnetic field, which is always present even if no matter or charged particles are present and the temperature is absolute zero, represents the lowest state of the electromagnetic field. The corresponding fluctuating electromagnetic field is called the zero-point (ZP) field of the electromagnetic field.

Posted by vlad on Sunday, July 20, 2014 @ 21:54:23 EDT (459 reads)
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An Impossible Invention: The True Story ...
Testimonials From the Issue 115 of the Infinite Energy Magazine: New Book Highlights a Potentially World-Changing Energy Source

Italian inventor Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat technology are featured in a new book, An Impossible Invention: The True Story of the Energy Source That Could Change the World. The self-published 309-page book by Mats Lewan was simultaneously released in Swedish and English on April 2, and is available in print and digital format.
Posted by vlad on Sunday, July 20, 2014 @ 01:47:50 EDT (1001 reads)
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The Proton Radius Prediction and Gravitational Control
Science On December 20th  2012, Director of Research at The Hawaii Institute for Unified Physics and The Resonance Project Foundation, Nassim Haramein registered a copyright at the Library of Congress (click here to see a copy of the online entry) for his paper Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass (QGHM), which was eventually published in the peer-reviewed journal Physical Review & Research International. In his manuscript, Haramein utilized Planck spherical units (PSU) to describe the holographic vacuum fluctuations and extremely accurately predict the charge radius of the proton (the radius of the proton is typically more accurately described as the charge radius because all we can say about the proton is that there is a concentration of positive charge in that region of space which defines what we would think of as the surface of the proton).
Posted by vlad on Sunday, July 20, 2014 @ 01:14:41 EDT (606 reads)
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What's New at BlackLight Power
From What's New|BLP: On June 25th, BlackLight performed its second preannounced public demonstration of its breakthrough technology to a group of distinguished attendees that spanned the spectrum of professionals. Specific events included: ignition of H2O-based solid fuel, calorimetric energy balance determination, EUV spectroscopy of the hydrogen transitions to hydrinos, theory, technical, engineering, and commercialization presentations, BlackLight’s Electricity-Generation Demonstration of Automated Ignition System of Vibratory Conveyor-Fed H2O-Based Solid Fuel Powder, BlackLight’s Demonstration of Automated Ignition System of Auger-Fed H2O-Based Solid Fuel Powder that was repeated with Photovoltaic Conversion of Light to Electricity, and question and answer sessions with participation by two validators including a defense company licensee.
Posted by vlad on Saturday, July 19, 2014 @ 14:33:30 EDT (387 reads)
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How free energy would destroy the planet
General From NaturalNews by Mike Adams: Real global warming could be unleashed by a hidden technology most people don't even know exists

(NaturalNews) Depending on whom you ask, so-called "free energy devices" are either a total hoax or a systematically suppressed technology that's being kept away from the public. There's a lot of interesting ground to cover on this subject of "over unity devices," but that's not the point of this article. Instead, let's look at an unintended side effect of free energy devices that even the free energy proponents don't usually realize exists.

Note: You may not have noticed that we have a new survey; please vote and comment if you have something to add. Thank you. Vlad
Posted by vlad on Saturday, July 19, 2014 @ 14:02:47 EDT (544 reads)
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The stuff that MATTERS
I can relate to Jerry's latest rant "What's important versus flash, pop and personal pleasures" from a recent post on KeekyNet.com, so here it is:

All the simple minded (based on my 60 years of observing humans) just slobber over conspiracies, mysteries, gossip, political and humor topics....they don't seem to 'get' what is really important and what they could actually get involved with where they could contribute to real changes.

Brilliant people talk about ideas,/ average people talk about things,/ small people talk about each other.

The search for free energy as the most important of all because of all the ramifications of anyone in the world having a small electronic box in their house and even in each machine...this device has (will have) no moving parts and would convert the ambient zero point energy to provide all the energy necessary to run your entire house, or run just that one device (the perpetual battery version), your car, boat, flying machine, washer, dryer, stove, etc...no combustion, no pollution...
Posted by vlad on Tuesday, July 15, 2014 @ 02:07:11 EDT (814 reads)
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New John Bedini 2014 Conference DVD now released
Devices Anthony Craddock writes: When an NSA operative tells you "we've never seen it done like that before" you know that he is referring to a breakthrough technology.

And that is exactly what John Bedini shares with us in this DVD, entitled The Linear Amplifier Regulator which he released to the public at his June 2014 Energy Conference in northern Idaho.

What is the Linear Amplifier Regulator?

As always, John meticulously explains every step of the answer in the circuit diagrams he draws on the board, so you get an intricate and intimate two hour plus schooling in this new technology­-available nowhere else.

Posted by vlad on Friday, July 04, 2014 @ 00:25:54 EDT (1388 reads)
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IRI Future Energy eNews - June 2014


Posted by vlad on Monday, June 30, 2014 @ 02:08:48 EDT (1582 reads)
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ZPEnergy.com is looking for Correspondents to Monitor and Report on specific New Energy related Science & Inventor Sites and Discussion Groups. Especially, if you are a member following one or more of the Discussion Groups listed in our Other Info-Sources panel and want to be our correspondent for that particular list, we would like to hear from you. If you appreciate what we''re trying to do here and want to join our team, please use the Feedback or Private Messages [to Vlad] to contact us.

 We THANK YOU for your support of our efforts to inform the public about ideas, events and breakthroughs in the energy field that we hope would soon change the world into a place we all dream to live in.

 Important message

Books & Periodicals

More Books...

Release of FE techs will impact millions of jobs world-wide:

I support unconditional release
I support release if my job is safe
Release, but control deployment (by gov...?)
FE techs should not be released now


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